back to article Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

Eighty Oxfordshire schools were warned of the possible threat of deadly "Strawberry Meth", aka "Strawberry Quick" - crystal meth disguised as mouthwatering fruit-flavoured sweets - after an officer fell for a classic web hoax. The unnamed plod was alerted to the menace by email, and promptly forwarded the missive "via a …


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  1. Duckorange
    Dead Vulture

    "Cake" anyone?

    My Shatner's Bassoon needs its daily fix.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phone call for Mr. Hunt...

    As anyone seen Mike Hunt?

  3. Geoff Webber

    Oh No

    This could be the start of a worrying trend...

    Members of the local ploddery doing thing without thinking first - (your) god help us all.

  4. Charles

    Some people will believe anything

    I am embarrassed that I know how this hoax got into circulation. It was from some stupid joke on a stupid TV show (that I will not name, to save myself further embarrassment).

    One of the characters is on a movie set and he says to some stoners on the crew that he's going back to his trailer for some Chocolate Quik (note: not "quick," Quik is a US brand name). The stoners think he's using some new slang for going back for a toke of weed. So that becomes the running joke, they hang around the set during breaks chatting about how much they like Chocolate Quik. Then one day he says "oh man I just bought some Strawberry Quik!" So the stoners have got to see this new primo product, they go back to his trailer and find out it really is just milk and powdered flavoring.

  5. Ash


    Anyone for Cake?

    Alien face? Haven't had them before...

  6. bluesxman

    what next?

    Perhaps hurried warnings about a sharp increase in the number of Cake deaths?

    ( )

  7. eddiewrenn

    haha cake is a made-up drug

    Luckily, the amount of heroin I use is harmless, I inject about once a month on a purely recreational basis. Fine. But what about other people less stable, less educated, less middle-class than me? Builders or blacks for example. If you're one of those, my advice is leave well alone. Good luck.

  8. hugo tyson

    Cake, it's...


  9. Anonymous Coward

    Not just Oxfordshire

    We had a letter home from school about it here in North Yorks. Many parents complained to the school that it was a hoax. The school apparently went back to the police and suggested it might be, but they were assured that it wasn't. How stupid can some people be?

    Oh if only Inspector Morse were still alive ...

  10. tim chubb Silver badge

    jessop jessop jessop

    after the horrors of Czech neck and joss acklands spunky backpack comes this....

    at least it aint clarky cat, cus that stuffs the boz boz

    my coats the one with a saucepan hanging out the pocket...

  11. Fluffykins Silver badge

    Which reminds me:

    Scribble on a scrap of paper and give to your receptionist with the PA mike:

    "Will Arheddis Farkingjob and Ahwillbe Fayed please contact reception"

    and a few others culled from airport anouncement hoaxes

  12. Daniel Grout
    Thumb Down

    They a warning

    posted in the window of McDonalds in Harrogate for this a few weeks ago.

  13. Anonymous John

    According to some sources, such as,

    two children in Oxfordshire had actually been admitted to hospital. So it's a hoax that someone local had embellished for some reason.

    A few years back Sussex plod passed on the hoax about a woman claiming that her car had broken down, knocking on doors and phoning her own £50pm minute premium rate phone line. Also with two imaginary local victims.

  14. Peter Fielden-Weston

    He was only

    thinking of the children.

    Someone's got to think of the children!

  15. wtfai

    Rochdale as well

    We recently got this at the school I work for as well. Came from one of the Rochdale plods and had made it as far as the Tameside schools at least.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phone Call for Mr Adoudi...

    Does anyone know Ahmed Adoudi?

    I thank you.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phone call for Mr Freely...

    Does anyone know I. P. Freely?

    Thanks again, I'll be here all week.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Holy shit...

    This is just astoundingly stupid. No way that you could cover the chemical flavor of amphetamines with strawberry quik. That'd be like a coke-and-petrol cocktail.

  19. Shabble

    Non-sanctioned fun is antisocial

    It's true! Any activity that could be described as 'fun' but that doesn't directly contribute to the economy is a waste of citizen's time.

    It is our duty as British citizens to ensure that you only take part in passtimes that lead to economic growth and an increase in tax revenue.

  20. Shakje


    Oh, you mean Nesquik.

  21. Phil Rigby
    Paris Hilton

    @Holy shit

    How do you KNOW it can't be done? Are you a chemist, or a meth maker? Maybe a chemist could step up and answer the question - is it possible to create a flavored meth?

    Paris because I know less about chemistry than she does, although I hear she has a nice periodic table.

  22. Spleen


    Well it's good to know that the people in charge of telling me what I may and may not put in my body are sufficiently clued-up that they don't even know what does and doesn't actually exist.

    I'd almost rather live in Prohibition than the ridiculous arbitrary system we have at the moment. At least the music was better.

  23. Craig

    Why aren't the schools being warned of...

    dihydrogen monoxide.

    This ubiquitous chemical is being consumed in schools across our nation and NO-ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT

  24. bertie bassett

    Bringing it back on teck track..

    next the plods will be emailing about the dangers off being conned into taking a call and pressing #90 and allowing con-ment to use your phone line to call the darkside of the moon at a call rate no less than £100 per milli-second which will be charged to your account...

    oh wait they did didn't they...

  25. Jeff Beasom

    How is it that the stupids keep ending up in places of power....?

    This sadly reminds me of the DiHydrogen Monoxide panic that they had in Southern California a few years back.... Deadly stuff!!!! "I got an idea, lets ban it's use!"


  26. Herby

    Then there is the danger of DHMO.

    Go see:

    I have WAY too much time on my hands...

  27. Andy Bright

    Is this an opportunity in disguise?

    Has anyone considered pushing out recreational drugs as sweets? Alcopops have nothing on this idea, and the great thing about meth is customer loyalty to your brand is pretty much guaranteed after the first couple goes.

    And before anyone gets all whiny and PC on me, I'm only thinking of the children. Instead of warping their brains with ADHD drugs, why not give them Strawberry Meth, Sherbert Coke and wash it all down with lashings of Ginger Heroine.

  28. Tim Blair


    prefer raspberry myself, smokes cleaner...

    anyone know where I can get a new left handed spanner/screwdriver set?

    and some new piston return springs to tune up my car?

    nice to know the smartest and sharpest are guarding or security...

    (unless you an innocent Brazilian/Colin stag/Stephen kishco/stitched up "pub bomber"/etc etc etc.......)

  29. Thomas Swann
    Paris Hilton

    Ah well

    The old ones are the best...

  30. Andrew Taylor

    @ Peter Fielden-Weston

    The one thing he wasn't doing was thinking, panic reaction. Great police work.

  31. Frank Bough

    You CAN Disguise...

    ...the flavour of amphetamines quite nicely using yoghurt, actually. Strawberry, if you wish.

  32. Adam Reiniger
    Paris Hilton

    I had it...

    I had strawberry quik. I was high as a kite afterwards, seeing all kinds of strawberry related trippy things.

    One in four people in america are addicted to Strawberry Quik. It's an illness people, a real epidemic!


    Paris, cause she is stupid enough to shoot strawberry quik up.

    (incidentally, i was thinking the other day... am i the only heterosexual male who hasn't seen one night in paris yet? at the age of 30?)

  33. Chris Griffiths

    RE: what next?

    The cake is a lie!

    I know, I know....a VERY bad Portal joke.

    Mine's the one with the powder leaking out of the pockets... ;)

  34. storng.bare.durid
    Paris Hilton

    may be a hoax...

    ... but sounds dangerously possible.

    That said. How's one gonna get the kiddies to fork out enough money to make this profitable?

    Hang on, I'd better unsay that.

    Paris, because I haven't seen One night in Paris either. TBH I prefer quality pr0n.

  35. Graham Lockley

    Re:The cake is a lie!

    There really was a cake….

    (and possibly grief counselling)

  36. Tim Blair

    @You CAN Disguise...

    real amphetamine sulphate? not a chance. the tom-cat piss smelt's a real give away...

    ahh those were the days..

    anyone know a good antipsycotic?

    it's all down to the banned precursors old chap....

    essential oil anyone?

    don't even think about playing with ephedrine and drain cleaner, many better ways to cook up death...

  37. Seán


    Back in school days one of the chaps made up fifty wraps of chalk dust and scattered them around the school. Oh how we laughed as plod arrived to crush the crimewave.

  38. Anonymous Coward

    crap gas

    > it seems unlikely pampered US kids would take to inhaling crap gas when they can

    > so easily avail themselves of Strawberry Quick.

    You'd be surprised. Last I heard they were munching on mushrooms that grew out of cow dung.

  39. Anonymous Coward

    Stawberry & Chocolate

    I like to experiment, I mix the stawberry & chocolate together.

    WhoOOooOooooo man!

  40. David S

    Someone left the cake out in the rain

    I don't think I can take it

    'Cos it took so long to bake it

    And I'll never have that recipe again...

  41. Anonymous Coward

    Nicely vented, Spleen... now it's my turn.

    my 2d (old money)...

    Is anyone (with the possible exception of our government) actually surprised to discover that a typical upholder of law and order for this, our septic isle, is sufficiently gullable to believe such a ludicrous tale without the need to gather further information or evidence to enable a reliable distinction between "true real life reality" and "number 69, bullshit avenue, hoax-ville"? Of course not... why? because intelligent people don't become police-(nonsexualalignmentreference)-persons, they become teachers... and then get abused by children, parents, pressure groups and other dummass do-gooders for half the income and a quarter of the respect that is afforded to the security services.

  42. Not That Andrew

    Insert Title here

    Anyone remember the one about the ice-cream men selling drugs/drugging the ice creams? We had a special assembly about the dangers of that when I was at school.

  43. Martin Maloney
    Black Helicopters

    The good old days

    Here in the states, during the "drug-crazed" late 60s, the hoaxers got really creative.

    A Chicago, IL hospital reported that someone had been admitted to the emergency room after shooting up peanut butter.

    Friends of mine and I had entirely too much fun with this one:

    "How did he get the peanut butter through the needle?"

    "He greased it up with mayonnaise!"

    Somewhere in Pennsylvania, it was rumored that some "hippies" on LSD went blind, staring at the sun.

    So you see, folks, back then, hoaxers didn't (I'm SO ashamed) meth around.

    Re; the clueless cop, somebody should (Why does my mind keep doing this?) bring him to to speed!


    Re: you Can disguise

    "This is just astoundingly stupid. No way that you could cover the chemical flavor of amphetamines with strawberry quik. That'd be like a coke-and-petrol cocktail."

    Given the fact that most kids of 12 drink White Lightning I doubt that flavour is much of an option.

    I know as a mispent youth we used to drink cheap vodka by the 1/2pt.

    Now am much more sedate as currently drinking a mix of coke & black tea as need caffeine, but heard black tea was good for the heart.

  45. Law

    The Cake is a lie!!

    Mines the Weighted Companion Cube behind the coat! :)

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    stupid people in power

    reason most people in power in the public services is retarded is becouse

    a: most smart people get real jobs.


    b: nobody likes a smart person in the public sector - can't be trusted to tow the line so they're pushed down and out.

    Just the mention of vodka makes me feel sick...

  47. Curtis W. Rendon
    Thumb Up

    @crap gas

    > mushrooms from cow crap

    Ah yes, psilosybin. Much better crushed up, brewed as a tea, and mixed with orange juice.

    Not that I would know of course...

    Damn FEDs have cattle feed distributors put anti-fungals in cow feed to kill 'em off, which is why it's better to go with organic, grass fed beef ;-0

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    My personal favorite

    Holden MaGroin

    Paris because well...uh...well...because

  49. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chalk Dust?

    We had the plod turn up to warn the teachers at my school about the dangers of marijuana, demonstrating the smell to watch out for by burning a tea bag. Naturally the students got wind of this and started torching tea bags all around the school. Great fun.

  50. Anonymous Coward

    Re: you Can disguise

    Not exactly correct there... and nice £10 wrap, dissolved in a small bottle of Lucozade original, or so i hear... Being an ex taxi driver, i have no experience of this, just hearsay, dontcha know.

    Mine is the one with 'kick me' written on the back

  51. Anonymous Coward

    Had it here too

    Email was sent round the school and despite emailing back the Snoopes site to them they still wouldn't retract. Got announced in assemblies and everything.


  52. Lynn Hart

    Meth in American indian country

    Hello! My name is Lynn "Sota" Hart owner of No Xcuses None! and a proud member of the Yankton Sioux tribe located in SE South Dakota. And the designer of the "Original American Indian Anti-Meth posters for Youth Across America".

    I specifically designed these posters to be relevant to Indian country because I felt they were unique and would aid in the battle against Meth on and off the American Indian reservations. It’s not going to be the "cure all" but I feel that the families and their youth living on the reservations in America need to use whatever American Indian people can to identify with in their own culture to help combat the use of Meth in their own backyards. So I designed the American Indian Anti-Meth posters to convey this message to Indian country. Meth knows nothing or cares anything about your culture, your race, sex, or spirituality. As a proud member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe I do care about preserving our cultural way of life and all the youth and families living within that sacred circle.

    I started working on the project last spring or early summer 2007 when I noticed that the posters I saw were all about the after effects of meth; images of white people with rotten teeth and bad hair and nothing specific to American Indian culture. Nothing had an Indian motiff, so I decided to create posters for kids to take home and share with their families and friends and to put up in their bedrooms as a constant reminder to think about the dangers of Meth. Knowing how kids are, if you give one kid something cool and make it fun to have then it becomes another tool to use to get the message across to our youth. My posters are are 11x17" highly glossed and look great! I have them in NM,WA,OR,MT,CO,ND,MN,WI, etc,etc References are available upon request. Again, please visit my website or just call me (605)-491-4598 if you have any questions at all.

    The posters are very well received and are a positive tool and are effective in showing our youth a strong positive message against Meth in your community.


    Yankton/Dakota Sioux

    USMC Veteran

    Expeditionary Forces In Rediness

    P.O Box 42

    Flandreau, SD 57028


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