back to article Griffin Evolve wireless iPod speakers

Griffin makes some pretty cool bits and bobs for the iPod and iPhone, but its crowning achievement to date has to be the new Evolve iPod dock and speaker set. At first glance, the Evolve is nothing much more than an iPod dock - a fairly trendy looking iPod dock, but an iPod dock nonetheless. Then you pick up the speakers and …


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  1. Andrew Cooper
    Jobs Horns

    Wonderful idea...

    ... but does it *have* to be iPod? *sigh*

  2. David Gosnell
    Jobs Horns

    RE: Wonderful idea...

    Bear in mind, this is targeting the "more money than sense" brigade, so it figures...

    I like it too (apart from the price) though wish they could have internalised the antennae somehow. Eek, hope I'm not starting to get obsessed with form over function too.

  3. Warren
    Jobs Halo

    tv satellite speakers.

    RCA in = satellite tv, quality unimportant as the sub does the big stuff. I've been looking for a wireless solution for this problem.

  4. Jon

    Commuter hell?

    This equates, in my mind, to more "types" sprawling on public transport playing at full volume something that sounds like a brick in a washing machine. Ah, but wait! All is not lost! Radio transmission you say? Why, I have a vast collection of funeral dirges on my iPod right here. All I need to do is point at ... let me see, yes, /that/ yob ... and hit play ...

    Actually I am sure it wouldn't be that simple but a man can dream. Where's me ghetto blaster? ;)

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    ... and so much simpler to carry the two speakers as opposed to an ipod speaker dock. Erm...

  6. Andy

    Decent but Average???

    First off I don't see the advantage these have over having another ipod dock where you actually want to be or to just carry a portable dock to your listening location rather than the speaker pods.

    Oh, it involved gadgetry. Sorry.

    And another classic reg-ism in the reviewing: Decent but average sound quality.

    Yes, they are a good but bad idea. Well done you.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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