back to article Missing: 80GB PS3. Last seen: Sony's website

The absence of the 80GB PlayStation 3 from Sony's US website is re-igniting rumours that the electronics giant could be about to replace the model with a larger capacity offering. Sony_style_PS3 Both Sony US and UK websites offer just the 40GB PS3 Eagle-eyed customers have noticed that Sony’s US website, along with its UK …


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  1. Mark
    Gates Horns

    ??? Confused..

    the 80GB model has never been offered in Europe.

    We have only had 2 models of PS3. the 60GB with software/hardware based PS2 emulation, and the 40GB with no PS2 emulation.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Agree with original poster

    Europe has never had the 80gb PS3.

    If anything I'd say it's just evidence they're doing away with the 80gb worldwide to normalise their product lines across the globe and do away with backwards compat. altogether (currently the US still has it in software afaik).

  3. Alex

    Equally confused

    Perhaps it is the 60GB that has disappeared? If so, we'd know that was because it's been discontinued rather than any new console versions.

    I'm not sure the 80GB was ever released in the US either.

  4. Lorum Ipsum

    US 80GB PS3

    Yeah...the 80GB was released in the US...

  5. Justin Miller
    Thumb Down


    In australia we had the 40 and 60gb models but sony dropped the 60 here ages ago, maybe they are just getting lazy and only offering the 40gb as they wont to force people to buy a ps2 again to play old games.

  6. Lorum Ipsum

    more US 80GB PS3

    ...and here...

  7. Mark
    Gates Halo

    Sony DO need to release a high end version.

    Whilst it's pretty funny watching all the clueless idiots who can't make up their mind, if the "PS3 is too expensive", and the following week "the 40GB is too feature light/no PS2 BC".. I do think Sony need to offer a high end PS3, same spec as the Euro 60GB, but with a 65nm Cell, and a much bigger harddisk/price tag.

    Perhaps bundle it with the new Eye Toy and DualShock3.

  8. James


    Not sure what the big deal is about the different HDD sizes is anyhow. I mean, you can just pop down the street and buy a standard drive and swap it with the old one in minutes.

    Does anyody really care if they release base units with bigger drives?

    (The penguin because I installed Linux on my PS3 last night after plugging it into my new HDMI monitor)

  9. DrXym Silver badge

    Of course the UK will get a larger model

    It stands to reason that with PlayTV (the PS3 PVR add-on) that they'll launch a larger capacity model. I wouldn't be surprised if the PlayTV widget even gets bundled with the larger model.

    The reason Sony is so coy about these things should be obvious. They don't want to Osborne themselves by announcing a new 120-160Gb model while they're trying to shift the 80Gbs off the shelves. Instead they quietly clear their stock and then flip over.

    I believe that the next model after this is going to be a slim. My opinion of course, but they've done a huge amount to reduce the internals so it stands to reason they'd want to reduce the size of the casing which can be generously be described as hulking. They'll probably start clearing the 40Gbs and replace it with a slim in a basic bundle, or move the 120-160Gb down to be the basic and the slim as a premium. My feeling is this will happen late summer. All the pieces are certainly in place for it.

  10. Steve

    'simple' consoles

    The whole advantage of a console used to be that it was a single model with no options and therefore developers knew what they were writing for, unlike PCs with different processors, graphics and so on. We're now getting to the stage where PS3s have different amounts of disk, different numbers of USB ports, some have card readers and others don't, some have PS2 emulation and others don't... At this rate, there's going to be games that only work on certain models of supposedly identical console. We've already seen that with the PSP, the newer one has a faster CPU and presumably other changes, and Skype is only available on the new one.

  11. Tim

    Forget high end, just give us low end Blu-Ray - without the games

    Drop the gaming stuff, and cut the price massively and then you'd have a top notch Blu-Ray player (as the PS3 is supposed to be) for a bargain price.

    Though shove in Profile 2.0 and DTS-HD MA bitstream whilst you're at it. Then it would also be complete.

    That's all I'm interested in. Though *please* give us a proper Blu-Ray remote control in the box too rather than charging extra.

    Is there much incentive now for a flood of new models though, considering the war is won for HD formats? No hurry I should think anyway.

  12. Abe

    @ Mark

    "Whilst it's pretty funny watching all the clueless idiots who can't make up their mind, if the "PS3 is too expensive" "

    Why is that funny? why are they clueless idiots? and more to the point where are you watching these people? Do you go down the town every weekend stand in currys,game etc and just watch people picking up PS3 boxes? Since when did indecision make you a clueless idiot?

    People like you make me sad. You clearly have some type of chip on your shoulder and seek self gratification by making statements that you deem clever.

    IF I was to apply your abusurd views I would hazard a guess that you are middle age, single, live alone or possibly with your mum/dad and most definetly a virgin. What you got planned for this weekend? A Star Trek session?

    Next time just keep your iggnorant views to yourself.

  13. Giles Jones Gold badge

    HDD isn't for games anyway?

    From what I've seen of the PS3 the hard disk is mainly for storing media files and game settings.

  14. Dave Hayward
    Paris Hilton


    Then again Abe, no need to start a flame war. He can do as he wants, you as you want.

    Personally I'm happy with my 60Gig release date PS3 with backwards compatiability as standard sir thank you very much :)

    Paris because you'd have to be silly to flame someone whos trolling someone who doesnt understand HDD capacity.

  15. W

    re: "'simple' consoles"

    I agree entirely. It's ridiculous. Whilst MS, Sony and Nintendo march toward superseding their consoles with full blown media centres, a proper, non-propritary PC media centre becomes ever more attractive in comparison.

  16. David Neil

    @ Abe

    You might want to cut back on your caffeine intake there mate.

    As I saw it the point was on one hand you have people flaming the boards about how expensive the PS3 is, and then in the same thread they start complaining when Sony cut some features to get the price down.

    Might I suggest that you head back down to the bridge, theres some goats waiting to cross...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: @ Mark

    Quote: "Next time just keep your ignorant views to yourself."

    We should be so lucky! 'Skid' is the resident $ony fanboy (just look in the comments under ANY BluRay or PS3 article).

  18. James Delaney

    @ Tim

    Erm, "Drop the gaming stuff, and cut the price massively and then you'd have a top notch Blu-Ray player (as the PS3 is supposed to be) for a bargain price."

    Wouldn't that be a bit wierd for a PLAYStation to not play games? Surely what you're looking for is simply a standalone Blu-Ray player? I'm aware of a few on the market.

    The PlayStation 3 is a games machine first, it just happens to be able to play Blu-Ray discs rather well.

  19. Graham McDermott

    Hard Disk Size

    From what I understand Ubisoft now has 2 games out that consume 5Gb of the PS3's disk each when they install. Sounds like 40Gb will run out pretty quick if games keep evolving this way - like PC Games have evolved for example.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    Please let me know of any PS3 game that won't work if you have only the 20Gb HDD, 2 USB ports, no card reader and no PS2 emulation (i.e. the SKU with the least features). Then try playing Burnout Paradise online on a 360 Arcade...

  21. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Upgrading HDDs

    Since a couple of folks here have already done it - is there any way of transferring data from the old PS3 disk to the new one?


  22. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  23. Nuno

    XBOX 360

    Since the death of HD DVD, no one has written about how this affect MS and the XBOX. As far as I see it, MS have a big problem to solve: nobody is going to by the external HD DVD drive, hence, they are limited to 4,7 GB on their content. Unless they ship an external BluRay drive... What a slap in the face!

  24. Robert Woods

    Overpriced upgrades?

    I'm not sure how they can get away with the premiums they put on the price of larger hard drives when there is no difference in the actual machine any more.

    This becomes even more bizarre when you can replace the PS3 hard drive easily and without voiding the warranty, shove yourself a 300 gigger in there for a lot less than a new system will be with a 160GB drive. If you want to store any decent amount of content then 160GB isn't gonna last you long either.

    Just go the whole hog and put the video content on an external drive or even better a media server. Makes a pretty decent media player although IMHO the XBox setup with a media centre PC is slightly slicker if you want distributed TV etc.

  25. Iain


    They're limited to around 8.7Gb, not 4.7Gb; the 360 works with dual-layer DVDs just fine.

    But that was always the case - HD-DVD was purely for movie playback, not for game storage. The ineviatable BluRay add-on will just be for films as well.

  26. Mark
    Gates Horns


    Yes, I seem to recall the Xbox360. Wasn't that the console that launched in a rush to meet the Xmas 06 console buying season, in the process ditching the HDMI, the standard HDD, and the built in HD DVD drive. Was it also not the console that failed on most people within a few months.

    What did happen to it?

  27. Steve Rowsell

    @ Mark

    Quote : ' ...the Xbox360...What did happen to it?'

    Its' games library continued to grow, as did its' huge user base. It continued to outsell the 'PS George Forman Grill' or 'PS Breadbin' or whatever its called, much to the chagrin of label-obsessed Sony fanboys everywhere'.

    Just because Blu-Ray has apparently become the HD format of choice doesn't mean the overpriced, underfeatured and underwhelming console that is the PS3 is going to catch up either.

    That was just a thought for you, (as you don't seem capable of having an independent, non-Sony endorsed thought of your own).

    NB - If any of the Regs' mods are reading, how about a picture of Sony Home Entertainment's CEO Kaz Hirai with a set of horns? It'd only be fair...

  28. John McEchron

    Still available from Sony directly

    I was still able to order an 80GB PS3 directly from Sony on their rewards website:

  29. Carlton Riviera
    Gates Horns

    @ Steve Rowsell

    Sorry to disappoint you Steve, but the PS3 has been outselling the 360 globally for several months now, so your contention has little weight.

    The US and UK were the only regions in which the 360 was selling more, but since christmas the tables have turned and Microshaft's sophomore effort has been relegated to third place in all territories.

    I assume that by "label-obsessed Sony fanboys" you actually mean discerning consumers that aren't prepared to bend over and take it up the poop chute from M$ by buying a rushed-to-market product that is widely known to have a fundamental design flaw.

  30. Phil

    I'm happy with my 40GB

    Sony do supply instructions on how to upgrade your HD should you so wish ( without voiding your warranty) and personally I'd rather buy something like a 160GB HD from the likes of Overclockers for £46 inc VAT than pay Sony much much more for a bigger one to begin with.

  31. Nick

    I'm confused... to why this so called "news item" exists. A search for "80Gb Playstation 3" on sonystyle reveals:

    That's journalism.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Carlton Riviera

    "I assume that by "label-obsessed Sony fanboys" you actually mean discerning consumers that aren't prepared to bend over and take it up the poop chute..."

    Get real! If you are a "discerning consumer" from EUROPE $ony have given your arseholes a right good seeing to (sans Vaseline).

    Great name BTW, I used to have a Carlton Antibes.

  33. Jay
    Paris Hilton


    I'm pretty sure the PS3 manual has a section that deals with how to swap the hard drive. Failing that ask the nice Google who will point you toward something like:

    Simple (like Paris). Not that I've upgraded my 60GB...

  34. Jay
    Thumb Up

    @Phil 2

    The official Sony way to replace the hard drive:

  35. Steve


    "Please let me know of any PS3 game that won't work if you have only the 20Gb HDD, 2 USB ports, no card reader and no PS2 emulation (i.e. the SKU with the least features). Then try playing Burnout Paradise online on a 360 Arcade..."

    Don't get me wrong, that wasn't an anti-PS3 rant, it was just an observation at consoles in general, Sony and MS alike but I've not been looking at 360 options to comment. It's good that no PS3 games currently don't work on the lowest model but is there any guarantee that something coming out in two months time won't require something that's missing? If Burnout has problems on a variant of 360, that reinforces my point - that unlike PCs, consoles should be a known quantity and should just work, ideally without needing a shedload of patches and bugfixes (but that's another rant altogether...)


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