back to article Palm OS-based Centro arrives in UK

Palm has rolled out the Palm OS-based Centro smartphone in the UK, pitching the £199 handset as a yoof-oriented alternative to its more 'serious' Treo phones. Centro uses the same layout and look as the recently released, Windows Mobile-based Treo 500, but it's rather narrower in profile and with a crisper, higher resolution …


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  1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    Same on you Reg

    ... for using stock photos. I'm sure that SprintTV is not available in the UK!

  2. Shell


    Seriously, if they are aiming at a youth market they need to come up with something less ugly :s

  3. Mad Hacker

    iPhone Killer

    Wow, once this baby hits the shelves, the iPhone will look pretty low tech.

  4. Gerson Riddy

    Centro vs Blackberry vs WM6

    I've just received my Centro; it replaces a WM 6 device (MDA vario 2) which won't be missed due to appalling phone ergonomics and battery life. Sure. OS is ancient, and web browser needs a big update, but actual usability is very good.

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