back to article Lindsay Lohan sweeps Razzies

Lindsay Lohan has been honoured for her contribution to cinema with no less than three Razzies - two worst actress gongs and a worst screen couple award for her twin roles in I Know Who Killed Me - on a night when the film broke the all-time record for Golden Raspberries. The Lohan vehicle also picked up trophies for Worst …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Getting a razzie makes it better than average

    Really bad films never get a look in. If the Razzies had been running back in the day of Santa Claus Conquers The Martians it wouldn't have been considered because someone big-name and liked would have made a sub-par film they could laugh at instead.

  2. Matthew Stoltenberg
    Paris Hilton

    2007: quite a few bad movies

    There were a lot more bad movies in 2007 than the razzies are giving credit for.

  3. Graham Jordan

    No Transformers?

    Awful movie. Awful awful.

  4. Rick

    As I stated before

    Now that it has been confirmed WE NEED an icon for our new favorite sweet tart Ms. Lohan. I, nay the public, DEMANDS one forthwith!!! inaction on this issue will result in severe consequences (i.e. you will be forced to watch the movie and listen to her cd's on loop)!!! Going forward we must afford Ms. Lohan the same coverage of our Ms. Hilton.

  5. Graham Bartlett


    Just saw Transformers on PPV last night. It's a strange film. On one side there are a few really good bits - the kid's parents easily steal the film, the love-interest girl does a good job too, and the various army types are OK as well. And the direction and filming works too. On the other hand, the Transformers' dialogue is almost physically painful - hell, I wanted to kill Optimus Prime myself by the end of it. I suspect it's just that you can see the joins between the bits that Michael Bay did and the bits that Spielberg did. Which is a shame really, because with a better script it could have kicked ass.

  6. TheHempKnight


    So Paris's movies are better than Lu-do or whatever name she's going by now?

  7. Jamie

    2007 nothing

    If you think 2007 was bad just surf the web for what garbage they are handing out this year as horror movies, Lohan may be horrible in I know Who Killed Me (second biggest waste of my life, right behing House of Wax) but still better than a lot of the remakes coming out this year.

    She still has nice boobies.

  8. Mike Flugennock

    Don't you have that the wrong way around...?

    Aren't the Razzies in normal objective reality, and the Oscars taking place in some weird-assed dreamland?

    Mine's the gold lamé I stole from Elvis, thanks.

  9. Bad Beaver



    If Monroe wasn't dead she would SUE for crimes against humanity.

  10. Fuzzy
    Dead Vulture

    There is no god

    What in the world was Lohan snorting to think she could even come close to imitating the presence (big screen or otherwise) of Monroe

    After having watched a snippet of the movie and getting my stomach under control after viewing the slideshow I know now there is no god. or at least he is not a merciful one. there is no way he could allow that madness to continue

    To Linsday if you are reading this, or, because as i suspect, you are an illiterate hack, you are having this read to you, take this advice.... move into porn. At least you will not be overstretching your acting abilities and I daresay you would get a bigger audience than any of your hollywood movies

  11. DZ-Jay

    Re: OMG

    @Bad Beaver:

    Don't do that!

    Don't you see that your warning may be taken by some to be an invitation and they may find it too hard to resist the challenge?!

    Now, I have to go rip out my eyes from their sockets! Thanks a lot, Bad Beaver.


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