back to article Yahoo! deflects Microsoft bid with iPhone dominatrix

Shortly before nightfall, the small man emerged from his house, checked on his goats and prayed. His most pressing plea to the higher power? Stop the clowns from scaring his children and stop his children from scaring the goats - Julio Stantore, The Diving Bell and the Cabrito Buffet A number of organs today filled their pages …


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  1. Malcolm Weir Silver badge

    Boot Recognition Fault..

    Otto, Otto, Otto... thigh-highs are so called because they come up to the thighs. Lacy is wearing knee-highs.


    -- Mine's the long, studded, black leather with the interesting zips.

  2. Andy Worth

    Re:Boot Recognition Fault..

    Otherwise known as FMB's or "Fuck Me Boots", due to the fact that certainly early adopters of said footwear were generally on the market for a bit of action.

    And actually, if I'm perfectly honest, I probably would.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Let me be the first to say

    Regardless of how worthless these business-news type shows are, she'd still get it.

  4. Phil

    Mutton dressed as Lamb!

    The boobs and boots look good from a distance but on closer inspection it goes downhill

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Dead Vulture

    Nice responses

    and people wonder why women are under-represented in technology!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    you! messed! it! up!

    All! Yahoo! stories! should! be! posted! like! this!

    :( !

  7. Jared Earle


    "and people wonder why women are under-represented in technology!"

    Because they don't get 'em out enough?


    I'll get it. It's the Dirty Old Man raincoat.

  8. John

    What's the problem

    They've tried to make a presenter of a show for men sexy, big deal.

    There's a reason why Ryan Seacrest presents American Idol and E etc and it has nothing to do with talent. Women just don't find naked flesh attractive in the same way men do.

  9. Phil Rigby
    Paris Hilton

    @Andy Worth

    Also known as Slut Wellies, for the same reason you mentioned.

    Paris because - well, do I really need to explain?

  10. Andy Worth

    Re:Nice responses

    But it's because we are starved of decent ladies in our day-to-day jobs that we become so intrigued by the slightest flash of flesh. It's a vicious circle.....honest.

    I do however agree with Phil that she probably look better on a slightly fuzzy and not particularly close-up camera shot. Soft focus I think they call it :)

  11. Rosco

    RE: Boot Recognition Fault

    Thigh-highs: also known as "slag wellies"

  12. Badminstyles

    Re: Re:Boot Recognition Fault..

    FMBs otherwise known as Forward Mounting Bases. It's still dirty...

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