back to article What survived the axe at HP Labs

Last week we reported that Hewlett-Packard's research arm, HP Labs, has undergone a restructuring process to better make a buck from its technology developments. Along with the announcement, HP Labs erected some booths to let press and analysts ogle select projects that emphasize its newly-discovered bottom line. Let's take a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    No more real research ?

    No more PA Risc?

    With the giant that HP and Compaq are, where is the innovation in the microprocessing field ?

    Where does the instrumentation R&D get done ?

    None of the above seem to have been part of the showcase for journalists, hence, not important to HP any more ?

    Another great US company to bit the dust I fear...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Video message boards?

    Damn, how much money & time went into thinking that one out? Another way of displaying an obscene gesture, or perhaps worse, a body part? Did they really think this out or did they use their "Brain" to come up with this one?

    I chose Paris, because now, even she knows better.

  3. Franz Gruber


    I don't think so. Sure, at least one of HP's projects seems a little far out, but when you look at all that's going on within the company, the dust seems further away than only a quarter ago. They suddenly appear to have a finger in every pie. Speaking as a shareholder, the message is clear. Buy more HPQ.

  4. Paul Fremantle

    BRAIN isn't exactly new

    The BRAIN model sounds suspiciously like the Delphi technique ( which was invented by the US military thinktank RAND in the 50s and 60s. I built a computerized version of this in the early 90s, exactly designed to get group results of anonymous forecasts from board room execs.

    Nice to see a really innovative product coming out of HP Labs - only 15 years after a pimply youth built the same thing out of Visual Basic.

  5. Andraž Levstik

    Can you say non-inovation

    sheesh... can't they actually spend time on improving the tech or making good usefull tech instead of this crudware...

    I mean an image tagcloud... that's oh-so-hard to do... Somewhat buggy facial recognition along with a tagcloud... that will get me buying it... NOT....

    Why I like the net... cause I don't have to see or strain to hear other peoples useless chatter... I can just read it when I want to. Having it on video... ugh... Also ever heard of podcasts... it's more or less the same... Though in that area the discussion is more broad since one usually makes a proper response to the other podcast etc...

    BRAIN aka Psychohistory invented by Harry Seldon in the Fundation series of books by Isaac Asimov.

    Someone seems to have been reading a lot @hp labs... Now let's patent something that someone already figured out... and try to sell it to the world...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Research reality vs perception

    Browsing the HP (or should that be labs^HP or maybe LABS^hp :-) website it looks as though they are still doing real(tm) research - quantum computing, security and data center automation all figure. Possibly they just think that real technology is a bit difficult for journos. Or maybe this is the real future for HP Labs - but then what do you get when you appoint a CTO who has risen without trace who decides that the competition from a competent Lab director is too hot and appoints a second rate academic from a second rate university to run (down) one of the best industrial R&D labs in the world.

    Word along University is that while Lampman may have left HP, there is still a Dick running Labs......

  7. wim

    vidoe message board = youtube ?

    How is this different from Youtube where you upload videos as a reaction on a video ?

    Except maybe from the use of 3G phones and other devices.

  8. Chris Morrison

    Poor old HP

    If thats the best that they can come up with then they are doomed.

    Loads and loads of sh*te.

    I second the first comment. Wheres the interesting, truly world changing developments?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    nothing to see here - move along

    This article is nowhere near as funny as the Xerox one.

    Can HP stop being so boring please.

    How about a story about Samsung - they seem to be throwing lots of money at printing - just make sure it's funny.

    (Should be plenty to go on - wot with sluch funds and the like).

  10. Terry



    I couldn't believe the author didn't point out that HP went into their sensory deprivation research cocoon and managed to emerge, about 3 years late to the party, with a you tube knock off!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!! If anyone at HP had ever USED the Internet surely they would have been too embarrassed to show this in public.

    Granted I've always fairly well hated HP. So in one respect I get great entertainment from this article. But on another level this stuff is pitiful. It's no fun to outrun the guy in a coma, and clearly HP's EEG is flat lining. Other than letting some executive administrative assistant bureaucrat build a collage of terrorists photos I really can't imagine what they are thinking.

    Skipping over the worthlessness of these offerings for a moment, they don't even have a channel to sell this crap. I don't recall ever seeing HP branded software in Walmart. But I'm sure they will be just as proficient at mass marketing as IBM was; do they even have a customer valued at less than $10M in sales? -- Please no need to mention the quasi-PCs they dump into the retail chains for the indiscriminating masses to browse..... Hmm.... wait for it.... YOU TUBE!!! HA! I knew they got the idea somewhere!

    No Paris logo, she's way too smart for HP.

  11. Tom

    What survived the axe at HP Labs?

    Clearly the correct answer to the headline is...


  12. Steve

    Apparently they've outsourced

    To MIT's Media Lab.

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