back to article Panasonic preps Wiimote-proof TV

Panasonic has designed a plasma TV which it reckons will withstand the force of a fiercely flung Wii Remote. nintendo wii remote and nunchuk Don't let go... The TV’s display surface can absorb a hit packing up to four Joules of kinetic energy, thanks to a special transparent coating sprayed on the screen. For those without …


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  1. David

    Wii in 2003?

    "In 2003, the US-based owner of a 42in Plasma TV suffered a nasty shock when his three-year-old son smashed up his TV’s display with a Wii Remote, because he didn’t win a game of Wii Sports Tennis."

    Erm, I'm pretty sure that the Wii wasn't out in 2003?

  2. Sean
    Thumb Up

    Release date

    I don't see how a TV can be smashed up in 2003 by a kid who lost at Wii Sports Tennis when the Wii wasn't released until November 19th 2006 (US) and thereafter

  3. Nathanael Bastone

    @David - Wii in 2003?

    *somewhere over the skies of 2003 America*

    "Marty, stop fiddling with that useless futuristic game this instant and help me land the De Lorean."

    *Marty drops the Wii out of the window of the De Lorean while struggling with the flux capacitor*

    And there you have it folks! That is how some very lucky kid got a Wii in 2003.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    No need

    We all know that the Wii tells you to ensure you have your strap-on before playing.

  5. phil

    release date

    yup. it was released in september 2006

  6. Ali

    Re: Wii in 2003

    The wii in the picture might be from 2003, thats certainly a prototype model, look at the chunky connector and nintendo branding. I think that one is from the days when it was called the revolution.

  7. dervheid

    Well they would...

    If they were looking at the same picture of the Wiimote that's posted with your article! That's one big ugly mother of a Wiimote, not to mention the HUGE connector for the nunchuck.

    That said, it's not a BAD gimmick, but it's still a gimmick. Just like the Wiimote jacket produced by Nintendo!

    I'm just waiting for the Heath & Safety Nazis trying to ban the Wii as being too dangerous, just like conkers!!!

    Mine's the big padded silicone rubber one, hanging on the rubber safety hook!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good idea but...

    ..I doubt it would withstand a friend's 7 year old relative who smashed his parents nice new big flat panel TV with his fist(s) after what I understand was aggravation with his Wii - the child's parents were not amused having to replace the TV.

  9. Sam

    four Joules of kinetic energy

    What's that in Campbells?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @No need - AC

    quote: ".... ensure you have your strap-on before playing."

    a strap-on?! what games are you playing?

    coat. taxi...

  11. Sergiu Panaite

    I heard...

    ...that Boeing were developing some sort of projectile-intercepting laser (why isn't laser spelt lazer in the US, just to be consistent?).

    Surely, mass-market adoption as a Wiimote countermeasure would be great for everyone involved?

  12. Steve


    Because it's an acronym and you can't spell stimulated with a Z even in the US.

  13. Simon Dummett

    re Las/zer

    "why isn't laser spelt lazer in the US, just to be consistent?"

    Because then it would be an acronym for Light wave Amplification by Ztimulated Emission of Radiation. Which would be just silly.

    Actually, it's so silly it still justifies the question...

    ... mine's the monochromatic one...

  14. Dan

    @Sergiu Panaite

    ...that Boeing were developing some sort of projectile-intercepting laser (why isn't laser spelt lazer in the US, just to be consistent?).

    Because laser is an acronym...

    l(ightwave) a(mplification by) s(timulated) e(mission of) r(adiation)

  15. Sergiu Panaite

    @Steve re: Lazer

    I know, it would just make it easier though. Just like eliminating oral GCSE exams, and all the other wonderful initiatives that people seem to be having recently.

  16. Matthew Robinson

    Physical Units

    "For those without a physics background, a Joule is the energy expended by the force of one Newton moving one metre."

    Surely, since Apple no longer make the Newton, this measurement should be the force of one ipod moving 1 metre?

  17. JR


    Laser: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

  18. Andrew


    Now we all know what a Joule is, what's a Newton?

    A set quantity of apples I'm hoping...

  19. Barney

    Won't survive

    It withstands 4 joules of energy?

    I've just weighed my Wiimote and done the maths, that's the equivilent of a 14.6 mph impact. I suspect the kind of Wii Sports Baseball related incident this is designed to protect against happens far faster than that.

  20. A J Stiles

    Definition of Newton

    The Newton is the unit in which force is measured. It is the amount of force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogramme by one metre per second squared.

    Since the acceleration due to the Earth's gravity is about 10m/s², a mass of 1kg. exerts a force of about 10N. on whatever it is standing on.

    A Joule is also the amount of energy converted from one form to another at the rate of one Watt integrated over one second.

  21. Sam

    Newtons to you too pal

    Something with the weight of a small apple (really!) exerts a downward force of one Newton at one G.

    Gas rams on car tailgates are rated in Newtons, or used to be.

  22. John H Woods Silver badge


    Hi Andrew,

    That's simple: a Newton is about 178 million firkin furlongs per square fortnight. I think.

  23. mike
    Paris Hilton

    a little early for a Wii?

    a wii in 2003?-you better believe Paris had one;)

  24. b166er


    the breaking of a £2000 plasma, would sufficiently persuade one not to let go of the Wii remote.

    I mean, we've all heard of the mass outbreak of people smashing their 40" displays, eh?

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Thick monkeys

    Ive laffed for many an hour over the daft twats who throw their wiimotes at tellies :)

    According to 2001 the movie tho, this sort of caper has been going on since time began :)

    loads of examples on

    (Paris - cos she also is often strapless )

  26. Steven Williams

    Smashed 42" plasma

    My 3 year old son Smashed my 42" plasma the other weekend with a small metal TARDIS toy because I wouldn't let him watch another epesode of Dr Who. must be a common thing with kids.

  27. BatCat

    LASER / laser / lazer etc...

    If the term LASER is an acronym, why are you typing it in mixed / lower case. Surely it should correctly be LASER.

  28. John H Woods Silver badge

    Children smashing plasmas / lcds

    ... we never heard about any kids smashing CRTs in frustration did we?

  29. Lupus

    Err, maybe a silly question...

    ... but surely, a Wiimote flying at speed into the flatscreen plasma TV, okay, bounces off this new one, but... wouldn't it then topple over and break from the fall?

  30. b166er


    Might I suggest a projector as a replacement. A hole in the wall from an errant TARDIS would be easier to fix ;p

  31. Tom

    Another thing

    To all those that think that any abreviation of a phrase/title into the first letter from each word is called an acronym, it's not, Laser is a perect acronym because it forms anothr legible word, if it doesn't, it's called an initialism.

    I'm only saying this because more and more I have the idiots at work refering to anything not in the dictionary as an acronym, and it's really pissing me off, I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS!

    **Bizzare anti-rant mode off

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