back to article Euro Blu-ray movie sales reach 2.37m discs

Blu-ray Disc pre-recorded media sales have sailed past the two-and-a-quarter million mark in Europe, the format's promotional body said this week. And, according to market watcher GfK, 79 per cent of hi-def discs bought by European consumers thus far this year have been BDs. The remaining 21 per cent were HD DVDs. The Blu-ray …


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  1. Conor Turton
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    Distorted facts about player sales

    The only reason that Blu Ray player sales figures are so high is because they include the sales of Playstation 3. Perhaps if they actually only gave the standalone player figures, you'd find Blu-Ray player sales were lower.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    @Conor Turton

    Did you miss this bit of information from the article:

    "... which also claimed 3.2m PlayStation 3 consoles and 34,000 standalone BD players have purchased in Europe to date."

    (4th paragraph)

  3. Luca
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    Not Really

    In the US, regarding the fact that an HD-DVD player costs only $100 including 5 movies, BD still has over 60% of the marker and that does not include PS3.

    I don't know in the UK but in the US HD-DVD is D E A D ! Lots and lots of people who purchased a HD-DVD player at Christmas have returned it despite the fact that it was cheap and many more are buying HD-DVD players not because they believe in the future but because at $100 with 5 movies it's worth the cost. Both in the US and Japan Blue Ray has won, if you look at the numbers, more and more stores are dropping HD-DVD, including Best Buy, the biggest US Consumer Electronics chain.

    I don't own either one, but these are the facts, numbers that are easily traceable. HD-DVD is pretty much dead. R.I.P.

  4. Luca

    HD-DVD: It's Over!

    Read this new story: Toshiba to drop HD-DVD

    Guess BD is the winner. Good! I prefer a 50GB storage space.

    Also Interesting is this comment by Michael Bay regarding Blue Ray:

  5. E

    The sky is falling!

    "So Europeans own roughly 51,000 HD DVD players."

    "Can HD DVD keep up?"

    EU has about 300,000K people.

    0.000167 of every EU person owns an HD DVD player!

    Well, I better dump my stocks and shift right quick. If the rate jumps to a full 2 parts per 10 thousand I'll be sunk.

    Has the author heard of statistical significance? Miscarriage rates are above that in most countries, but humans are not extinct yet.

    I wonder what the unscaled marks are at the old journalism skool?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why say it in Europe??

    Why do website keep going on about the US studios that have become 'exclusive' to Blu-Ray, or even HD-DVD? Their exclusives will mostly apply only to US distribution as they generally do not have distribution rights to thoses movies in the rest of the world, so its down to the distibuters in all the other countries which format they wish to release the movies on. So a Blu-Ray exclusive in the US could be a HD-DVD exclusive in France, but still a Blu-ray exclusive in Germany (if the distibutor didnt have rights in both countries). So if you Americans wanted these Blu-ray exclusives on your HD-DVD player, you could import them. But I know thats a hassle so will unlikely do much.

    The downfall of the cheaper format, which would provide almost identical performance to the more expensive format is being pushed by site like this that either miss-inform or exclude relevent information, causing people to second guess buying a cheaper format.

    I know that if I were to buy a HD player, it would have been a HD-DVD, why, its damn cheaper, doesnt have this profile crap, so, if I wanted all the extras, I have them all, without having to check which profile it will play them on.

    All studios should just support both formats, the production cost of the film itself far exceeds the production cost of a second format type. It appears to work just fine for the gaming industry, where, the production of another format costs a great deal more than that of the movie industry, so the gaming industries margins would be far less per format produced than with the movie industry.

    The only reason that a company would go exclusive (or even exclude from both formats) to a format is if there were minimal sales, which there is on both formats, due to the minimal install base of players, due to their high cost. The other reason is if a company were to subsidise the production costs of the discs, reducing them to such a level that to use that to produce a film on that format will be basically zero cost, so no risk.

  7. Dirk Vandenheuvel


    Surely 90% of those are given away with a PS3. 10 freebies just for the stats.

  8. Andy Worth

    @Conor Turton

    As AC says, kinda flicked through the story without really reading it didn't you?

    Oh and as for "distorting the facts", ignoring PS3 sales altogether would be a bigger distortion. 2.25 Million BD's to 34,000 players would assume everyone has bought 66 BD's each. Granted, not every PS3 owner will buy movies, but it's one of those figures that cannot be completely ignored. Someone needs to poll PS3 owners to find out how many BD's they own on average.

    Stores everywhere (even in the UK) are beginning to drop the sale of HD-DVD players, simply because they are not selling. It's not dead yet, but if it were a fly, it'd be lying on its back and spinning in circles, buzzing.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @Conor Turton, or wahhh attach rates

    Its a good job the article was about disc sales then, oh and more blu ray standalones are being sold then hd the ps3 is just the wacking great bunch of customers on the top.

  10. Matt

    EU population

    According to Eurostat the EU population was 456.4 million in 2003. So, the 300 million mentioned above is wrong by some way. Even if you only include those in the Euro zone it's more than 300 million.

  11. Matt

    Oops, forgot the new countries

    Due to the addition of two new countries the EU population is now 490 million. Sorry Romania and Bulgaria!

  12. Ian

    Fanboy idiocy reigns supreme.

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment that Bluray is clearly winning, I'm not sure why people keep suggesting HD-DVD players aren't selling.

    They've been flying off the shelves since the £120 for the player + 7 free HD-DVD offer because it's a no risk purchase if when the format really is completely dead and gone. Let's at least tone down the Bluray fanboyism to be realistic shall we? Yes Bluray has won but also yes HD-DVD players are still selling rather well - the EP30/A30 has been the top selling hi-def player on sites like Amazon for weeks now still.

    I'm not sure why people feel the need to be so utterly supportive of Bluray winning the war so quickly, a prolonged format war would've forced Bluray players under the £200 mark to compete, but it's unlikely they will drop them anytime soon now. It seems largely that people have put their fanboyist support above what actually benefits them as a consumer. What exactly have the likes of Toshiba/Sony done for you to deserve the opportunity to keep prices artificially high, partly on players but primarily on discs?

    Bluray winning this quickly benefits no one but the companies and unless you work for those companies I'd ask why people feel the need to so blindly support them because whilst you're giving them everything they're screwing you financially and in some cases (i.e. unfinished Bluray spec leading to players becoming obsolete already) are screwing you there too.

    If people put as much energy into getting companies to be more fair to consumers as they did to blindly following and worshipping their every move we'd probably all be a lot better off. I have to admit I'm a little concerned at how quickly people have forgotten the whole Sony rootkit fiasco too when blindly taking sides, not that MS is any better or anything.

  13. glenn

    It's all academic TBH.............

    It really doesn't matter which format wins as neither will go the same distance as plain old dvd. Download on demand is the future, the only thing that blu-ray and hd-dvd disks will eventually be good for is backing up large amounts of data for pc users.

    Still, if yer daft enough to pay the price to prop up either physical format for the benefit of the movie industry, then good luck to ya :-)

  14. Anonymous Coward


    ...And they'd sell a lot more of them if they had more than 3 decent titles available.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Lets get Physical

    whislt "downloads" are the future....... like tinfoil clothes, flying cars and moonbases?

    people still still like to buy stuff, whilst the demand and peoples familarity with buying products purely in electronic format becasue off *tunes etc will eventually reach a tipping point.

    but, people still like to get there hands on purchases over a certain value, an i have even bought e-tickets for flights knowing how organisatioans are prone to "computer trouble" you do wonder if the people on the desk at teh airport will find your bookign refernce?

    as for discs verses e-files, unless they are stripped of DRM or we have a drm that enables the equivelent of taking the dvd and the six-pack around to your mates then there are still some issues to be addressed? be it via a removable drive, or enablign streaming from your home server to another location in pnp style we still ahve some way to go. Let alone the issues of backup and restore, as its one think loosing your phone or mp3 player, imagine loosing your terrabytes of media due to a failure or tornado/flood?

    so do we all migrate to massive 3rd party hosted online vaults which you or your mates can log onto? do we have a big media server chugging away in the corner?

    i know the media types would proabbaly prefer us to have none of this and down load everyting on a pay per view basis?

    which is fine as long as we ahve access to a variety of products and not just the top20 hollywood blockbuster (also know of t*ss or chav fodder)

    I know there are products

  16. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Looks like Toshiba are on the verge of calling it a day...

    If you listen to insiders...

    Also it looks like they are preparing a Blu-ray player for launch, to try and win back some of that money they threw away on heavilly subsidised players. Don't expect these to be $99 however...

  17. Trevor Watt

    There is more people with AIDs in Europe than Blu-Ray.

    That is the facts, so going by the Statistics Lamppost AIDs is therefore more popular than Blu-Ray!

    To my eye the take up of Blu-Ray seems very slow and it will be interesting to see how many Blu-Ray disks of latest releases are selling compared to DVDs of the same movies.

    I think the movie industry are pushing Blu-Ray as an attempt to combat downloaded movies myself. But then I am nuts anyway!

  18. Mark
    Gates Horns

    If you want a credible link, how about Reuters..

    If you want a credible link, how about Reuters.. This is exciting, watching the slow and painful death of a format. The Internet death frenzy was not around when Betamax and Laserdisc failed...

    The high-definition DVD format war has turned into a format death watch.

    Toshiba is expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format in the coming weeks, after a rash of retail defections that followed Warner Home Video's stunning announcement in early January that it would support only Sony's rival Blu-ray Disc format after May.

  19. ElFatbob

    @Ian, Re:Fanboy idiocy reigns supreme

    To be fair, i've seen plenty of HD DVD fanboyism too.

    I think people wanted the war to end soon so they could buy without feeling as though they backed 'the loser'.

    I happen to benefit from a BD player with my PS3, but i bought the unit primarily to play games, so if HD-DVD had won the format war i would have bought an HD-DVD player. That said, I do now use the PS3 often to play (rented) BD's and play SD upscaled.

    At the end of the day, it's about the big corps skinning us for more money to buy the same stuff again. VHS-DVD anyone? Yeh, i did it too. Now they want the cash again for DVD-HDFORMATOFCHOICE

    I for one do not want to go down the route of 'online' everything. It's not much more than a permanent rental agreement.

  20. Luca

    Yes it is over

    For the people claiming that a majority of the Blue Ray players are PS3 and therefore should not be counted: GET A CLUE!

    A lot of people have bought a PS3 because of the Blue Ray and they use it to watch BD movies so I don't see any reason why it should not be counted.

    Plus, you might want to read Slashdot and around the web on Wal-Mart, the biggest US retailer of anything, saying that they are dropping HD-DVD and Toshiba about to announce the end of it. Not only, more and more sources are claiming that Toshiba already has one or two Blue Ray players ready for release because they cannot afford to fall behind the market.

    Good bye HD-DVD was nice meeting you (not really, I never cared for 20GB less capacity than BD).

  21. Luca
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    re: Why say it in Europe??

    Why? Because it's important what studios in Hollywood do. You claim that the distribution in other countries is not related to them and I tell you that you're wrong. All major studios also own distribution companies even if they have a different name, for example Disney distributes in Europe under Buena Vista Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment; FOX distributes its own movies... etc. so it's wrong to say that their choice has no impact in Europe.

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