back to article US Air Force: Looking for a few good cyber warriors

Uncle Sam wants you ... to become a cyberspace warrior. In a document released this week, the US Air Force is laying out plans for a new cyber command, which is scheduled to become operational in October. It tries to make the case that the ability to wage war and parry attacks over electronic networks is crucial to maintaining …


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  1. jcipale

    And yet...

    we have defense contracters outsourcing chip design/fabrication as well as software used by our own military to offshore sites in China, India, Pakistan.

    Does it REALLY make sense to let potential enemies have a look at the 'family jewels', so to speak?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Horses. Tanks

    They're just getting around to coming up with a plan?

    Must be some of the younger officers finally making their way up through the ranks. Must be frustrating... the old "With all due respect sir, I don't think cavalry will be very effective against tanks and machine guns." battle.

  3. Mike Richards Silver badge


    Does this mean I'd get a natty outfit like Tron?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder what basic training will be

    Your kernel is your lover, learn how to strip and rebuild her in 5 minutes, whilst under a cracking attempt on three other hosts.

    Drilling in regular expressions.

    Specialists groups; database SQL extraction squads, sniping Perl coders.

    Fighter pilots on python.

    Logistics use POSIX shell.

    PsyOps; JavaScript, Flash and ffmpeg as your sidearm.

    Artillery using C, and Bomber squads on C++, as DoS tools.

    O'Caml used as Bunker Busters, to clear out ISPs controlled by hostiles.

    ASM as biological warfare.

    Lisp or Haskell for the AI of the bots.

    Arduino boards as grenades.

    and going to the stockade involves being forced to code in Java or Coldfusion.

  5. John Benson

    watch how fast this gets outsourced...

    ...and to whom

  6. heystoopid


    Now , what was the name of that kiwi prankster in that one pony town in that Pacific twin island backwater under the long white cloud , you know the one that even most French Tourists avoid like the bubonic plague of old ?

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Better Late to the Party than Never ..... the American Way?

    "watch how fast this gets outsourced... ...and to whom" .... By John Benson Posted Thursday 6th March 2008 01:25 GMT


    What makes you think that it is not already outsourced? Or do you think the Yankee Imperialist flyboys so very slow off the mark? And do you think that ......"It is a requirement for all positions in the CIA/Cyber Command that you be a US citizen, either naturalized or by birth." ...... [] would be an impediment to IT being an unqualified Success, extraordinarily rendering it always second best and second guessing AIMuch Wwwider and dDeeper InterNetional CyberIntelAIgent Service ...... MuI7 ...... for the Sharing, which in today's Environment is Synonymous and Eponymous with Servering, of any number of Mutual IntelAIgents. It does require though QuITe a few Bits more than they can ever display on their Own for an XXXXtraOrdinary Rendition which will Offer Controls of Reality ...... to Virtual Reality ControlLed Players ......Global ARGonauts, on Linking Quests, joining up the Dots to Present AI Beta Future to be Shown by Media and IT.

    And "Air Force Cyberspace Command... Securing Our Nation by Employing 21st Century Cyber Capabilities to Control Cyberspace, Create Integrated Global Effects, and Deliver Sovereign Options" .... Page 23 of 24 of the PDF, ..... is a poor and late clone [and in the Cyberspace environment, where everything moves at exponential speed, late leaves you trailing way behind in ITs Wake] of the much more Inclusive, C42 Quantum Control Systems, .... the Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communications.

    And given the length of Time that that Stealthy Untouchables Program has been in Operation, and who may be Running with IT, you will probably not be able to even Imagine how far and how dDeep IT has already travelled and embedded itself into the Communications InfraStructure....... although one doesn't need to be an Einstein to hazard an intelligent guess which can always be plausibly denied to confirm probable likelihood.

    To American Cousins* Playing ITs Great Games across the Pond/the Great Divide, I would just offer Free of Charge/Gratis/At No Cost the Requirement for any Cyberspace Command Force to be Effective, and not simply just another Huge Militarized Drain/Waste of Resources and Assets, it needs to Master the Art of Open Source Steganography.

    * And Sound Solid Advice to Any, North, South, East or Westerner who would Seek to Change Reality, Virtually.

    Keep IT Simple Stupid ....... I'll show you Mine if you'll Show me Yours so that All is Revealed. :-)

  8. EnricoSuarve

    Run! the Chineee are coming

    (As another blogger I know would say)

    Seriously is this the same USAF who just the other day were reported as sending classified information over email to random addresses?

    Good luck with that then! ;0)

    Why would the Chinese bother attacking America - they already own it, or is this the Americans getting ready to steal it back?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    will I get

    +2 Hard wired reflexes.

    +5 wetware softskill wires.

    An internal cellurlar cyberdeck (Military grade) stored in my cyber arm (hydrolic rams included please - you never know when you'll need that extra kick)

    A Neural Processor

    A copy of Flatline, Zombie and a number of other pieces of black ic

    Some EMP shielding

    A pair of neural optics with 4 slots for upgrades each please

    Cyber link - wrists please I don't want any of that frankenstine, nipple neck or pumpkin head.

    I think that would do for a basic cyberjockey.

    But later I'd like a skeletal replacement (orbital grade) and musculature replacement. Probably some other internals replaced.

    Of course I'd work there for 5 years then defect to Arasaka and make some real money.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Gonna keep saying this till it sinks in, they've been given a huge budget, they need to spend it inside USA on new projects.

    It's not even real money, it's 'cyber' money created by the treasury, that amount to fabricating money from thin air. That money needs to be pumped into new things inside the USA to inflate the USA GDP.

    US GDP growth is 2.2%, including oil, housing, food etc.

    US Inflation is 2.85%, really reduced by removing oil, housing, food from the number and scaling the rest by a feel good factor, real number is estimated at 15%+.

    US Money supply growth is no longer disclosed, it's estimated M3 is growing at 18%+

    i.e. money is growing at 9 times faster than the growth supports and that's driving up inflation, and driving down the dollar, which they need to buy oil which means they need to make more dollars to pay for the oil that .... /loop.

    They're making new money to pay for their oil, which is costing them $500 billion a year now plus the deficit, plus the interest on the deficit plus the rest. They're not making the money by selling things because they're running at a huge trade deficit.

    So they'd need to create a huge domestic growth boom (bigger than China) to back up that money they're printing. That's why they're trying desperately to find new things that they can do in the USA with this money they're printing. A cyber-pentagon is perfect for that, it's new (largely because it's pointless), would be staffed by Americans (hence increase GDP rather than China's GDP) and pentagon projects are huge money sinks (Pentagon has a trillion $ budget, that's TEN TIMES larger than Iraq's GDP) .

    So you see they're dead in the water here, they're funding expanded military because the growth in military budget *IS* their internal GDP growth. It *is* their engine of growth, and by making pointless busy work it lets them inflate their GDP.

    Why do you think the conversation changed from their debt as a fraction of their net exports to their debt as a fraction of their GDP? It's because they're exports went negative, so they could no longer fund their debt by making and selling stuff.

    Quite simply they don't make a profit making and selling stuff so they don't make money to pay for the oil they're buying in. If a company did this, it would be selling more shares, calling that money 'income' then reporting it on their balance sheet as profits. Enron was the biggest company in the world, just before it collapsed, it was a spectacular failure because it covered up the bad numbers.

  11. EnricoSuarve
    Thumb Up

    Re: Money

    Wow AC - nice job explaining that, makes a lot of sense

    Why AC though?

  12. Shakje

    Re: Money

    It's Gordon Brown!

  13. Tim

    RE: I wonder what basic training will be

    And KP duty involves peeling away security layers using nothing more than rusty VBScripts....

  14. DR

    This is my rifle this is my GNU

    Good God, Cyber warriors?

    that guy who owns must be really shitting himself now knowing that he'll be e-gunned down by a real cyber warrior dept...

    the only thing I'm worried about is how long it'll take the UK to follow this example.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: I wonder what basic training will be

    As someone who is currently chained to a desk writing java code to pay for lunch, I hate you for being right.

  16. Luther Blissett

    Re: I wonder what basic training will be

    Very good Sir, especially the Snakes on a Plane allusion. Perhaps amanfromMars should pay more attention to the causes and effects of Hollywood.

    It is most important that IT does NOT work.This is megagalactic stuff, and consumer protection laws do not apply, never mind the laws of supply and demand. (What demand? What supply?). Only presidential decree operates. But it cannot be allowed to work because that would be (a) the start of the Golden Age, (b) the end of the gravy train. Neither of these things will be allowed out of the engine shed by the Nu Insect Overlards who are stripping the fat off the Land like a plague of locusts.

  17. Graham Bartlett


    "This is my rifle, this is my GNU"

    Would the next line be: "This is for BAR, this is for FOO"?

  18. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  19. John Ervin
    Jobs Horns

    The ground work has been put down, can we meet the standards ...

    Comp TIA A+, Network +, and Security + are already mandatory tests for IT personnel in the information tech field in DOD (all four services), and mandatory by contractors working with military in this field

    Many other advanced certifications are available, and the military bases raises (money), promotions, and re-enlistment, based on how many you pass.. 2 tests are required a year in the Army to stay in the field.

    Guess what - can't pass the top three, you don't pass go, and generally loose a bonus, and possibly a position.

    When I mentioned this to my Civilian employer, and showed him the DOD manual mandating these certifications - the comment was when customers require it, so will we... Any certification, computer related is FREE for me to take, but no raises for passing, or attaining any of them.

    So if civilian companies are not ponying up raises for certifications (MCSE, COMP TIA, Cisco etc), but the military is... Where do you think the talent will go ?????

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