back to article iPhone jailbreak tools updated to open firmware 1.1.4

The latest version of iPhone activation, jailbreaking and unlocking tool, ZiPhone, has been released. The tool promises full access to Apple's handset in under five minutes. The update, which takes ZiPhone to version 2.5 in its command line, Windows and Mac OS X forms, follows Apple's release earlier this week of version 1.1.4 …


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  1. Joe K

    Just like the PSP hacker war then

    So they release a device with a flashable firmware, as is the fashion, and instead of making sure the device is bugfree and finalised (like EVERY other pre-flash device) they believe the developers assurances about encryption, certifications, and unhackability.

    Hmm, that just worked out fine for the PSP didn't it.

    All the crap about upgrades means nothing compared to the money lost, either through piracy or contract loss.

    And somewhere, some guy (or guys) decided to make the ROM a flash chip. Morons.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Clearly, they want this to happen

    It seems contrary to the puffing up and beating of the chest (sorry, I watch King Kong last night) that Apple want the world to see, they appear to be quite happy for jailbreaking to happen.

    Long may that stay.

  3. David Tonhofer Silver badge

    @Joe K

    "instead of making sure the device is bugfree and finalised (like EVERY other pre-flash device)"

    That's because these "devices" where basically a couple of mechanical widgets and some wire, encased in bakelite.

    Every other device since then has neither been bugfree nor finalised.

    "make the ROM a flash chip. Morons."

    The only moron is you. Hopefully you are not a hired engineer.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    don't knock the royals!

    "... Having taken our iPhone ...we've just run the 1.1.4 update ....we had the handset activated ...We'd recommend that iPhone users..."

    seems 'her maj' has taken criticism of the royal family's freeloading ways to heart and is now earning an honest crust, writing for el reg!


    mine's the one that smells of corgis

  5. Dave Houston

    @Joe K

    "instead of making sure the device is bugfree and finalised (like EVERY other pre-flash device)"

    The best beta testers are the public..... and a problem, report and the developers fix.... been happening for years now!

  6. Ash

    @Dave Houston

    So you're saying the iPhone is a £900 (inc. tarriff charges) beta test?

  7. Scott Mckenzie


    Isn't any phone or electronic device? Nothing is ever released as "finished" or certainly nothing i've ever bought, christ even my sodding Microwave had to be sent away for a software update once!

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