back to article Microsoft releases latest XP SP3 build

Microsoft has flung open the door for anyone interested in getting their mitts on release candidate 2 of Windows XP SP3. The software giant had made RC2 of the final service pack of XP already available to several thousand beta testers a few weeks ago. Now, it feels brave enough to pump it out to the masses. Redmond has …


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  1. Tom Chiverton


    "Will XP's official retirement encourage conservative corporates to mosey over to XP's successor, the much-lauded Vista? No, but they will upgrade in due course."

    I have already upgraded from Windows XP. But not to anything Microsoft produced...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    has any tested SP3 yet out ?

    any chance microsoft will sabotage Service pack 3 so it makes Vista look good?

    Has anyone independent tested SP£ yet and can confirm that its an improvement on SP2?

  3. Dan Paul
    Thumb Up

    The real question: When does SP3 go Gold?

    I have been running XP Pro SP3 for several weeks now and I'm not a beta tester. The real news will be when (or IF) XP Pro SP3 gold is released so I can TRY to go buy a half dozen copies before Micro$haft puts themselves out of business.

    SP3 seems to run perfectly well except I have noticed that it seems to take a bit longer than usual to shutdown than my clean install of XP Pro SP2.

    I am also running Office 2007 Ultimate with no issues.

    I reformatted my previous "Fistya - Less Than Ultimate" OS and reinstalled XP Pro to solve the problems that I had trying to update Office 2007 under "Fistya". You don't even want to know how bad that was.

    I'm still seeing my proctologist because of the fisting I got from my "Vista Experience". Can you say class 4 "roids"?

    It's really too bad that there is not a program called "Vista De-Crapifier" that would permanently remove "Windows Offender" and "User Agravation Control" from Vista.

    Honestly, almost all of the problems everyone has had with Vista are directly related to those "features" and their removal would be the single greatest improvement Microsoft could make in the OS.

    I will use XP Pro for as long as I can. Hopefully, by that time SOMEONE (other than MS) will have figured out how to put a real idiot proof Windows front end on a Linux kernel with all of the driver support and auto updates that Microsoft product have today.

    I for one, don't ever want to see another command line in my life.

    I just want to use my PC, I don't want to "Rage against the machine" any longer.

  4. Jacob Reid
    Paris Hilton


    That is entirely why I will wait at least a month before installing SP3.

    Hmm, XP is being withdrawn in June? Must remember to grab another copy for a new future computer build then.

  5. marc
    IT Angle

    I'm so cool

    I upgraded to a non MS operating system! I also wear Nike trainers! DUDE look at me! Cool as

  6. Rob McDougall


    What about x64?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    802.1x on wired interfaces

    There is only one thing I am interested in with XPSP3 which is the rumoured Active Directory GPO 802.1x support for wired interfaces. XP has support for 802.1x using wireless interfaces that works pretty well, but if I can control 802.1x on wired interfaces en masse easily I can finally implement some advanced switch security meaning bye bye fools who connect virus infested laptops they bring from home into our networks.

  8. Dustin Marquess

    Re: x64


    XP x64 uses the Windows 2003 kernel. So SP2 for x64 is already "newer" than SP2 for "regular" XP. In other words, you're not missing out.

    I haven't heard of any plans for a SP3 for 2003, but I'm not exactly in the know.

  9. JayKay

    More lipstick on a tired old pig

    I must say it makes me laugh reading about people who are going to rush out to PC World before June 08 and pay for multiple copies of Windows XP, an OS that is old, clunky and decrepit, for use on their PCs for years to come.

    I switched in 1998 from Windows 98 to Mac OS 8.5 and haven't looked back.

    Now I'm running Leopard on a MacBook with 4GB RAM and it is a screamer. Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, Aperture, Safari and iTunes are all running on it right now (the tools I use for my job) and it is fast. I think Apple deserve credit for creating a mature, stable foundation for software developers to create amazing apps. Go to or and you will see the community is alive with so many amazing apps. The arguments about price and software availability have been debunked long ago. Apple doesn't make cheap computers and the reason is because they are crap. Simple as that.

    Vista is a joke and XP is showing its age - I look after the IT for a fairly small business, and we are getting more Macs because they work, and last much longer. We buy Refurbished ones from the Online Apple store so you save a bit of money, and they come with the same 1 year warranty (extendible to 3 years with AppleCare) as buying a brand new device, so peace of mind there.

    Microsoft really need to raise their game if they want to remain the overwhelming dominant force in the OS business. Right now, I think they're floundering, and in danger of collapsing in the chaos of DLL Hell and Registry madness, not to mention viruses, malware etc. They really need to scrap their current OS - and scrap it sooner rather than later. Do what Apple did, and make a sand-boxed environment for XP & Vista, and create a new OS. One that gets faster with each build, not bogged down with crap.

    My $0.02

  10. Dick Emery
    Gates Horns

    XP gets the job done

    As we all know from a recent report all Mac users are 'snobs'. Take your piOS crapola elsewhere. XP supports nearly all the hardware out there on the PC front. It's stable for the most part and most games and software made today and tomorrow will run on it perfectly fine. Sure the 32bit version will not make full use of 4GB of memory. But for the moment it's enough. Until I come across some software that won't run on XP efficiently (Excluding DX10 forced upgrade nonsense) XP is staying on my PC's. Why upgrade to something you have the learn a bunch of new stuff and it's foibles? If I wanted to do that I would 'upgrade' to some flavor of Ubuntu.

    Billy boy because better the devil you know.

  11. Chris iverson


    In my experience, the only thing worse than the beast from Redmond is the sleeping kitty in Cupertino.

    However, I will continue to use my "Evaluation Edition" Server 2k3 box for all my needs. plays games better in my opinion than XP and supports more RAM, etc.

    Did I pay for it...nope

    does it run everything I need well....sure

    I'll use it till they stop activating it

    yay linux

    yay XP

    F*ck Mac

  12. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    SP3 is nice; XP not SO old in terms; x64 makes me happy

    I've been using SP3 for about a month. First thing I noticed on my laptop is that it suspends and wakes up faster. It also does not require rebooting as frequently from repeated suspending and waking. It does still fight with some drivers to sleep, though.

    I also noticed a little faster boot time, but it is still slow in first runs of applications (to be expected.)

    My machine: Dell Latitude D410, 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD.

    I believe that XP SP2 was such a major change in the OS that it would be the equivalent of 98SE versus 98. Given that, the SP2 release of XP is not quite so old. Then with the release of SP3, I will see another boost in the system's viability.

    The change from 2000 to XP was exciting: new driver models, redesigned kernel, restructured interface, better memory management, better stability. The change from XP to Vista is aggravating -- though as an IT pro I will say that Vista does make me more money as I have to wait on stupid system and application hangs and poor performance relative to a comparable XP system.

    I only recently moved my desktop to XP x64, and I have to say that I am very VERY impressed. Coincidentally, I have a customer to whom it was recommended to move to x64 for AutoCAD 2008 for better performance and support for very large and intricate drawings. I do not have a piece of hardware for which there is no x64 driver. And since XP x64 and 2003 x64 share the same core, it is theoretically possible for me to use 2003 x64 drivers as well. Within a day of dual-booting XP and XP x64 I made the final decision to go 64-bit.

    @JayKay: I dated an screamer once.

    Paris, because I could make that decision within a day.

  13. Mat

    @ JayKay

    You're obviously an artist baby......

    Seriously, I'm pleased you are enjoying your Mac so much

  14. Andy Worth

    @Dan Paul

    "It's really too bad that there is not a program called "Vista De-Crapifier" that would permanently remove "Windows Offender" and "User Agravation Control" from Vista."

    There's called "format", along with a help from "hammer" to deal with the physical discs.

    Oh and at JayKay, Down Fanboi, down! Oh and stop kidding yourself....Apple don't make cheap computers because they enjoy stealing all your money.

  15. Anonymous Coward



    but personally I like the idea of choosing what hardware I run, not have Jobs flog me something pretty. Sorry, but why should you be forced to by refurb (i.e second hand or previously faulty) hardware in order keep costs down, in order to run a office app or games?

    Any brand new Mac laptops out there for less than £350? No though not. How about a pc for £200, nope. AMD processors?

    See you can by something off the shelf that does most things for most people....but me, I like choice.

    Oh before anyone does a car analogy (your car is off the shelf), I have a kit car, so that buggers that one up.

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  18. Adam Foxton
    Paris Hilton

    @Dan Paul

    I'm sure was poking about in Vista (in Triple-boot with Linux and XP. Damn you and your fancy water, DX10!) and found how to disable UAC... I'm pretty sure it's in the User Accounts bit of Control Panel. <checks> Yup, just google "disable UAC".

    As for Windows Defender, in the "options" page for it there's a checkbox that lets you disable it. Again, Google (or poking about with your PC) once again has the answer!

    Paris because she knows all about poking about

  19. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Re: More lipstick on a tired old pig

    "I switched in 1998 from Windows 98 to Mac OS 8.5 and haven't looked back."

    Fine, but is it really a good idea to pronounce judgement on a family of operating systems that you have probably never used? XP probably has more in common with your Mac OS than it has with Win98, and that's at the *source* level.

    XP was always bloated. It still is, but the hardware has mostly caught up. XP was initially buggy, but time and patches have mostly sorted that too. Now, post SP2, XP is a suitable OS for a wide range of developers and end-users. Consider...

    For developers who want to wite their own application, rather than reverse engineer someone else's code, XP has been a stable target with a large market share for several years.

    For end-users willing to leave Windows Update "on", use a non-administrative account, and avoid running untrusted software offered to them by people they don't know, XP is at least as secure as your Mac. (Since I'm not a Mac user, I can't comment on the veracity of, but it hardly inspires confidence.)

    Obviously El Reg's audience is dominated by folks who *want* to live on the bleeding edge and become OS experts and sys-admins, but Microsoft make their money from the other 99% of the population.

  20. Richard Mason


    Here's my $0.02

    Where is the multi-user accounts, stock control, order processing, payroll, bill of materials software for OS X? I couldn't find any on either of the websites you suggested for OS X software. Where are the Sage for OS X or Pegasus for OS X?

    As some sort of office suite and a decent accounts package is all 90% of small businesses use, what's the point of having computers where one half of your software requirements is missing?

    We still use Windows 2000 where I work because our much bespoked version of DOS Sage won't run properly under XP, and we have been quoted nearly £15,000 to have our bespoked version moved over to Sage Line 200.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Tom Chiverton

    Do you make the same, or similar, "witty" comment on almost every Vista/XP related story here? I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere.

  22. JayKay

    @ Mat and Stu Reeves

    Mat, I'm a Senior Artworker in the oil platform industry, designing safety and process manuals for platforms such as Thunder Horse and FPSO Vincent. Platforms that require 2,000 page operating and safety manuals, that are updated monthly according to international standards. I travel a lot, and need a tool that won't hinder my productivity. You cannot just arrange another visit to a plaform in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Why just this morning I have had to reinstall InDesign on XP, because of DLL errors that spew out random, daft messages such as 'could not load Help because Sys32ID.dll could not be found'.

    We have an external HD with OS X and CS3 on it, if the absolute worst happens and I have to reinstall OS X, it takes me 15 minutes and I KNOW it will work. With XP, it's hit and miss, and you have to reinstall, re-register, etc etc etc.

    Stu, what exactly is wrong with buying a Mac that has been tested by Apple to run their OS? So you've got a kit car, well you must be in the 1% of the population that have one. Me (and 99% of the population), I went to a showroom and bought my car, then drove it away. Apart from a yearly service, checking tyres, oil and filling it with petrol, that's all I need to do to use my car every day. Imagine if it behaved like XP, with an engine from Ford, a chassis from Honda and an interior from Lada - who do I go to if it breaks?

    You get what you pay for in this life, and if you want to carry on buying £300 laptops then by all means do, but when it breaks after 18 months don't go crying to Cheng Shin (or whoever you bought it off), because they will just tell you to buy another one.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    XP SP3

    Running XP SP3 on my XP Home laptop at home (don't ask). Seems to work fine, although I had the hibernate/restore from hibernate go wrong once or twice. But this is apparently a known issue and being addressed.

    I don't mind running SP3, especially when it gets rid of those 100 odd little 'security updates' that clutter up my ARP applet. One pack to contain them all (to coin a phrase).


  24. Geoff Mackenzie

    @Dan Paul

    Hopefully this isn't seen as fanboyism (who am I kidding, of course it will be) - but the nice clean GUI-fied Linux you're looking for might be Ubuntu 7.10. I'm not saying it's perfect, but if you haven't tried it you might be surprised how slick and easy it is - seriously!

    I'm not a Linux geek either; I run Ubuntu because my machines just work under Ubuntu and are easy enough to configure and use that I don't have to think about it. Well, I won't ramble on, but I recommend you give a 7.10 live CD a spin and see what you think. It might not quite be the thing for you yet but it might be, you never know, and it costs nothing to try it and find out.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Strange... I have yet have XP go horribly wrong... you might want to complain to InDesign's manufacturer, not Microsoft, because it's not a standard Windows DLL.

    So it's NOT XP that's shit. It's the software you use that is. And Windows installations are only hit-and-miss if your vendor fails to stick to Windows Installer standards (when they use Windows Installer/MSI to install their software), or fails to use a proper tool in the first place to install their software. With Windows Installer you at least get a functionality called REPAIR, which will reinstall and reregister any missing files, without having to uninstall and reinstall. But I bet you didn't know, or didn't CARE to know.

    We all know Windows 95 was crap. So was Windows 98. So take your Mac fanboi I'm so superior attitude elsewhere (even if you are technically right on Mac OS X - It IS better than Windows).

  26. Anonymous Coward


    "You get what you pay for in this life, and if you want to carry on buying £300 laptops then by all means do, but when it breaks after 18 months don't go crying to Cheng Shin (or whoever you bought it off), because they will just tell you to buy another one."

    dunno about urs but most laptops i by become useless after 6 months since the hardware is always improving, trying to keep the same macbook for more than a year is stupid since your holding yourself back from speed and performance improvments

    and btw why is it all M$ topics seem to attract the nerdy fanbois who seem to know better and tell us all to were tinfoil hats and switch to a more sercure o/s just casue they say it is better

    i myself welcome the new SP3 overlords and will happy keep building and installing systems with xp for many years to come

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @JayKay (again!)

    "Imagine if it behaved like XP, with an engine from Ford, a chassis from Honda and an interior from Lada - who do I go to if it breaks?"

    Err.... this happens all the time in the car industry. For example my Seat has a VW engine (yes, I know they're owned by VW) and many other parts are straight off a Golf. But I take it back to a Seat dealership to get it fixed. Rover used to make engines for Honda and TVR amongst others. Vauxhall used Lotus chassis in some of their models.

    If I buy a PC and it's faulty within the first 1-3 years (depending on seller) i get it fixed under warranty from the place I bought it, e.g. Dell, Mesh etc,etc. How is that different from sending it back to Apple?

  28. JayKay

    @ Ken Hagan

    Ken, I said I switched. At home and work I personally choose a Mac. But like I also said I administer and maintain the PCs and Macs in our network, so I use XP, Vista and Win Server 2003 daily.

    I have experience of a lot of Operating Systems, and I know XP very well. That is why I use OS X.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not everyone buys their laptops from Cheng Shin... and it's not only no-name Chinese/Taiwanese (as you're trying to imply) brands that can be cheap. Strangely enough I've had a US brand laptop go wrong after just under a year, and have had nothing but hell trying to have it fixed.

    After paying 300 quid for a Toshiba replacement (after the US manufacturer dawdled on getting my machine back to me in a FIXED state), two years later that Toshiba laptop is still going strong. So going on a Mac-laptop-is-superior-to-cheap-300-quid-versions lecture is not only misguided, but makes you look like a smug prat. Sorry, but it's true.

    If all the software I need and invested money into, ran on Mac, and the manufacturers took back my Windows version in exchange for a Mac one (and they don't), I'd be switching in an instant. However, writing off a substantial software investment is not financially viable for a small company.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    The best way to run Windows is by using Linux

    I'm a programmer who writes Windows applications for a living and I've found the best development environment is achieved by running Opensuse Linux on my machine and only running Windows XP in virtual machines (VMWare Workstation). I have various stable configurations of XP optimized for the job in hand: One with Office apps, one with VS2003, one with VS 2005, one with VS 2008 and another that is used testing trial software.

    If anything gets borked then I can just revert to a snapshot, problem solved. The underlying Linux is rock solid stable and my Windows VMs run perfectly on it. There's only one snag and that is that I can't play games on this setup. I could install a native Windows XP and reboot into that just for playing games though.

  31. JayKay


    Loving all these 'fanboy' and 'superior attitude' comments, usually from anonymous cowards...

    Mind you, I should've know better than getting into an argument with XP fanboys who desperately cling onto the sinking ship of XP.

    Opinions are like ar$eholes - everyone's got one, and it usually stinks. Happy computing on your 1980s machines :-) DOS, what a joke.

  32. storng.bare.durid
    Paris Hilton

    @VMware fan above

    ^^ what he said.

    Multiboot and/or VM.

    Hard disk space today makes this quite a possibility.

    Make a crappy windoze boot image and play your games in it, for example.

    There is a time and place for everything. Except perhaps vista. Unless you really must have DX10 I guess...

    And possibly Leopard till they fix the crap in it. Geez. They get one OS pretty on the mark in many regards then they F it up... It's like their damn optical drives ruining optical media. Apple.. sigh.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Look Mac OS 8.5 was rubbish a complete bug filled pile of rubbish (read: OS9 and before was a danger on the internet like Win9x) why do you think Apple dumped it in a mad rush to OSX. Which was also an absolute dog for the first three releases. I'm a Mac owner but i'm sick of people making out that Apple products are some special computer nirvana IT IS NOT TRUE.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    £300 laptop, who do I send it back to...Erm Acer, Fujitsu or HP for know those companies that some people may of heard of. Not that any of my systems have ever died (well except an old Compaq where the hinges started to break)

    We're not fanboys, XP has it's faults, but we're not blinkered to believe the shit spouted by the Apple boys. They make some nice kit, but it's far from perfect.

  35. JayKay
    Thumb Down

    @ Stu Reeves

    Not fanboys? Even the slightest criticism of XP brings them all out for a war of words!

    My choice is OS X. My reasons are because it is inherently more secure, fast, and incredibly reliable. That is a fact. What's your choice for XP? Because it's cheap, and most of the world uses it (not through choice though). By your rationale, McDonalds must be the best food in the world, because it's cheap, and most of the world eats it.

    Also I don't believe the 'shit' spouted by the Apple boys - I speak from experience, I use most modern OS's, XP and OS X daily. Most idiots who post diatribe about OS X have either never used it, or used it once 3 years ago. Hardly experience.

  36. Alan W. Rateliff, II
    Paris Hilton

    Please don't feed the troll

    JayKay is just trolling. The proof is in a post which decries those who have legitimate points about XP and Mac, all from experience, and yet s/he presents no facts to provide argument what-so-ever.

    Paris, for the trolling.

  37. Dave
    Jobs Horns


    OS X more reliable?

    Uh huh .... tell that to the designers on the 35 macs I "have" to look after.....Yay....quark only crashed 8 times today, oooh look.....its decided to rename all my files on the network due to permissions becoming corrupt. Troubleshooting guide for CS2 on XP.....change this setting...thats it...on the mac it goes all the way through to "buy a new mac". And by the way, because I was made mac admin I have to use one everyday and cant wait to get home to my lovely dated xp systems.

    Mac's have their uses....makes it easier to spot the t@£ts on the train or in starbucks.

    And another thing....when running all those apps on your Ubermacbook.......can you play Crysis? Oh no you cant. My dated XP can.....and very well too.

    Only reason people buy a mac is to be different ....not better......just like Goths really :)

  38. This post has been deleted by its author

  39. MrHappiness
    Thumb Down

    Macs Really Aren't That Great

    I maintain a small network of 36 pc's, 2 macs, a handful of networked printers and probably about 80 other pieces of specialized equipment. All of our PC's run XP and the only problems I run into with them are related to dated hardware that is years old. (example: fan stops working and machine overheats).

    The macs on the other hand give me headaches at least once every 2 weeks. There is never any explainable reason why they crash, or refuse to let anyone log in (which it won't tell you why, the logon box just vibrates). Some days they decide that they don't want to play nice with with the windows server and let their users gain access to shared folders (the next day it works again when nothing has changed). And Quark sucks too.

    All of this "Macs Just Work!" is nonsense. They only work when they are not having a bad day and when they are having problems they refuse to tell you what is wrong. They are like those weird goth people that never talk to anyone else and hang out in the corner by themselves.

  40. Anonymous Coward

    Calm Down, Calm Down!

    They're only computers; just buy/use the one that best suits your purpose! No need to start a war! (unless it's against those stinking BeOS users; splitters!)

    But I did like the Mac thing, so here it is again...

    And as for:

    "Loving all these 'fanboy' and 'superior attitude' comments, usually from anonymous cowards"

    I'll bet he's not even the real JayKay!

    (Anon in case he is...)

  41. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Stop feeding the troll

    Personally I don't go telling everyone to install XP because I use Windows. I understand that there are other choices and I am fine with that. If I had a use for one of the other choices, I would certainly give it a try.

    I use what I use by choice (at home) or obligation (at work). If you don't like it, tough.

    You use whatever you want and I sincerely hope it works for you.

    Now, this thread was initially about SP3 for XP, and not the imaginary benefits of anything else. So, getting back on the subject, does anyone know what MS has broken in it in order to get the sheeple moving to Vista ?

    Because SP2 broke the Network browsing ability on my home network. I'd like to know if it's going to get worse.

  42. JayKay
    Paris Hilton

    @ Dave

    Thanks for confirming you need to take a course on how to administer a system!

    I also love what you said about being different - you're right. Being different is a lot better than being a blind sheep following the masses.

    Why would I want to play Crysis? I've got a Nintendo wii if I want to play games. I use my MacBook to work on.

    One more thing - dump Quark and use InDesign, it's light years ahead of anything Quark pull out of their ar5e.

    Paris, cause she'd be dumb enough to believe the positive comments about XP on this board.

  43. Dave
    Paris Hilton

    Back atya jaykay

    Yes....i r stoopid

    And why didnt I think of using InDesign before .... oh wait...... with rosetta its even more flaky than quark.

    I like being a sheep, because as a sheep I have a computer that does anything I choose to do, with any software I want to use and any hardware I choose to plug in.

    Paris, because she is stupid enough to pay £80 for a service pack.

  44. ICooke69

    "Vista De-Crapifier"

    To turn off UAC


    Click Start, and then click Control Panel.


    In Control Panel, click User Accounts.


    In the User Accounts window, click User Accounts.


    In the User Accounts tasks window, click Turn User Account Control on or off.


    If UAC is currently configured in Admin Approval Mode, the User Account Control message appears. Click Continue.


    Clear the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box, and then click OK.


    Click Restart Now to apply the change right away, or click Restart Later and close the User Accounts tasks window.

  45. JayKay
    IT Angle

    @ Dave

    Well I definitely think you should book yourself on that course... I'm running InDesign CS3 on my MacBook and it is Universal - Intel or PPC.

    I'm also running InDesign CS2 on an iMac Core2Duo under Leopard, and it too runs flawlessly.

    Seems you really need to go on that course dude...

  46. Jason

    Deja vu..

    I'm sure remember the exact same discussion as Microsoft moved from 2K to XP. Give it a another year or so, Vista will be stable, as XP is now

  47. A Musketeer

    Vista - any ver!

    This piece of garbage I unfortunately acquired as a standard retail installation. Mistake! I should have insisted on XP Pro Sp2 before I parted with by cash. Vista is even worse than Millennium and that was a disaster! I just wish now that I had followed my nose instead of my wallet and bought a Mac! I've only had my Vista infested PC for 3 months and already I have 65 euphemistically called "updates" so I say this in all seriousness: if you bought a new car and had 65 faults identified in it, would you accept that with a shrug? I don't think so, so why do we meekly await SP's in the hope that all will be OK? I've learnt my lesson and will go for a Mac at the earliest opportunity. Bye Ms and hope you die.

  48. Dave

    Confused @ Jaykay

    How will me going on a course stop macs being overpriced shit and mac owners blinkered iTards?

    Back on topic ....... As for SP3 the beta testers I know said its as much an improvement as SP2 was, fingers crossed that M$ relinquish the desire they have for Vista and give XP dx10.

  49. Rob McDougall

    PC's vs. Cars

    Sorry, I don't think the PC can really be compared to a car.

    Yes, you can go to a showroom and buy one pre-built (Apple are a good example of this), but that's pretty much where the analogy ends. I guess you could say they both take you on a journey, if you wanted to be particularly philosophical...

    But the world of PC's is much different to a car. A car, for one, doesn't have an operating system. You can put in new parts without installing drivers. This is one of the downfalls of the modern PC. Each component needs software to drive it.

    (Wouldn't it be better to have some sort of standardised driver set, that each device adhered to? This wouldn't limit the devices, just give them all standard ways to communicate with the OS.)

    Updates to a car mean buying a new car (if you want the updated version). Upgrades to software don't mean you need to go and buy a new PC, although you may need parts.

    Whatever way you look at it, a car and a PC will never compare - because a car doesn't have software. There's that whole other aspect to consider with a PC.

  50. JayKay

    Confused right back @ Dave

    "Overpriced shit"

    "Blinkered iTards"

    Forget the sysadmin course Dave, get yourself off the meds, and maybe we can talk.

    Until then I will let your expletives speak on your behalf.

  51. Randy

    oh well

    I hate to bust your balloon, Mr. I'm driving a '60's model something, but vehicles in general have had software for quite some time.

    Also if you want to change parts in a car, they had better be from the same or close to it, model/year/make or you may need a computer tech to make them work. On the other hand, there are lots of software's that will not run on older computers due to not enough ram,cpu,etc...

    It is the same old story, human beings want everything new and improved and if it doesn't change how would they keep selling the same crap year after year? Even the mighty VW finally succumbed.

    Chevy fired the guy that designed the '60 model impalas cause they were lasting too long, no repeat business. ha

  52. Shabble

    Mac vs PC and the class divide

    Look at any consumer product market in the world and you will see a clear pyramid structure. Apple, like Gucci, Audi and Timex, sit near the top of their market pyramids because they sell high quality, high cost goods to well-off people.

    However, the added value to the consumer of a pyramid topping product is not just in the extra quality (often the quality gap is not that significant). Social status and wealth is demonstrated through conspicuous consumption and anyone who buys a Mac or an iPhone isn’t just saying ‘I care about quality’, they are also saying ‘I want everyone to know I can afford to care about quality’. The fact that most ‘average Joes’ dislike Apple is not a concern, because the whole point of being well-off is that you don’t have to worry about buying value for money. Mac vs PC represents the current class divide in Western society.

    There is one important complication here – Apple products already had three significant market groups before the technology they sold went mainstream back in the early part of the decade. The technophile fanboys, the anti-Megacorp techno-hippies and the liberal arts grads (now journalists) of the nineties make a very vocal fan base that masks the true nature of Apple's 21st century marketing strategy. However, the Air has thrown many of these into confusion. Unlike the iMac, the iPod and the iPhone, the Air serves no obviously useful everyday function and provides no obvious benefit over similar much cheaper products. The extra cost of the Air is entirely in the branding and it is Apple’s first product aimed explicitly at people who want to show off their large incomes. It could be the beginning of the end for the fanboy-dom and journo love-ins.

  53. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Upgrade strategies.

    The sheer number of productive updates to fix a buggy OS/security are tempting me to go to the Mac OS. So their strategy of offering one, potentially, fixable OS after another and keep people upgrading seems to be working predictably.

    Maybe the Linux people can make an upgrade alternative and trademark it "graphics pixel" "Icon" "mouse pointer" or a "Truly Fat 32 bit OS", makes as much moral and logical sense as allowing somebody to have trademark rights to the term "windows" (well the other things are regular everyday common items to ;) ).

    I'd much rather prefer MS to make a very bug free OS that is very efficient, fast, and timely on given hardware,m requiring few patches. They can then package all the new add-ons they normally require you to download, instead into new editions of this one OS that keeps the same program and driver compatibility. Wow, what a way to save the odd 100 billion dollars a year from the world economy that could be spent helping the worlds poor!

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