back to article Total lunar eclipse: look skywards Wednesday

Aficionados of blood-red Moons will, weather permitting, on Wednesday/Thursday be able to enjoy the last total lunar eclipse until 2010. According to NASA, the event should be visible "from South America and most of North America (on 20 February) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (21 February). Partial …


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  1. Nick

    Hmm .. 3am-5am

    Think I might just be in bed, thanks. Can someone take a photo, thanks.

    As Man Utd & Arsenal are playing that night, which one will lay claim to the red moon?

    Judging by the weekend .... <ahem> ....

  2. Bernard Mergendeiler

    And what will the schedule be ...

    ... If NASA gets the liquid hydrogen sensors wrong again?

    No coat needed today -- it's warm here. Bye.

  3. Jon

    2 days to form my Cult of the Bleeding Moon

    /w me for invite

  4. Martin Owens

    EST? Really?

    Interesting and useful.

  5. Laurent_Z

    @Jon : The moon bleeds !

    1 / All faithfull supplicant are of course volunteer for the sacrifice. Please join the line !

    2 / Failure to volunteer is punishable by sacrifice, see 1/ for volunteering

    "Most Priests and churches didn't practice human sacrifice anymore. It is mostly because with time they became so damn good at it that they didn't need to practice anymore"

    (Terry Pratchett, I think. His version is much better than my foggy rememberance)

    (Dear Mr FBI, no, we won't meet at the old druidic stone in Aberdeslashininokangre (Welsh country), as this is a JOKE. Members of the church please bring your own sickle and sacrifice, wear and tear on virgins having depleted our stocks)

  6. Graham Marsden

    Re: wear and tear on virgins...

    The old Druids who ruled over Anglesey,

    Did things that were dubious in taste.

    They sacrificed virgins for breakfast.


    ... and think of the waste!

    - From Poems and Pints (1970s BBC show)

  7. David Harper


    If you forget to set your alarm clock, you can always pop along to Astronomy Picture of the Day ( in a few days to see what you missed. They always feature a good photo of each lunar eclipse.

  8. Adrian Challinor
    Paris Hilton


    I don't know what your smoking, but can I have some of it please?

  9. Steve
    Dead Vulture

    ...skywards Wednesday?

    It's bad enough that BT are going to 'change Thursday' according to a later headline. Now you've invented 'Skywards Wednesday'. What is Skywards Wednesday, is it like Shrove Tuesday? Or are you suffering americanitis and mean '... skywards on Wednesday? Speak English man.

  10. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Re: skywards Wednesday

    The actual phrasing is "look skywards Wednesday". I imagine this is just a typo for Luke Skywalker Wednesday and the author is a closet Jedi. Speaking of closets...

  11. Laurent_Z
    IT Angle

    @Adrian Challinor

    Sorry, you gonna be disappointed as I smoke (expensive, luxury, british, ex-Queen-Purveyor, large Red packs, Dun**ll) basic tobacco.

    The medley from the previous post comes from too many (drunken) AD&D nights in my youth, and the complete collection of Terry Pratchett books I accumulated.

    The sentence on "wear and tear on virgins" also comes from Pratchett, in the book "Guards ! Guards !" I think.

    As they say, plagiarism is the highest form of litterary flattery (and the highest source of copyrights income) 8p

  12. A J Stiles

    @ Paul Barnard

    During the Winter, UK times *are* UTC.

  13. rachel lavery

    Beauty and Light

    Have you ever stood in the night chill and looked up at the blanket of stars? The blazing brightness of the heavens so captures you that words can hardly express the ache in your heart.

    Sometimes it is difficult to see, because of the distraction of our busy street lights and flashing neons, urging us to look at them instead.

    We block out so much about our lives and most of all we block out God. Our lives are so full of distractions, competing for our attention, but God is still there. He brings us to a place through his clear direction and helps us to practice his presence in the midst of all our worldly distractions. I often look to the sky and remember the words of my beloved Dad... as he would have finished his prayer with..."Let us shine with your light here in this darkness of unbelief".

    Enjoy the beauty of the earth and that above it, where we marvel at the sight of our blood red moon and let us light every day with the truth.

  14. Jim

    @Beauty and Light

    Why personify God? God is, and always has been, a handy description of what lies beyond the boudries of knowledge of man and nothing more. Please grow up and stop believing in imaginary friends - I think that balances things out a bit

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