back to article Brocade punts new SAN router for kid enterprises

Brocade is punting a new incarnation of its Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) storage and SAN extension router, with its functionality clipped to appeal to the purses of smaller businesses and remote offices. The 7500E SAN router is based on Brocade's — wait for it — regular 7500 router. The "E" means most of its ports are plugged …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Seems nearly useless in its base form...

    You'd be almost as well off buying a used Linksys off of ebay for $50.

  2. Seán

    Seems slow

    50mb/sec or 500mb/sec

  3. Matt
    Thumb Down

    @Anonymous Coward

    I would love to know where you found a Linksys box with 4Gb/s FC-Fabric ports :P

    But anyway, the default setup sounds crap (Even if it was 100Mb/s and the 50 was a typo)

    It's not gonna be THAT cheap.

  4. Simon Day

    Its not as bad as you think

    Anyone posting that this is crap is obviously not thinking about what it will be used for.

    Its a FC to Ethernet router for your SAN - so you will stick it in one of your smaller offices, that connects over WAN (possibly even internet) to the rest of your SAN.

    You probably only have 1 server connecting in your remote office so 2 ports is plenty - and over WAN 50Mb is probably going to be enough.

    If this is substantially cheaper than the full version I'd say it has deffinite appeal - especially since you can just use the pair of FC ports to connect to your existing FC switches if you have more than the 1 server in your small offices.

    SAN kit aint cheap and most of it is focussed on the higher end - anything that can bring the costs down is going to be welcome to businesses that use SAN.

  5. Joe Hoey


    be default: 4 ports: 2 Fibre Channel (E, F, FL, EX) ports and 2 Gigabit Ethernet (VE, VEx) ports;

    software license upgrade available to activate 14 additional Fibre Channel ports for a total of 16 (4Gb/s) FC ports

This topic is closed for new posts.

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