back to article Will the US 700 MHz auction be remembered for dismembering wireless?

Faultline has not covered much of the 700 MHz auction, not wanting to read into it too much, and seeing that it is not yet clear how much of it is directly about networks which carry video or other forms of entertainment, which is our chosen territory. But now, as it approaches its end, we find that a review of all the content …


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  1. Farfel MacNoogen

    Quite the article

    While I enjoy being President of Tin Foil Hat Country, more US ownership over radio waves beaming directly into my brain will cause me to need more tinfoil than I have money or neck support for. STOP THEM NOW! before it's too late!

    Also, I like how this fellow keeps switching between GHz and MHz for some of the values there.

  2. easyk


    content: A

    organization of thoughts: C-

    notes: just put it one or two long pages please, not 5

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Conversion madness!

    I know what you mean, but trying to internally fix your mistakes between MHz and GHz makes my brain bleed.

    Try the industry "standard" (from Dan above as well): unless the subject matter spans more than three orders of magnitude (i.e. GHz v. KHz) don't switch prefixes.

  4. Mad Hacker
    Thumb Up

    Wow, a lot of good stuff in there...

    Ok I agree with easyk, organization was a bit rough.

    I am glad you wrote this article, and you bring up a lot of good concerns, some I had thought of many I had not.

    So thanks for getting it out there. Right now, the article asks mostly unanswered questions which left me feeling a little like I just came out of a Michael Moore movie. But I'm glad we got the issues out there, and you indicate this will become a series of continuing analysis, so I am optimistic we will find answers to some of those questions raised.

    I'd like to hear more about your thoughts of the 2000 European spectrum auctions you mentioned, as I'm not familiar with that (I thought we were the first people to hold a crazy eBay style auction for RF, of course, as an American, I'm compelled to think we were the first at everything.)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    VC Opportunity

    VC Opportunity

    Since we are all going to have our brains zapped by these narcissistic self serving government quango’s who are all out to make a quick buck from the selling off of all available bandwidth worldwide.

    Can some VC’s get in and start selling the Tin-Foil hats and other RF Shielding products that WE WILL ALL NEED, (just to remain sentient whilst being deep microwave fried in our own body fat as we are slouching on the couch watching brain-rotting reality-Tv/Soap’s and texting premium-rate chat lines looking to find a hot-babe/or get the next Pizza delivered to the door).

    The current prices for RF-Proofing a property is simply outrageously high, I mean the price of a roll of TinFoil is dirt cheap, but it’s a bugger to stick on wall’s like wallpaper. And the cost of netting(for windows) that can screen RF is criminal. If they knocked down the price they make a fortune on bulk sales, (‘SALES’ is the key word here).

    The fact that the Taliban is now targeting all mobile phones towers is awesome, only problem now is, anyone taking action outside of Afghanistan to take down one of those damned mobile phone towers will be branded a terrorist and sent to Gitmo’.

    The need is increasing for more people to get protected from this microwave mayhem our esteemed Orwellian overlords are imposing on the globalised slave populations of earth.

    OK, Rant over, Nuff said.

    he say's running for the door B4 he get's his head stuffed in the microwave oven by the crackberry addicts.

    Mine’s the crinkly tin-foil lined one, with the crinkly silver hat…

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