back to article Asus to drive in Lamborghini-brand handset

Rumours that Asus is to release a Lamborghini handset are true, it seems, and the phone’s already available for pre-order. lamborghini_clove Clove's website confirms the ZX1's existance Talk of Asus' expanding Lamborghini phone, an extension of the deal it already has with the sportscar maker to produce branded laptops, …


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  1. James Bassett
    Paris Hilton

    Great Deal!

    Superb! So, I can "pre-Order" <shudder> a phone for £465 which, given the total absence of specs or pics, could turn out to have the functionality of of a walkie-talkie and the looks of a JCB.

    Where do I sign?

    Surely only Paris would be stupid enough to fall for this?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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