back to article Terminator Salvation is go for May 2009 release

The fourth Terminator movie - Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins - will hit cinemas on 22 May 2009, the makers have announced. Shooting on the McG-helmed film, which stars Christian Bale as rebel leader John Connor, will begin in May at Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico. It's the first of a planned trilogy which promises …


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  1. Brett

    We must destroy Hollywood!

    This franchise doesnt deserve salvation after the last chunk cr*p they released. Isnt it time that terminator films (and the poorly acted tv series) were finally terminated. The first yes were brilliant films but they are killing it now just like the matrix. Can we please have a good classic film that isnt destroyed by sequels because the sequels always end up being what the film is remembered for.

  2. Wonderkid

    Reality may beat the movie...

    If we continue as we are, deluding ourselves into self serving pointless solutions to genuine threats to the STABLE status quo, then as food prices rise ahead of people's earning ability and other issues conspire to combine over the next year or two, society may simply fall apart - nuclear war or no nuclear war. Whoops, apocalypse!

  3. Ash
    Thumb Down


    Christian Bale was awesome in American Psycho, but not so hot in Batman Begins. I don't think he'll fit the role well...

    Plus, blatant cash in.

  4. TeeCee Gold badge

    "......the landscape plays a critical role."

    "Give me stationary, unmoving and unmoved. Great! Now give me windswept and rugged. Fantastic, the camera loves you. MAKEUP! More scrub on that scree, I'm getting reflections here......."

  5. Fruitloop


    I may be a bit clueless here, especially as I fell asleep during T3 but wasnt the point of T2 to completely prevent the war from happening in the first place?

    I mean, didnt they lob old arnie into some sodding molten lava so that his chips got fried and that guy who blew himself up couldnt invent the bastard robots in the first place?


    What the hell happened in T3?? Did the franchise owners panic and think "Oh GOD we just killed of our own franchise! Quick, pull some more bollocky scripts from the bottom of that barrell over there!"


    Scabby goat loving idiot movie making piss takers.

    Its okay...I fell much better now.

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Franchise Abuse!

    Franchise Abuse should be punishable by law - start with George Lucas and moving on down the line.

    It has been mentioned on El-Reg plenty of times before, but I'll say it again. Why the F*** can't they do something new and imaginative instead of rolling out the same re-packaged crap!

    ... and Christian Bale really can do a heck of a lot better than this crap!

  7. teacake


    "We must destroy Hollywood!"

    Couldn't agree more. But can we wait until they've released Alien v Terminator v Predator v Batman Requiem, please?

  8. Stewart Knight
    Black Helicopters

    You'll all be watching this film.....

    Having downloaded it from an encrypted p2p site!

    Lets face if, Hollywood complains that everyone is downloading their movies so they are losing money....

    In reality... who'd pay to watch this rubbish???

    Next in the sequel, John Connor is joined by Rambo (not the French philosopher)

    I'll be back......

  9. triky


    it's a catch 22 ! arnie had to come from someplace no? they still have to have the war in the future, in order to send arnie back to the past so that he could melt in some molten lava. actually you could have parallel sequel films... the one without the war because arnie got done and the one with the war where they send arnie to get done...wait, i mean, one with arnie and, err, hold on... one with sarnies... oh. ha ! where's my coat ?

  10. Matt Owen
    IT Angle


    Fruitloop - you really need to see the end of T3 - yes it's not a good movie, but it will explain how they are managing to make a fourth film, and keep within the cannon.


  11. Mike Crawshaw

    You said it in jest...

    "But can we wait until they've released Alien v Terminator v Predator v Batman Requiem, please?"

    You do know that there is a graphic novel out: "Superman & Batman vs Alien & Predator", right?

    <- the one with the entire Marvel back catalogue in the pockets, thanks..

  12. Pete Silver badge

    at least total annihilation will stop global warming

    New Mexico "represented an arid Western United States in a post-apocalyptic future" ...

    Actually that's a pretty good description of NM right now. At least if the robots kill off all the people it won't get any more arid.

  13. Juliette Martens
    Paris Hilton

    Christian Bale?!?

    He should sue the Batman crowd - cowl was obviously restricting flow of oxygen.

    Paris would never lend herself to something so blatantly commercial.

  14. Liam Johnson


    >> What the hell happened in T3??

    At least it sort of worked as an idea. You can change the future, but some things are just inevitable.

    Now if you are looking for a really crap sequel, try highlander 2.

  15. DZ-Jay

    Re: We must destroy Hollywood


    >> "Couldn't agree more. But can we wait until they've released Alien v Terminator v Predator v Batman Requiem, please?"

    What, no Jason or Freddy?! We must not be thinking of the same Hollywood.


  16. Ian Rathbone

    Bale IS NOT Conner

    He is playing a different character.

    Edward furlong may well be back as Conner.

  17. Anonymous Coward

    It's a paradox!

    Put simply, if they prevent Skynet from created then John Connor couldn't send Kyle Reese back to the past to impregnate his mother (which happens in the original Terminator for all 2 of you who have been living in a black hole for 20 years), so he wouldn't exist...

    Yeah, I'll get my coat...

  18. Fruitloop

    @Liam Johnson - Highlander 2

    I did watch Highlander 2...

    I think this is where Matt Groening got the idea for the suicide booths in Futurama. He could see there would be a future use for stacks of them inside cinema's.


    Coyldnt agree more. My wife occasionally moans that we dont go to the cinema anymore but when I "acquire" the latest drivel from hollywood that she would have gone to see and watch it she quickly changes her mind.

    I have not been to the cinema since Lord of the Rings - Return of the King. Im sure someone here is gonna attack that one though. I was going to see Bourne Ultimatum as this seemed big screen worthy but I never got round to it.

    I dont think there's been anything worth seeing on the big screen since then.

    If those knob-ends are gonna scrape the barrell with crap like franchise extensions, chick flick shit, teen comedy knock offs and scary teen screamoramas then they can shove it up their arse.

    They make me so mad I keep spelling "Barrell" wrong!

  19. alistair millington
    Thumb Down


    At the end of T3 it does have tirade about no matter what they do the war was coming, I think trying to blame the US army for doing the skynet thing regardless of problems or threats that could come from it. So despite the connor's best effort the generals and a meddling president f*cked up. (anyone see similarities)

    Christian bale in equilibrium rocked, batman was okay but the next one could be his last if he is contracted for 3 terminator films.

    Hollywood should be stopped, I don't think blowing them up is good but the amount of stinkers they produce is getting just daft.

    Isn't looking good for the memory of T1 and T2. A v T v P v B would be pants as A v P has to be in space to make any credible plot. And they simply try and put it on earth as if we care.

    Don't get me started on that.

  20. teacake

    @Mike Crawshaw

    "You do know that there is a graphic novel out: "Superman & Batman vs Alien & Predator", right?"

    Thanks - that's 11 bucks you just cost me.

  21. Mike Richards Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    Need a new Terminator...

    Sort of plasticky, monosyllabic and regularly naked.

    The icon says it all.

  22. Kevin Peacock

    I'm still smarting from the poor continuity in T2

    How on earth could the T1000 be sent back in time? It was made explicitly clear in the first terminator that the only reason the original terminator could go through was because it was encased in organic material?

    T3 wasn't too bad in my opinion. At least it had a semi-interesting ending.

  23. Damian Gabriel Moran

    the real paradox being...

    when are they going to come up with something new instead of rehashing the same things over and over

    I am waiting for Hollywood to start looking at childrens tv from the uk circa 1970's I can see it now

    "He was a cat on the edge, and only Emily loved him. Bagpuss the Movie!"

    or perhaps "Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - Pugwash"

  24. Nordrick Framelhammer
    Dead Vulture

    Stillborn at conception

    This thing is guaranteed to be a complete pile of crap and will be pronounced stillborn at conception.

    This is proven by the fact the "director" is already talking up the scenery as a "critical role" and the "trying to drag up interest from this badly decomposed skeleton" phrase "reinventing the franchise/saga" line,

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You know, guys...

    ...the great thing about movies is that you can pick which ones to watch!

    I'm guessing the same people bitching here are the ones who are self-righteously outraged because the Air hasn't got a wired network port.

  26. b166er

    No brainer

    The can just pick off the latest Terminator with Eye-o-Sauron towers

  27. Adrian Waterworth

    Bagpuss! Pugwash!!

    Now there's an idea. I'd go to see Bagpuss the Movie anyday. Well, so long as it wasn't actually made by those Hollywood buffoons.

    And Pirates of the Caribbean 4 would, of course, have to be subtitled "The Curse of the Black Pig" (not "Pugwash"). Still sounds good though!

    Diddle-i-dee, diddle-i-dee, ti-tum-ti-tum-ti-tum-ti-tum-ti, diddle-i-dee...etc.

    I'll get me tricorn hat, peg-leg and parrot.

  28. Chris Hunt
    Dead Vulture

    I'll be cack

    Please God, no more sequels

  29. DirkGently
    Thumb Up

    If you like paradoxes...

    ... The Time Traveller's Wife is a great novel, which I believe is being made into a film due for release towards the end of this year.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yeah but!

    Ill probably still watch it though, its got a sort of Star Wars effect where you watch something just because you have to , its sort of a compulsion. Your mind is not your own and neither is mine.

    On the bright side though i now understand psychological underpinnings of the often stated desire to kill ja ja bloody binks!

    At least there will be a chance of some nice looking ladies in T4.

  31. jubtastic1

    T3 & Skynet

    I know there's that old myth about t' |ntertubes being safe from nuclear attacks by design but key word there is 'myth'.

    if Skynet really was 'distributed on home computers and servers worldwide' then at the end of T3 it clearly commits suicide with the WW3 style nuckage. ROTM indeed.

  32. Tom Chiverton

    How on earth could the T1000 be sent back in time

    How on earth could the T1000 be sent back in time ?

    Upgraded transport :-)

  33. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    This movie must be made

    just for the scene where the Terminator wastes a little girl who offers it an icecream.

  34. Law
    Paris Hilton


    The series isn't all that bad.... it's actually getting to the point now where things are happening, this week we even saw some action from the future during the war, and it's pretty good... Its gonna get cancelled, but if it's left to develop it could end up being a decent series!!

    Hopefully the new Terminator films will be alright, I'm not sure if anybody has re-watched the earlier ones, but they really arn't as good as you remember them - but still generally better than the latest load of crap coming from Hollywood.

  35. J Welek

    Strapline for the new film...

    This time it's....personal/dangerous/as though time-travel never existed/all green screen/about merchandise/just plain wrong. Delete as app., etc.

  36. Graham Jordan


    Incredibly painful, had me screaming at the TV many a times. The series seems to have a more plausable explanation for being (granted its not yet known how skynet survived the explosion in 2 but its a dam site better than "ah yes, well, it was rebuilt, by the military of all people, without know one knowing. And what are the odds, it just happens to be controlled by your old bit of fluffs dad. The chances? This is hollywood after all!")

    Unfortunantly the 3rd movie was left in such a way that yes I am looking forward to seeing the 4th, I do want to know what happens though i'll be dammed as hell if I'm paying for it. God bless you newsgroups...

  37. Graham Marsden
    Thumb Down

    @Liam Johnson

    > Now if you are looking for a really crap sequel, try highlander 2.

    I did.


    Fortunately I saw it on a copy a friend had obtained. Had I actually *paid* to see that misbegotten pile of garbage I would have been queueing for my money back!

    Highlander films: There should have been only one!

  38. Guy

    But it's McG

    Seriously - This will be terrible, never mind the scenery, or that bloke from Batman, it's the McG factor you've got to worry about.

    Him of Charlie's Angels fame, yes that film which got together 3 hot(ish) women jumping around and wearing bikinis, and still managed to make you notice how cr*p the film was, that takes some skill, it really does, unfortunately it's skill at making cr*p movies.

    Oh and talking about Highlander 2 (Which has rightly been seen as the garbage it is) I noticed in my local Blockbuster the other day that it's been re-released on DVD, as a remasterd, directors cut, collectors edition! Seriously, how drastic must the directos cut be to make that purchase worthwhile? Maybe cut out the entire film, and have the full length hypno-toad episode from Futurama instead?

  39. Daniel B.
    Thumb Up


    "But can we wait until they've released Alien v Terminator v Predator v Batman Requiem, please?"

    Not before they release Tarzan v. Predator. Hey, that's a Dark Horse comic! I still wish Alien3 had been based on Alien: Earth War instead of ... whatever that thing ended up being. Anyway, I think it was DH who started the "X vs. Y" trend, though they themselves may have been inspired by the "Godzilla vs X" Japanese trend. And there was a "Superman/Batman: 05/05/2010" poster in I Am Legend... could it be they're planning on this?

    Anyway ... I actually am looking forward for T4, as I've always wanted to see the "future war" in all its glory, not just 2-minute segments. Notice that T1 shows more of this than T2, for example... and it was actually left open thanks to T3, it isn't like "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" which was motivated to milk the cash cow.

    Ah, the irony... I was once given the choice of re-watching T3 or Pirates of the Caribbean... I chose T3. When I was actually forced to re-watch Pirates, I fell asleep for almost the entire movie.

  40. Stephen


    My own opinion is that ever since seeing the future scenes in T1 that there was a big interest always in the back of my mind to see the Future War side of the story. Certainly my original opinion hearing about T2 was "It should have been set in the future", thankfully it did well enough to pass my expectations and I did enjoy it.

    Now T3 was way too much, the gags were not funny (Arnie waking into a bar on ladies night, wearing the gay glasses, a 0Silberman gag again?, oh please) and the action was pretty much contained to driving a crane down a street and wrecking everything.

    T3 should have been set it in that "possible future" showing that side of the story without even needing to explain away or reference the ending of T2... Would have been a much better way to handle it. But no Hollywood had to milk it for two movies instead of one and place in a series...

  41. Herby

    Its obvious...

    Said in the earlier movies:

    "I'll be back" (you really need to have the Arnie accent to get this right)

  42. Red Bren

    Arnie's role in T4?

    At some point will we see him departing through the time portal to go back and kill Sarah Conner.

    Or he could play the enslaved human scientist who invents the time portal, only to be rewarded by having his flesh torn off and worn by the first terminator...

    Mine's the human-skin one, with the contract for 1% of the gross for providing that plot device. Now don't any of you lot go pirating my film!

  43. Gordon Crawford

    skynet, maybe they all merge?

    the american skynet was killed off, then u brit had to name ur defense network what, skynet, so now it i on you all - or the free version or the internet version

  44. Trent Hawkins

    How to send a T-1000?

    Can't you just jam the T-1000 in to a pig or something? The prerequisites to time travel seem to be that the thing sent back in time needs to be incased in flesh.

  45. Robert Moore
    Paris Hilton

    I am still waiting

    for Paris Hilton VS Alien.

    Hard to know who to root for.

  46. heystoopid

    Oh no

    Oh no , we are are all doomed to lose our minds , as we are stuck in a permanent time paradox loop thanks to Hollywood continuing to remake the same old same old ad infinitum Roswell style !

  47. Anonymous Coward

    @Franchise Abuse!

    Care to open a portal back to 1994 and kill the test audiences who chose the bad ending?

  48. radian


    What about Register vs Inquirer?

    An epic 9 film extravaganza, filled with explosions, women, beer and obviously some sort of I.T. angle.

  49. Janko Hrasko

    final solution

    Wouldn't it be easier to just go back in time to kill Alan Turing? or go even further back and kill Pythagoras? or both? or while we are at it, Moyzes as well?

    No more number worshipping nuts!!!

  50. John Werner

    At least not....

    At least it is just Terminator movies. Thankfully, they haven't decided to do it to the Indiana Jones movies. What?.... Oh nevermind. Is that my coat?

  51. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quality? We don't need no steenkin' quality...

    It's just a movie. Watch it or don't, what's the difference? No doubt I'll rent the DVD eventually. I just hope the next Terminator doesn't go into politics.

  52. Anonymous Coward

    Who'll be back

    or forward or who the feck knows,

    I'll be needing your jacket.

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