back to article Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

Lenovo has introduced its latest sub-notebook, the 1.42kg ThinkPad X300, in Japan ahead of its Western debut. The X300 packs a 13in widescreen 1440 x 900 display lit with an LED backlight, but when closed is just 18.6mm thick. It still features an integrated dual-layer DVD writer. The machine's based on a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 …


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  1. David Gosnell

    What no Macbook Air thickness comparison?

    This is thinner :-)

    Glad Apple didn't keep their phoney title (it was never true anyway) for long.

  2. Peter W

    why would you buy this?

    when you can get virtually the same for half the price by buying a HP 2510p.....

    oh, and get the xp version. Vista is tosh.

  3. Pete James


    Very nice, too expensive. Still better than the MacBook Air mind.

  4. simon
    Paris Hilton

    Thickness ????

    who has ever said "I cant use this laptop, its just too thick" God help us all from the apple marketing hype

  5. IanPotter
    Paris Hilton

    @What no Macbook Air thickness comparison?

    Thickness in Macbook Airs should be added to the Register standard weights and measures forthwith.

    Paris, as her thickness knows no bounds...

  6. Geoff Mackenzie


    This Dell laptop is nearly 35mm thick! I can't use it!

    Just think of what it would do for the machine's portability if it was thinner, but measured exactly the same in the other two dimensions! It would be a /revolution/ I tell you.

  7. Rik

    @Peter W

    >why would you buy this?

    >when you can get virtually the same for half the price by buying a HP 2510p.....

    Here's a Service Message for you from the Department of the Bleedingly Obvious: because when you buy a HP, you get a HP. Which is not a Thinkpad.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    Thickness of laptops is an issue to people who don't want to carry them from one office to another .... if its thin enough they can use internal mail

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns


    It fits in a Manilla Envelope AND it has an optical drive!

  10. Joel

    @ Rik

    Excellent point.

  11. Trygve Henriksen

    And getting a HP is bad, because?

    I have the nc2400, which is the model before the 2510, and I REALLY want to swap mine for the new one.(MAybe if my boss looks away while I configure one for another employee... )

    1.2Kg, OK battery life, SD-slot, and can come with a built-in Sierra wireless card...

    And yes, you want to avoid running Vista on it.

  12. Phillip Ingham

    X300 ??? Haven't I heard that before....

    Didn't Dell have a line of small slim-line notebooks branded Dell Latitude X300 about 3 years ago?

    ThinkPads are just too over-priced with poor after sales support.

  13. GoatBoy3000
    IT Angle

    It's kak!

    This thing is just too thick.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thinkpads - "poor after sales support"?

    Haven't heard that before... have you ever used a Thinkpad? Do you expect reliability in a computer? No, I thought not.

  15. Nexox Enigma

    Probably worth the price...

    Thinkpads are generally really well made, though I personally can't stand their keyboards. I have a friend with a Thinkpad tablet which he has stepped on a few times, and it still works great, and he isn't a small guy at all.

    Thickness isn't a real performance metric for laptops. As long as they're not absurdly thick, then weight is the stat you look for. And this thing weighs significantly less than the Air. Honestly I think that it weighs less than just about any laptop with an optical drive, definitely less than anything with that size of screen.

    I'm so glad people started finally going with higher resolution on the 13 inch LCDs. There was no reason for me to even consider one when I can get the same number of pixels on a screen thats 3 inches smaller.

    I'd probably get a Fujitsu P8010... but thats probably just because I like smallish Lifebooks.

  16. Ryan Stewart

    daddy wants

    I kind of want to replace my D420 with this. Its only downside is, like the air, they stupidly make it at 13"er.

    I love the wicked small footprint of my bad boy but no optical drive or LED screen kinda makes it sooooo 2007...

  17. Phil Koenig
    Paris Hilton

    Spec comparison

    I don't know what spec was read by the person who said the X300 weighs "significantly less than the Air", but according to Apple's website, the Macbook Air weighs 1.36 kg. ("Actual weight varies by configuration and manufacturing process")

    Nonetheless, the X300 seems like a much more usable machine. Are we all aware that the Air has *no*ethernet*port*??? And a lot of other missing bits.

    I will grant you, the Air is very pretty, but.. well, Paris H isn't too bad either if we limit ourselves to such parameters..

  18. Rik

    @And getting a HP is bad, because?

    Because HP needs to die. Slowly and painfully for maximum satisfaction, but plain bog-standard dying will do. Including specifically Capellas and Fiorina, who've gone elsewhere.

    You know their slogan? "HP - Invent". They stopped after inventing how to make money from pigments, and they wouldn't know excellent tech if it did the full-blown extended hardcore dancing on the piano act, with a strobe-lit fluo-hot-pink tutu and accompanied by several dozen Klaxons and a couple of air-raid sirens.

  19. James Henstridge

    13 inch?

    This looks like a nice upgrade for the T series thinkpads.

    But what I'd really like is a widescreen upgrade for the X series: same width as an X60 but not quite as deep, and with a higher resolution screen.

    I hope that branding this laptop as the X300 doesn't mean the X series will be growing in size

  20. Elijah
    Thumb Up

    It has a touch/pointer stick!!!

    I want one! Mac notebooks do not have this super efficient tool on them. I hate notebooks without them. The pointerstick saves so much time!!

    This is a very nice notebook. It would be nice to have Firewire port and a eSata port too but oh well.

    I think I may be buying me one of these in the future and put a Kalyway OS X on it. Unless Apple decides to sell their OS for Non-Mac hardware.

    Nice stuff! I especially like the SDD! Have to swap it out with a Mtron or Samsung 128 GB!

  21. Jason Tan

    @spec comparison

    Why limit the assessment of Paris to aesthetics, where as you say she is not too bad?

    After all we have video evidence she puts out, and she has a lovely bank balance.

    Wrap her up. I'll take her!

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