back to article Yahoo! wins sponsored links ruling in High Court

Yahoo! did not infringe a businessman's rights by displaying adverts for other companies when users entered his trade marks as search terms. The High Court dismissed a lawsuit against the web giant as being "totally without merit." The trade mark was not used by anyone other than the user who entered the trade mark term into …


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  1. James StewartNewman

    a justice with common sense....

    quick somebody get a rope ....

  2. Matt
    Thumb Down

    I know this isn't the point but...

    Come on, "Mr Spicy".

    What a dreadful name.

  3. Sam
    Paris Hilton


    Exclamation! marks! go! missing! from! Yahoo!! headline!

    Paris, cause she sacrificed her IQ for our benefit

  4. Pierre

    Now we know why

    Microsoft really wants to buy Yahoo. They win cases in Europe.

  5. David

    Mr Spic????

    It's a conspiracy. Yahoo whole business lies on the fact that it needs the revenue created from "Mr Spicy" keywords.

    Just another case of a big corporation trampling on the real Mr Spicy.

    Mr Spicy should start up a search engine and sell "Mr Yahoo" keywords. Revenge is sweet, or should I say spicy.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    People who don't understand the web? Getting angry at it?

    Whatever next...?

    I used to have a client who was big into the church. I won't say what he did for obvious reasons but let's say it was cakes. This fella didn't even know how to access the website we had made for him by typing its domain into the browser address bar.

    He rang us up one day demanding we fix Yahoo!

    - I'm sorry, I don't quite understand... fix Yahoo?

    - Yes.

    - I'm not sure what you mean

    - (Irritated) Look, I thought you knew about computers, you're going to have to fix Yahoo! It's it's put our address on something... well something quite rude.

    - (Thinks) Ok, take me from the top here. What do you do to see Yahoo break your site

    - (Out of his depth) Look, I don't have time for this, I have some people coming round from the church tomorrow to look at the site and I can't have that on the web!

    - (Trying to de-fuse the situation) Ok, so if I go to Yahoo! What do I do next to see what's happening?

    - (Thinking this is the way everyone accesses sites and now believing I'm being obtuse) You type our address in.

    Turns out he would look for the his domain name in Yahoo to get to his site. It being such a verbose domain name, it always came up top.

    Anyway - as these things happen, a site of questionable adult content had a link to said site. As this adult site was a lot more expansive and "linked to", it was higher in the rankings. The line in question advocated buying the "cakes" to encourage your lady into bed to perform unspeakable acts (replete with link to cake site)... I asked to speak to his wife who was a little more technical (but not much).

    I calmly explained how it was like someone writing about you in a paper. Not a lot you can do except write and ask them nicely to not do it. All I could hear was her hubby screaming in the background "It's disgusting! I blame Bill gates... get me Microsoft on the phone".

    "Angel Gates"... because he's not responsible for Yahoo's search results. Not yet anyway.

    Anonymous just in case this story is familiar to someone :)

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