back to article Acer trumped Dell in Q4 07 world laptop sales

Acer nudged Dell into third place in the world notebook sales chart for the last quarter of 2007, but the market leader, HP, and up-and-coming Asus experienced the most growth. So state stats released this week by market watcher DisplaySearch. HP shipped 20.1 per cent of all the laptops that left manufacturer warehouses in Q4 …


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  1. James

    I have bought an acer

    Excellent machine (5920). Only bad thing I have to say about it is the amount of bloatware that comes preloaded and is on the recovery disks as well.

  2. Alex Read
    Thumb Up

    Fantastic machines, Acers

    I second that, I've had a couple of Acer machines (PC's) over the years and they are fantastically built - over Dell machines I'd say they have more room for expansion within their desktop PC ranges and they tend to break less so I for one am glad to see them doing well.

    Dell are an ok manaufacturer too but I find all laptop manufacturers bundle bloatware on their default laptop builds nowadays unfortunately (and I'm not going to make any comparison or quips about MS OSs...)

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