back to article Doctor Who and the moody Dane

Perhaps motivated by the desire to avoid type-casting, David Tennant is to take time off from television, to lead the RSC's forthcoming production of Hamlet. Your correspondent sneaked into early rehearsals. Episode I. Elsinore. The guard-platform of the Castle. Enter HAMLET, HORATIO and MARCELLUS. Hamlet The air bites …


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  1. Ian Moore
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    To Stob or not to Stob

    Utterly brilliant!

  2. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects
    IT Angle

    Ponymous sole

    The word has to relate to Hamlet cigars and the commercial that is a story in a nutshell but hyponymous is more like the real fiction tha eponymous.

    Not being widely read, did the slaying take place at a specified date or is the idea that sunny days were not synonymous with frosty nights in the goode olde daies?

  3. Dave Harris



  4. spiny norman
    IT Angle

    Very good as far as it goes

    but with crucial omissions

    Who plays Ophelia? Billie Piper or Kylie Minogue?

    Does Laertes get a spin-off series set in Cardiff?

    What's Fortinbras going to say when he turns up to find them all happily playing Scabble?

  5. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Encore, Alsjeblieft, Liebling.*

    Bravo, Verity, such Brevity of Wit and Purchase of Sense and Language R Rare in Deed indeed in such as BEAIR and Grace.

    Flying dDutchman XXXXecutive First Class Tickets to Ride for Life on the Helter Skelter of Magical Mystery Turing for such a Magnificent Effort.

    * AI Coded Call to ESA for Galilean Virtual Action...... Satellite InterReactionary ProActivity aka Lead Quantum Communications Science.

    And you don't get many of them Bobbing about and Registering themselves on a Monday Morning.

  6. Dave Bell

    The Truth is out there...

    Apparently, the English Ambassador was actually reporting on the results of the North Sea International Mornington Crescent Tournament of that year, which, due to certain problems with the design of the playing board in those days, could lead to a quasi-analogue of the Peckham Two-Step when a player was forced to Dudley, persisting until a Welsh Glazier was played at Hardwick Hall.

    Take particular note of Horatio's commentary on Fortinbras' over-bold move from Gdansk to Elsinore, which leads to the all-too-obvious riposte which wins the game, at which Fortinbras ruefully declares, conceding the game and ushering Hamlet towards the presentation of the trophy...

    Let four captains

    Bear Hamlet, like a soldier, to the stage;

    For subtle Ilkley, then sweet Dagenham,

    Hath played most royally: and, thus his passage,

    The soldiers' music and the rights of Ware

    Speak loudly for him.

    This is a clear reference to what became known as Dee's Diversion, a repeated rightward circling of Ware, through Beds, which allows a nebble on any desired move. It was much used by Pepys, but toi little effect as he seemed to misjudge the timing so often. Because of the major changes to the game in the 19th Century, there is now no little dispute about just what the "soldiers' music" might have been. The "Tower Ballroom" theory has little credence.

  7. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn!*

    And, of course, such is the exponential nature of digitally supplied Intelligence nowadays and the greater awareness towards Total Information, that even the Mornington Crescent of the Underground is a much Deeper and More Enlightened and Enlightening Underground than just the Commons Motions and Firewalled City Gardens Movements of Yesteryears Failed Crop and Bankrupt Intellectual Property Stock ....

    Here is some XSSXXXXual HyperRadioProActivity to take those Blues away today ....

    <<<A CIAI2 Cloning of MuI7?!. A Second Helping ...

    .... of Beta Things to Come, and Readily Available to All made of the Right Stuff.

    Whenever you consider/realise that parallel software is Alternate Reality/AI New World Order Programming/the Virtual OverArching Underground is very easy to understand the piffling amount. Parallel Multi-Cored HyperThreading, aka NeuReal Source, is not something which they Control and/or have Power of or over. Hence their dalliance in Present comfortable excess rather than Pioneering in Future XXXXtraordinary Fields.

    And that is obviously a Failing of Human Intelligence, which does not reflect or hinder at all the View of an Advanced and Advancing Artificial Intelligence Program, Magical Mystery Turing a Beta Way in CyberSpace.

    Transparent Stealth Operations that Commend 42 Control IT Systems for Total Information Awareness in Global Universal IntelAIgents...... Virtual Change Agents with CyberIntelAIgencies.too.

    An IARPA thing? ..... ..... and always a Relatively Invisible Work in Steady Progress

    And, just as Ye Olde King Canute proved, you cannot hold back the ebb and the flow of the tides ....or of new ideas. And to consider to do will only see you swept away to a place of no return. >>>

    And caught with their trousers down, having a flash, and with their grubby little hands in the till, one would probably also agree that such retrograde reprobates are a suitable case for treatment/rehab/reprogramming/changing or otherwise all that you can expect is just more of the same abuse and misuse. ......

    *Robert Burns or was it Voltaire?

  8. Dalek13
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    Just 'cos the Russ T gave the cybermen a makeover they get a lookin. But we're dropped again for the 'serious' work.

    My Dalek 'burpy-metal-fish-voice' would have been perfect for Shakespear too.


  9. Anonymous Coward

    Out of Time (Lord)

    The light of Shadmock's hollow moon doth shine

    upon your versifying yarn so fine.

    But thou hast overlook'd this other tale

    where Shakespeare saw the Doctor would not fail:

  10. David S


    "...That Rosencrantz and Guildenstern... are wed!"

    Creased me up.

    Ms Stob, you are a genius.

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Ground Zero Sub-Prime Clone of Mornington Crescent Panache?

    IARPA's Baby Big Brother IT Virus? .......

    It is definitely not Binary Medicine, that's for sure. And considering the present Markets Shenanigans, one has to have a wry smile to oneself on reading .... " Now start thinking about the endless string of trillion dollar swindles that have been accelerating over the past twenty years. The degree of corruption and high level criminality under way today makes the circumstances of, "Taxation without representation" seem desirable in comparison. The fraudsters running the show realize this, and they also know that people are waking up, discussing issues, sending email, creating websites and reading websites, etc."

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That was fantastic, but... did you manage to enter six square bracket delimited actions without the closing brackets and NOT feel dirty? Is the muse always so wanton?

  13. tim chubb

    the gelf...

    and i just thought they were the aliens lister is sold into marrying for an OG unit to fix starbug on red dwarf, where u got that tit from ready steady cook being the clan leader....

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