back to article Blu-ray versus upscaled DVD?

I have a large collection of DVDs. If I was to buy a Blu-ray Disc player, will they be upgraded to HD? I also have a Panasonic up-scaler to 1080p. Is there a difference between this unit's output and Blu-ray? Lastly, what's the recommendation on the best Blu-ray to buy regards price?


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  1. John Vinall

    Upscaling DVDs

    Yes, a Blu-ray player will upscale your DVDs to the resolution you tell it to. Will it do it well? Well, that depends on how good the upscaler is.

    Upscaling is a tricky business because it has to convert a low resolution signal to a high resolution signal - 576i (PAL DVD) to 1080p (Full HD) is roughly a quadrupling of the pixels. Different Blu-Ray players have different upscalers. And different people like the output of different upscalers.

    The only real way to test is to get the hardware demo'd. Get along to a hi-fi store somewhere, take your Panasonic upscaler with you, and a selection of your favourite DVDs. Play them on a 1080p screen and see what combination of sources you like.

  2. ruffage


    Get a PS3, which is firmware upgradable, and does a fantastic job in upscaling. Tbh many DVDs I watch look almost as good as BD films on my 1080p TV thanks to the PS3.

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