back to article Microsoft indemnifies Novell Moonlight users

The Novell-sponsored project porting the Silverlight cross-browser plug to Linux is getting patent protection from Microsoft, indemnifying users from aggressive patent holders and litigators such as the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Microsoft will provide codecs worth $1m to every user downloading Moonlight …


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  1. Brian
    Paris Hilton


    Novell is really Microsoft's bitch now, huh?

    Paris, because she knows all about bitches.

  2. b4k4
    Jobs Horns

    this is BS or the world is in a sad state

    "Microsoft will provide codecs worth $1m to every user downloading"

    What nonsense. How can codecs be worth money? Your content can't be seen if you make it in a secret codec.

    Now, if they would just give me the million in cash I wouldn't complain.

  3. Morten Bjoernsvik
    Thumb Down

    Mono is the root to all evil

    I'm asthonished to hear that the famous de Icaza of Gnome could be in charge of the disastrous mono project. But maybe it is just how it is to reverse engineering microsoft technologies. Any support by M$ would improve upon the product.

    I've been running suse form nearly a decade and mono which is used in the zmd,rug (package updater) and beagle (desktop search).

    Mono and everything depending upon it is the first packages that gets removed.

    zmd,rug takes 20 minutes to update a single patch across the network, this takes 30sec using yast2. The cpu usage is also very high.

    When beagle does its indexing my core2duo runs at 99%. while just scanning a simple. lots of bad programming in there. I recall having to just stop using the machine while waiting for beagle to finish off its indexing.

  4. Jay

    @Morten Bjoernsvik


    The first thing I do when I encounter SuSE is wipe it and install Red Hat or Ubuntu (depending on the roll).

  5. Curtis W. Rendon


    And what does it do for me?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Morten Bjoernsvik

    I would be disappointed if Beagle didn't use all the processor available. What would be the point in it using less than 99% if other processes weren't using the processor?

  7. Canyon Cowboy
    IT Angle


    The point is that indexing/searching is such a simple process that it should NEVER use anywhere near 99% of a single-core CPU, much less dual-core, and take as long as Beagle does to complete!!!

    The only reason it uses 99% is because of shoddy programming.

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