back to article Newcomer punts miniature 'pub phone'

It’s small, it’s shiny and it’s perfect for the pub, apparently. Electronics company Onyx has designed a miniature mobile phone that’s intended to be used in addition to your primary handset. Liscio_2 Onyx's Liscio: a mobile down-time Dubbed Liscio, the tri-band GSM handset measures just 91 x 35 x 18mm and weighs a mere …


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  1. Andy Worth

    Makes no sense......

    Why would you pay £130 for a phone that you're only going to use when you're out getting pissed? Surely it'd be cheaper to buy some secondhand phone, anything small would do assuming you're not bothered about features?

    I just really don't see much of a market for this as it costs the equivalent of a couple of years worth of mobile phone insurance.

  2. David Gosnell

    Pub phone?

    Surely the ideal pub phone is cheap as chips with the bling factor of about a Nokia 1200?

  3. marc
    Paris Hilton

    that's what I use my Nokia 3510i for

    It cost me £15 off ebay. Use it for festivals, clubs etc where you wouldn't want to take an N95.

  4. James McGregor
    Thumb Down

    Wot, no camera???

    That's a serious mistake. Half the fun of having a mobile down the pub is so that you can take dark, fuzzy and usually ambiguous snaps of your drunken mates arsing about or chatting up people that they shouldn't. That means that this shiny piece of dildo-like bling has even less reason to exist than it ever did. I'll just be taking my trusty candy-bar Nokia 6300 for public house excursions and illicit photo-grabbing, thanks very much.

  5. Daniel Wilkie

    £130 for a pub phone?

    I think I'll keep my old 3310 for the pub still...

    I'll get my coat, I'm off to the pub.

  6. Steve Hodges
    Thumb Down

    yeah well thought out... not

    pub phone? when was the last time you listened to an mp3 player down the pub? surely the focus should have been on features you are likely to use down the pub/club? such as:

    1. Camera. (will increase size but doable)

    2. Bluetooth. (to send Transformers Ringtone and er "videos"? to your mates?).

    3. Use a Normal keypad (hmm this one looks different, but is it practical after a few drinks?).

    4. large screen as possible (to find your way in the dark - often find this useful!)

    5. An ACTUAL silver shiney screen... and on the back?

    Does it really need anything else?

    surely they have missed the point? maybe they should have done some market research first.

  7. Adrian
    Thumb Down

    Pub ?

    Bizarre. What is there about any other phone that makes it unsuitable for a pub ? Too big ? Too noisy ? Excessive battery life (!) ?

    The problem with phones in pubs is that people talk on them, which is not a problem this one appears to solve.

    The best sort of pub phone is the one that's left at home.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Pub phones

    Surely the people who rush out and buy expensive phones like the iPhone and Nokia N95 are the very people who like to show them off in the pub.

    The one with the stetched pockets from carrying my old Nokia Brick.

  9. Matthew Collins


    I bought an identical looking phone branded "imobile" last year just before the iphone came out. Got it for £40 of ebay, sent over from thailand.

    Nice little phone, didn't have bluetooth though, not that I'd spend an extra £90 just to get it.

    The oled display is very bright, but despite that is very difficult to see in direct sunshine. mp3 playback is good, but sadly lacking in setting up playlists, so if you stick it on random it will play your mp3 ringtones as well :(

  10. Tom

    Pub phone?

    Who would go to a pub where they didn't dare take their normal phone?

    Drink somewhere better.

  11. Tom

    Pub phone

    I still have my glorious 8210 for when my trouser line doesn't need spoiling by my N95. what's the point in buying a phone to do the job you probably have in a box under your bed already.

  12. alex dekker

    re: Pun phobe

    Tom wrote: "what's the point in buying a phone to do the job you probably have in a box under your bed already"

    is that a reference to the dildo-esque appearance of this handset?

  13. Bo Pedersen

    of course this is all wrong

    A REAL pub phone would be Beer proof for when your mates think its a great idea to stick it in your pint.

    dont think that would survive more than the odd splash! :)

  14. Tim
    Thumb Down

    Pub phone spec



    With a camera

    Vibrating ringer only

    Big buttons (for easy number collecting)


    Big writing on the screen so you can see it when you're half cut

    Call divert (from missus to answerphone)

    A light on the back so you can get the keys in the door

    A text-to-Wikipedia button for providing easily refutable evidence to support an argument (not settling it - what'd be the point of that?)

    This thing doesn't do any of that. Rubbish.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Agree with Bo

    Principle requirements for a pub phone would be....

    Beer proof.... as mentionned by Bo

    In fact - all liquids should be catered for ( no one ever tried to txt whilst taking a leak? )

    Alchohol breath tester....

    Proximity alarm ( so you dont leave it on the table )

    Fingerprint control, so your mates cant mess around with the ringtone.

    Ultra loud ring tone for the the other half when she rings.

    and an in built voice changer so that all female voices in the pub , sound like male voices.

    Probably some other nice features, ( Generic Remote control so that you can change the TV volume up, etc )

  16. Nev

    Motorola F3

    SIM free for €20: Why pay more something that's to be classed as a disposable handset!?

  17. Al Pha

    Er, £130? I think Not

    It's called the Haier Elegance Black Pearl on Ebay. You can pick one up for around £60-£70.

    Iiiiiit's Rip-off time!!!

  18. Pete

    Yet another re-brand

    Hmmmm. That would be a Haier black pearl then?

  19. Danger Mouse
    Paris Hilton

    I got one from Hong Kong

    I've had one for about a year, got it from HK via ebay for about £90 in all, (including import tax). The screen isn't bright enough to use in direct sunlight so I guess they are marketing it to be used inside a pub?.

    Paris becuse she looks like she is having trouble reading the display

  20. David S

    Additional specs for pub phone

    Another handy feature would be a big "taxi" button pre-configured to call your favourite local chariot, and a pocket in the back where you could tuck a tenner so you don't accidentally drink your take-me-home funds...

  21. Richie

    Haven't I seen this before?

    Check the link, tell me if the phone looks familiar:

    Different brand and model number, otherwise suspiciously similar.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    The last thing we need... to encourage more braying twonks to shout "HELLO!! I'M IN THE PUB!!" Pubs should be for the quiet contemplation of fine BEER, and civilised conversation.

  23. Helen-LG

    Interesting that they went with music over a camera.

    I would have thought the opposite was preferable, I can rarely find a pub without music these days and I'm with James McGregor - photos from the night before are often the only things that get my friends through the morning after!

    Also, if you want something more suited to a night out don't you want something less shiny and mugger attracting..? Personally one phone has always been more than enough for me.

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