back to article Larry Lessig for Congress?

Larry Lessig may battle Washington Corruption from the inside. Last last month, the Stanford Professor officially bid farewell to his longstanding fight for Free Culture, reiterrating that he's dead set on fixing America's money-happy political system. At the time, Lessig was vague in describing this crusade, but word has now …


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  1. Dave Jones

    Call me old-fashioned but....

    I thought the job of a Congressman was to represent his constituents. Of course the good citizens may not want to get value for all the money they send to DC, but somehow I doubt it.

    If Lessig wants money out of politics, the best way is to keep politics out of money. Believe me, the money people don't like feeding the bears any more than anybody

    else. However, it's the only way to keep said critters out of your pantry.

  2. Morely Dotes

    Welcoem to the American political system

    How much "fairness in government" would you like to buy today?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Google welcomes Congressman Lessig (D., Google)

    It only cost Google $2m to sponsor Lessig's tinpot Law School at Stanford:

    Which sure sneaks round the PAC contribution limits:

    The "Professor" must be the cheapest politician money has ever bought. And he hasn't even been elected!

  4. heystoopid

    there be a dangerous politician

    There be a dangerous politician a man who is computer literate , can think on his feet , and knows how to sort fact from fiction , and has numerous friends in every field to act as consultants and friends to bounce ideas off as well !

    That is truly scary to behold , as he would see how shallow every political agent and lobbyist is in DC and spot the money trail after the first sentence !

    Best wishes to one man to fight the good fight !

This topic is closed for new posts.