back to article User-friendly black hats debut Crimeware as a Service (CAAS)

Security researchers have uncovered a new web-based service containing security credentials for more than 8,700 websites belonging to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. It allows miscreants to infect some of the internet's most popular destinations with a few clicks of the mouse. According to security provider …


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  1. Morten Ranulf Clausen
    Paris Hilton

    Innovation... coming from a black hat near you. Not surprising. Where there's money, there's people willing to pursue it.

    Paris, because she's unsafe at any speed. Or sumtin...

  2. ImaGnuber
    Paris Hilton


    So I guess we can expect a(nother) avalanche of tripe damning sysadmins and thus excusing the criminals?

    Paris because she's equal to the suppliers of the above mentioned tripe.

  3. Edward Amsden

    I wonder...

    How many people would try to hit Microsoft with that...

    Hmm... If the site runs Windoze...

    I could take over the CAAS site and get the money for myself!


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  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Security research or reporter

    The definition of security research and reporting is a bit greay here. It reads to me that he paid some criminals to use there service so he could see what was on the menu and is now asking top companies to contact him to see if there on the list.

    Now call me silly but thats not security research, thats marketing given alot of companies will contact as some MD or the like gets spooked reading the news etc.....

    So it boils down to, find criminal service, pay criminals for service and then advitise said service as the next big dark scary thing and then thru the realms of non-disclosure of insecure sites etc force alot of top companies to contact him directly. Must say for securty work its poor show paying the criminals for there work, but given the marketing gains from this it does seem a rather cheap investment.

    That said there are alot of idiots out there in IT who dont know what security is. But when security is down to the weakest chain of a temp with a flash-drive or a intern or a secratary who will print a document you need for a meeting with X,Y,Z in there offices later on. Lets face it there are people out there who click random pop-up's blindly and believe anything thats in a printed formated font of electricity.

    But back to the main subject in sumary: It is akin to a Doctor telling you about the black death and how its out there now and contact me for a consultation so I can tell you if you are already dead.

    Paris - because she could of very well done this job just as well.

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  7. Ron Skoog

    How do you pay your fee?

    Credit card? Who'd be stupid enough?

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