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Following the fashion set by LG with its Prada Phone, Samsung has become the latest mobile maker to bring together couture culture and touchscreen technology. Running up its own style-savvy Giorgio Armani number, Samsung has embraced the iconic Italian fashion house chic for this premium label handset. Not surprisingly, the …


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  1. Jack Moxley

    If phone manufactorers were cars

    Samsung = skoda

    About as fashionable as a skeleton covered in black cloth.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Bah humbug!

    Armani phones?

    Does anyone remember the good old days, when you knew what you were getting from the brand? Samsung and LG made reasonably priced but fairly decent electronics and Armani and Prada were names stuck on overpriced tat for chavs.

    As someone who's owned, and been very happy with the products of both Skoda and Samsung, I think that's not a bad analogy but I have no experience of their phones.

    (Mine's the George at Asda anorak.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Nothing wrong with George from ASDA...apart from the Far eastern child labour of course. It'll perfectly good stuff, given the price, so have a look! White office Shirts for 3 quid? Can't go wrong there, and they'll match my 2 pound slippers.

    Mine's the stylish green and blue lab coat please...

  4. John
    Dead Vulture

    Video games score

    Not sure how you gave it 70% with such a poor text input mechanism. Are scores on Reg hardware like many video game magazines? Only buy it if it's 90+%, avoid like the plague if it's less than 75%?

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