back to article Dell takes aim at costs and employees in Q4

Dell used to love the conference call ritual which accompanies the release of a quarter's financial results. The vendor would get a chance to tout its amazing business model in front of Wall Street's finest analysts and brag about how much better it did than competitors. But we get the feeling that Dell's not so fond of the …


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  1. Chad H.
    Thumb Down

    when it comes to cost cutting...

    Why dont these guys start at the most expensive positions, and outsource them? I mean, it works for the lowest paid positions, why not the higher ones....

    But then again, What board member, working 2 days a month with a full staff would vote to outsource himself?

  2. Gary Samuelson

    Damn the analysts - they're still making money aren't they?

    Analysts may not know jack about building/selling computers.

    So why jump?

    Dell will end up "trimming" costs - and by way of pissing off yet another legion of prospect customers, further loose new business.

    Stupid, stupid Dell... He started out barely making scratch selling computers from his dorm room - so give the rat his ass back and focus on tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Trimming & Tweaking Product Design.

    "Dell will trim in other areas too, tweaking its product design and even manufacturing operations"

    It's very difficult to see how they could trim anything else out of a Vostro without making it out of tin foil and used egg cartons.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A different question

    Would it be too much to ask El Reg to approach Dell with a different question?

    Where in the world has the headcount already been reduced and where has suffered (I used to work for them) an increase in headcount?

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