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Leaving your all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone behind when you slip out for the evening is a terrifying thought for some people. So any handset manufacturer advocating the idea of keeping your Nokia N95 or LG Viewty at home in favour of a secondary handset needs to have something special on offer. On first inspection, the …


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  1. Danger Mouse
    Paris Hilton

    Junk Phone

    Re-bagged i-mobile, got one off ebay for £90 including import taxes. Screen is not bright enough to see in direct sunlight, which, as I've said before must be the reason they're marketing this as an inside the pub phone. The memory card slot eats cards (it fried two of my 1GB cards in the space of a week).

    Paris - because she's the type who would buy one.

  2. oxo

    Why pay more?

    It's £60 on ebay

  3. Robert Grant

    Going out: Texts > Photos > Calls.

    That is all.

  4. James Anderson

    Not sure about "second handset concept"

    The problem is do you get another SIM card/tleephone/number contract etc. for the lesser phone or do you swap the SIM card in and out all the time.

    Swapping the SIM is just too much trouble and not an option for many females (and a few males) as removing/inserting the SIM card results in chipped nail varnish.

    So in addtion to the home, office, mobile and fax numbers you already dish out you need to give out a second mobile number as well. This is also a real pain.

    And if you are serioulsly worried about getting your phone nicked while in the pub just get the cheapo Motorola with a Tesco pay as you go deal. It wont cost much, no self respecting tea leaf would bother lifting it, and it will last forever.

  5. Bad Beaver
    Thumb Up

    totally useful...

    ... all I want in the pub is a hard to read display to squint at, and easily mixed up keys to produce gibberish with. It is not that even decently sized units would auto-develop these qualities the longer they stay located in a pub.

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