back to article Bolluxed router configuration? Click here for help

Here's a refreshingly frank marketing email to start the week, courtesy of PacketTrap Network Management Solutions: The Failures: Sluggish network...*#$!%!....Is it the server? The application? How about a bolluxed router configuration? An overtaxed port on a switch? Or it could be...just about a few hundred other things... …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge


    Is this a fusion of "bollocks" and "mux", meaning "a whole shitload of different bollocks in one place"?

    If so, I like it. A useful neologism at last and one that I shall use.

  2. Rik Silver badge

    "Presumably, PacketTrap's solution boasts an emergency "Debollux" button"

    Buttons? I want the kit to provide three commandline tools: bolluxfind, unbollux and bolluxmon. GUIs just get in the way of efficiently debolluxing what needs to be debolluxed, and furthermore, the leaner and meaner the tools themselves are, the less chance of a programmer bolluxing the unbolluxer.

  3. Chris Phillips

    Good for them!

    If only we could say that to our real customers face to face when they dump this on our desks...

  4. John Hawkins

    Debollux button?

    Instead of your basic vasectomy? Sounds a bit messy,

  5. Darren Coleman

    Obligatory nerdy reply

    Router(config)# no bollux


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    <no title>

    Brilliant. Full marks to them. Hope it results in more orders rather than less and we'll see more companies trying that style :-D

  7. Carl
    Thumb Up


    Shouldn't everything in life have a debollux button? Put it right next to undo...

  8. Paul James
    Thumb Up

    More bollux

    You've got to have bollux to send out stuff like that. Brilliant.

  9. Ash

    Debollux button

    DROP TABLE "Users";



  10. David Cornes


    I'm guessing they used the word "bollux" instead of the more anglo-saxon "bollocks" to try and squeeze through any profanity filters on the way..?

  11. peter Silver badge


    I spell it like that. It's kinda like writing "BS" instead of bull shit - somehow, it's just that extra bit politer.. ;)

  12. Nermal

    Cool But....

    Would it work for Apple, Microsoft, Sun or other?

  13. Dalen
    Thumb Up

    (Placeholder for a witty title)

    Now that's the kind of spam I might look into.

    I know, I know, it promotes further spamming... but still...

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ... and Han Solo

    Bollux was the name used for a robot in an early Han Solo story (something about entertainers and circuses, I think). In the next book in the series the name was mysteriously change to Zollux - I think someone noticed ....

    (maybe I should have posted this anonymously, rather than admitting in public that I used to read Star Wars spinoff novels)

  15. Albert Waltien

    On the western shore of the great water...

    here in the U. S. of A. we sometimes use the expression "all bolluxed up" to mean "all messed up" or (heavens!) "all f****d up" without having a clue as to what "bollocks" means. Only the handful of Shakespeare readers are aware of the anatomical implications of the word. Ignorant lot, we Yanks!

  16. alistair millington
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    Can you imagine if M$ used that? or Apple.

    Get the new upgrade for Vista, "Because our coders dropped a clanger, someone smarter than our guys are could remotely bollux your machine"


    "because Vista has bolluxed up and died, we are having to reboot, sorry for making an arse of your system, if you want to see what the benaal report contains and listen to us talk cr*p at you because we don't know which bit of the sh*te software is to blame, then click here."

    That would be nice and refreshing.

    I do like that email though...

  17. Alistair Wall

    @ Ash

    flashback table "Users" to before drop;

    or if you are using a cheapo version of Oracle,

    create table "Users" as select * from "Users" as of timestamp (systimestamp-1/24);

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Its Bollix

    Alway sBollix not bollocks or ballicks or ballaux........

  19. sack

    Okay... own up

    who is waiting in the wings with the patent for 'a method or apparatus for reverting software or related equipment from a bolluxed state?' to troll this one?

  20. Ishkandar

    Anonymous Coward - Its Bollix

    No !! That's French for the same thing (see Asterix the Gaul) !!

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