back to article Chinese mobile users targeted by Trojan

Miscreants have created a ransomware Trojan for mobile phones which has been seen in the wild in China. Kiazha-A, attempts to extort money from users of Symbian Series 60 phones. Infected smartphones display a message saying that victims need to send RMB 50 ($7) to the malware authors in order to regain use of the phone. The …


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  1. Surur

    Is this what you called Managed News?

    Its funny how all these stories about mobile viruses are coming out around the same time Apple is expected to detail their iPhone SDK, which will no doubt be incredible restrictive, all to protect the children of course.

    This may sound paranoid, but how soon are we going to hear about the mobile rocket launchers and the 45 minute launch window?

  2. Steve Litchfield

    Hmm.... old devices, old news

    When are security firms going to stop this hype to well their own products? Malware is *possible* for old Series 60 devices, but only stupid people or the very inexperienced ever fall for installing it. And for every S60 device (note the name change) made in the last 2 or so years, the use of Symbian OS 9 under the hood means that malware is impossible anyway.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Eh, my TyTN got infected last weekend. Internet Sharing turned BT discovery on (was that even called for? I already paired my device with the PC anyway) and didn't switch it back off when I was using it as my DSL went down a few days before, and I was under the impression that it was off because I remember rolling my thumb over the "No" button on the sometimes dodgy touchscreen). I didn't know it was on and walked into a train. Later, I found a bunch of sent files on my phone, and apparently one must have made it through (another mistake: I forgot to lock the keypad and the screen when I put it into my pocket before boarding the train)- the phone started acting sluggish and randomly freezes up a few hours later.

    I had to hard reset, and lost all my text messages and Opera bookmarks.

    Lesson learnt: check the BT settings whenever one use a M$ app that uses BT, and always lock the phone when keeping it in one's pants pocket.

    I will get an antivirus for it if a free one comes out. You can never trust a M$ product after all.

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