back to article Cisco hops onto patching treadmill

Cisco has taken a leaf out of Microsoft's book by adopting a regular patch release cycle. However, the change will apply only to security bugs involving its core IOS software and not all its products. Starting on 26 March, Cisco will release bundles of IOS security advisories on the fourth Wednesday of March and September in …


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  1. Andy Barber

    Linksys home router

    What about my Linksys home router, which has Ciso Systems printed on the label. Is this covered or even upgradeable?

  2. Alex Howells


    Completely different kettle of fish. It's not covered by this policy.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Andy Barber

    No, as soon as someone finds the first remotely-exploitable buffer overflow for that, they will write a worm that will doubtlessly take down the whole internet.

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