back to article HP, Dell and Fujitsu answer VMware's USB stick plea

In the much-hyped world of server virtualization, even slapping a hypervisor on a USB stick counts as cause for mass celebration. As evidence, we bring you the joyous shouts of HP, Dell, IBM and Fujitsu Siemens - all of which have firmed their plans to support VMware's trimmed down hypervisor known as ESX Server 3i. Over the …


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  1. b166er

    Microsoft next?

    If only Windows came in a similar manner

  2. Lynrd
    Thumb Up

    "Not a revolution here"?

    The embedded hypervisor in the Dell VESO (aka R805) and now all PowerEdge models means you can deploy servers with no local hard drives at all, saving power, reducing heat, and improving uptime with one easy move.

    Sounds sort of revolutionary to me...

  3. gizmo


    Dude. You still probably need a few disks somewhere, don't you? Only a marketing flack would try make the energy argument here.

    Booting a server from a disk across the net is hardly a revolution.

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