back to article Drunken Korean attempts to cook landlady's Chihuahua

A South Korean man suffering from a bad case of the booze-fuelled munchies decided his landlady's Chihuahua would do nicely as a post-session snack, but ended up part-flambéd and cuffed for his trouble. The 52-year-old canine chef, named only as Park, kidnapped said mutt while his 69-year-old landlady was in the bathroom of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Korean cookbook bestseller...

    "100 ways to wok your dog"

  2. Mike Morris


    Do you suppose we could get that German bloke with the fire extinguisher fetish to help out here?


  3. Paul F

    I lived in Korea for two years...

    ... as an English teacher. While it is true that some Koreans eat dog, it's supposed to be a special breed that's raised for the purpose, and it's also not as prevalent as stereotypes make it out to be. In fact, there is a portion of Koreans who believe that eating dog is bad luck.

    The others though think it's good for "stamina" by which they mean fido = viagra.

    Maybe the old bloke was randy for his landlady, or was short on rent money.

  4. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    At least it wasn't...

    the 150,000 $ cloned pitbull (who would have Chew-ed mr Park)

    (permission to groan granted)

  5. Anonymous Coward


    "He was charged with theft" as opposed to being prosecuted for harming the animal.

    I guess they eat dogs and would regard this in the same way as someone in the UK caught killing someone elses chicken and then burning it...

    I'm sure he'll get the support of Pravda...

  6. Guy

    What do you think Chihuahuas were originally bred for ?

    Look up any good traditional mexican recipe site and you will find recipes for chihuahua. Followed one and substituted rabbit for dog....delicious

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Quite a sad story

    Got me feeling quite Melon-Collie, in fact...

  8. Barry Rueger
    Thumb Down

    Stereotypes are never funny!

    I mean really, it's one thing to poke fun at Koreans and drunks, and even drunken Koreans, but the Chihuahua is a kind, loving, intelligent, albeit intensly annoying pet, and its demise is no laughing matter!


  9. Mr Chris

    @Quite a sad story

    Ah, the punchline to the "what do you get if you cross a dog and a cantaloupe" joke from Calvin and Hobbes.

  10. Dennis

    Re: Korean cookbook bestseller...

    Jasper Carrott wrote "Sweet and Sour Labrador" .... although the title refers to eating in Hong Kong. You can find second-hand copies around.

  11. Eugene Goodrich
    IT Angle

    Here's your IT angle...

    ... I've used Google.

  12. Ferry Boat

    Poor man

    I bet he's in the doghouse now.

  13. Hans Mustermann

    Re: Stereotypes are never funny!

    "I mean really, it's one thing to poke fun at Koreans and drunks, and even drunken Koreans, but the Chihuahua is a kind, loving, intelligent, albeit intensly annoying pet, and its demise is no laughing matter!"

    Well, yeah, but cheering and offering to pay the bloke's bail would come across as a bit mean and lacking sensitivity. So I guess a bit of a chuckle is the least we can do ;)

  14. SimonH


    the chihuahua would not satisfy someone's hunger, there but a snack.

  15. Bernard Mergendeiler

    Re: Theft

    >>> someone elses chicken and then burning it...

    Exactly. The Vietnamese could no more understand why we GIs had pet dogs than we would understand chickens as pets.

  16. Marc Savage

    There aint much meat on a rat on stilts

    he would have had to go get some more 10 minutes later

  17. Jon Green

    Everyone's had the late night boozy munchies...

    "Now, let'sh see ... boil th' water ... add to Not Poodle ... nah, that'sh not right ... wossat noise?"

  18. David

    Pooch Scalded - Drunk Scolded?

    The lesson learned from this story is... use a hairless chihuahua.

  19. Jay

    Did he say...

    Yo Qiero Taco Bell Dog?

  20. C Wall


    Do they have dog flavoured OXO cubes? Or do they not make dog soup?

  21. Paul F

    re: dog soup

    No stock that I saw, but yes on the soup. It's the preferred way, as a matter of fact. It's called bo-shing-tang.

  22. Daniel B.


    "Look up any good traditional mexican recipe site and you will find recipes for chihuahua."

    Not any that I remember of. Maybe confusing Chihuahueños with the Tepescuintle "Hairless" dog breed? Those were served in the prehispanic era :)

    Anyway, I do remember one story about a lady who had a small misunderstanding in a restaurant at South Korea. The waiter didn't quite get the "feed the dog" gesture she made, and understood "feed ME the dog". Imagine her dismay when the main dish comes along... "Bring your own food?"

  23. Stu

    Why cook a Chihuahua?

    Maybe he just wanted a "small" snack.

    Yow! 'M outta here!

  24. Anonymous Coward


    I always found them a bit stringy personally.

  25. Rhys
    Dead Vulture

    @ Jon Green.

    Boozy Munchies?

    Been there done that... sitting on the balcony to pissed to stand when a sparrow flew into the glass door beside me and fell out of the air... pulled of the head, stripped off the skin and feathers and gutted with a fingernail... chew and was down with more beer. still warm and raw.

    Surprisingly good!

    especially the beer :D

    vulture icon because it's a dead bird too.

  26. Mr Larrington

    Half-time snacks


  27. Mark Roome

    I remember

    My dad and some colleagues went on a fishing trip to a slightly rural area. One of the colleagues was from Korea. The first day they got their, said Korean said: "I'll make supper tonight, there are quite a few stray dogs around here."

    Needless to say, he NEVER got asked to make supper.

  28. Darkside
    Thumb Up

    @ Mark Roome

    Great ruse, thanks for that - I too hate cooking for the gang on away weekends.

  29. Mike

    One less. . .

    One less yapping rat.

  30. Mark Roome

    @ Darkside

    Also works when you start a new job or join a new team and you take turns to make coffee. Always be the first to volunteer, then make the WORST cup of coffee you possibly can. Normally gets you off duty for the rest of the project.

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