back to article Swisscom chills to the sound of whalesong

We're pretty disappointed to learn that Swisscom has disproved the theory that the Swiss are largely immune to rebranding madness, preferring to eschew the advances of the Strategy Boutique in favour of avoiding armed conflicts and counting other people's money. Swisscom's new logo Sadly, the company has evidently answered …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Not sure...

    ...What the lady in the moving element voice over is saying but I wish I could get a similar sound out of my wife from time to time :-)

    AC because she reads El Reg too!

  2. /\/\j17

    It's Cack, Jim...

    ...but still not as bad as the 2012 Lisa Simpson blow-job logo

  3. Michael Habel Silver badge

    Logo Watch

    ...What the lady in the moving element voice over is saying but I wish I could get a similar sound out of my wife from time to time :-)

    AC because she reads El Reg too!

    It sounds like she's singing something "Uhmmm Bllla, la la", which would fit with the syllables ~Tel-e-kom~.

    So going off that premise She's likely singing "Uhmm Tel, e, kom"....

    Yeah that makes a whole lot of sence doesn't it?!

  4. Marc Lawrence

    Oh Oh la la laaaaa

    I think she was either trying to make whale song... or was having a 'whale' of a time when the rebranding Joss-Stick man demonstrated the latest moves of the logo...

    In fact I think it sounds more like a hum of a well known SMS ring tone...

  5. Sarah Gurtner


    Those supposedly inspired branding specialist folks from Germany we keep hiring to mess up our logos should definitely cut back on the crack smoking habit.

    It's not art. It's not cool. It looks like an improv attempt to fake a Miro, using Microsoft Paint - then flashily animate it to make it look less crappy and more hip(py).

    There must have been about 12 cups of coffee per person involved, messing with otherwise dysfunctional artsy (overpaid) brains.

    It's horrible. And it's all over the place already. I am deeply disappointed. Not exactly a splendid reason to switch provider after decades of a seemingly lasting relationship, is it. At least the males seem to like the lala-jingle. Maybe it promotes the adults-only mobile entertainment offerings, who knows?

  6. dodge
    Thumb Up

    It's great.

    Strategy Boutique actually came up with a really awesome logo, but someone forgot to delete several draft layers when they hit "flatten image" and "save".

    And as someone who works in brand consultancy, I'm still fighting down dry heaves. Probably not that unlike their "customers' expectations".

  7. James


    Rearrange to form a familiar phrase...

    Why do companies keep falling for this pretentious claptrap ?

  8. James Anderson
    Thumb Down

    You just dont get it

    Probably bacause you cannot afford the high end pharamcuticals used in the logos production.

    Considering the recreational drug bill that must be involved its no wonder these consultancies charge so much.

  9. Jay Louvion

    Pear shaped

    I'm surprised nobody noticed the beautifully carved blue form that seems to infer that things are at some point going to go pear shaped.

    Mine's the one with the mobile in the pocket going "Uhmmm Bllla, la la..."

  10. Rhys

    Looks boat-ish to me

    Blue spinnaker, red & white mainsail, blue hull and a little blue pennant...

    Then I put my glasses on and it looks like someone melted several bits of plastic toys together over a lighter flame. Hence the flame icon

  11. jitter

    Re: Swisslessness

    I strongly support Sarah's comments. If you know how they still behave as monopolists profiting from the existing infrastructure we already paid with excessive phone tariffs over the last 40 years or so the textual blurb is even worse.

  12. paul

    its two pears humping

    not much else to say

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