back to article Star Trek XI release knocked back to 2009

Paramount Pictures has announced it has knocked back the release of Star Trek XI from 25 December this year to 8 May 2009, on the grounds that "the pic's gross potential is greater as a summer tentpole", as Variety puts it. The only box office competition the JJ Abrams-helmed movie will face on the new date is from 20th …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Deep Space Massage Message....... for ITs Semantic ConneXXXXion

    WOW ...... PowWow?

    RSVP ......HyperRadioProActively. amfM.

    AI Child is Born/Borne?

  2. Steve


    Sod the film, I'll have some of what you're having! :)

  3. matt
    Thumb Down

    "which chronicles how the Enterprise crew met at Starfleet Academy..."

    "Paramount last month gave Trekkies a teaser trailer of the film, which chronicles how the Enterprise crew met at Starfleet Academy and subsequently went boldy forth on their first mission."

    Really? Cause the article you link to seems to have a video of them building the SS:E...

  4. Anonymous Coward


    How many ears will Spock have though?

    3 - the left ear, the right ear and the final front ear.

    I am so sorry. Mine's the one with the splattered tomatoes on the back.

  5. Red Bren

    Its not even released and already I'm finding flaws...

    What ranks do the Kirk and co hold? Surely Kirk doesn't go on his first mission as a fully fledged captain.

    The Enterprise is supposed to be the flagship of Starfleet manned by an elite crew with a proven service record. Now it look's like the senior staff of Kirk's Enterprise comprises of all his college drinking buddies. Bloody nepotism!

    Mine's the red uniform. Yes it is my first away mission. No, why should I be worried?

  6. Matt Caldwell

    Well you see...

    Enterprise wasn't always the best and brightest with top-notch commanders. Kirk and his drinking buddies from college were just that damn good. Or something ;)

  7. Rusty Warrior

    @ Red Bren

    Not to mention that everyone knows that Kirk wasn't even the good (star)ships first skipper. grrrrrrr

  8. Tim
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    At least we don't have to be subjected to this for another year

    You thought Nemesis was bad. Just wait for this one!

    Have they learned their lesson from "Enterprise" (i.e. if you want to make a prequel, do it right and make it look like it fits in with the original series)? ... No.

    Nails and coffins a plenty.

  9. E


    The Star Trek TV shows have been up and down, quality ranged from quite good (DS9, Voyager) to as dumb as a sack of hammers (Enterprise).

    The movies however are without exception shyte. Crappy acting, campy, frequently moralistic, simple plot. Well, simple plot was always a hallmark of Star Trek, so I'll take that back.

    I would bury the idea of more Star Trek movies. The only reason they make money is because there is a generation of nostalgia ridden trekkies out there - otherwise intelligent people who's zeitgeist says they must respect this tripe. It is for most trekkies left over infant wish fulfillment that a lifetime in an office or cubicle has never allowed them to outgrow. It is much the same phenomena that drives superhero cartoon movie remakes - which are also shyte.

  10. Stu Wilson

    @Red Bren - Rankings v Captain

    ok I'm showing my Trekkie past here; it's understood that the rank of Captain is different to the post of Captain and that the rank of the officer in the post "Captain' is largely dependant on the class of the ship. So you can have Captains with ranks of Lieutenant (JG) upwards right up to Commodore, Fleet Captain, and if they so wish Admiral.

    From the ST:TNG, I seem to remember to lowest ranked officer to Captain a vessel (not the Enterprise D) was a Lieutenant (JG) but thats going on 10 year old memories.

  11. amanfromMars Silver badge

    ReGeneration not ReVisitation? Advanced Cloning...

    "Have they learned their lesson from "Enterprise" (i.e. if you want to make a prequel, do it right and make it look like it fits in with the original series)?" .......By Tim Posted Thursday 14th February 2008 14:31 GMT

    And what's to say that it doesn't take you on a Totally Different Trip, Tim? In a Quantum Parallel of Earlier Journeys into Deep Spaces.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I hope the greedy pigopolists get what they deserve. With all this extra time the chances of it being leaked are much higher and we all 'know' that pirate DVDs have a huge impact on how many people go to see a film, right?

  13. Jean Stone

    @ E

    "The Star Trek TV shows have been up and down, quality ranged from quite good (DS9, Voyager) to as dumb as a sack of hammers (Enterprise)."

    Voyager was good? Are you sure you're not having a bit of whatever amanfromMars is on? I'd say Trek tv was good up to DS9 and not a bit past that (barring a few flashes of inspiration here and there) with only the II-IV arc of the movies being really decent, though seeing Shatner die in Generations was worth the price of admission. My coat's the one with the funny pin over the left breast.

  14. Highlander

    It's a Paramount business decision.

    Trek on Blu-Ray. Summer 2009. You watch, HD Trek will arrive to great fanfare on BD in winter 2008/spring 2009 and be part of a hype campaign for this film. Paramount loves tie-ins and at this point a Trek movie needs as much as it can get from that department.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    It was FANTASTIC!

    Just come back from watching it AGAIN! Totally fantastic!!

    Just one of the perks of being in the Temporal Corps. Have to go now, got to stop someone called Salary Clintock Becoming President.

    Mines the one that was hung there next Wednesday.

  16. Mark Pipes


    Chekhov wasn't assigned to the Enterprise until season 2.

    Spock was First Officer under Capt. Pike, and presumably in service while the rest were still at the acadamy. Kirk had a posting as a Lieutenant on another ship, 11 years prior to serving on the enterprise (cf 'Obsession'). There is also the impression given in 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' that the crew was meeting for the first time, being newly assigned to the Enterprise.

    So, for 'Star Trek Acadamy Days', who plays Fonzie, Potsie, etc?

    If you are going to do a prequel, DO YOUR FLIPPING HOMEWORK!!!

    Watch the old series. Read the books covering the time prior to the series.


    'Enterprise' was full of revisionist history.

    <end rant>

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Star Trek Experience-Vegas

    Lots of fun for the light hearted fans! The have the Original Series in digitally remastered HD-DVD! According to the "behind the scenes" tours, the movies have to be re-mastered for any form of HD because the colors of the uniforms aren't, well uniform. Different dye lots, different wear patterns and washings etc make for changes that HD would show.

    If you get a chance to play around in Vegas, see the show take the short "rides" and wander the gift shop and eat at Quark's Bar. All the staff are dressed in character including a female Ferengi (fully clothed though, she is a "rogue" Ferengi after all). Lots of fun even if you are a person who wants 100% continuity and accuracy (heck finding the errors and slips are half the fun).

    DVD Sets are still too expensive though

  18. heystoopid
    Paris Hilton


    So that many bad scripts eh !

    Given that trailer sucks big time , guess which theatres and torrent down loading sites I will be treating as a bad dose of the bubonic plague !

    As Paris would given the Star Trek Fan Base even this Turkey will fly higher then most of Paramounts mostly dog house releases for the current century !

  19. Ed Fowler
    Paris Hilton

    f*kc the trekkers

    The series made precious little sense at the best of times and once they introduced time travel as a plot device what little logical inconsistency that remained went straight out the window. A pox on your so called cannon and timeline. Lets start again with a decent plot. And some reasonable acting. And an attempt at a narrative. And decent sets. And less wakney "humour". And less 1960s liberal cheese. And more alien tits.....

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Leonard Nimoy and Winona Ryder?

    Winona's no spring chicken by Hollywood standards, but she's going to be Spock's mom playing next to the septegenerian Nimoy? This all sounds way to thrown together, just so they can get the old trek characters together just for name recognition.

    If they can't honor the original series by keeping the characters consistent, here's to hoping that the movie at least has:

    1. Kirk getting in a fight and losing his shirt (literally)

    2. Chekhov saying stuff like "I am proud to be serving on this wessel"

    3. Bones doing at least two new "Damn it Jim! I'm a doctor, not a (insert random household item here)!

    4. Scotty getting soused and combative, like the positive Scottish role model that he is.

    5. Uhura only shot with a tub of Vaseline on the lens.

    6. Spock complaining about his dad's earthling trophy wife.

  21. Adrian Esdaile

    Re: ReGeneration not ReVisitation? Advanced Cloning...

    Thank you AMFM, you've just cleared up my confusion over the ST:Enterprise - it must have been in a parallel universe, or at least a very oBLique oNe.

  22. Adam White

    RE: Leonard Nimoy and Winona Ryder?

    I expect Ms Ryder will play Amanda to Zachary Quinto's Spock.

  23. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Picking Up Speed, Cap'n...

    "it must have been in a parallel universe, or at least a very oBLique oNe." ..... By Adrian Esdaile Posted Thursday 14th February 2008 23:59 GMT

    Yes, it was, Adrian, but it boldly went forth on its own rather than "entangling" viewers to realise it is an AIdD which parallels Real Life Ventures......and even builds for Real in a Simulator that which the Program Shows ....... for Total Information Awareness Immersion ..... Virtualised TelePortation.

    One of those TEMPEST*uous Alien Technologies Floating on the Market Seas.

    * and also, it is not disconnected from .... "Devolved Control of ATM Networks .... Controling the Tempest: Adaptive mangement in advanced ATM control architectures ... The Tempest: A Practical Framework for Network Programmability (136K) ...

    IT could even be BetaTesting ITs Control Architectures for Fitness for Future Purpose. ..... which would be Default Mutual Benefit Positive Reinforcement. Very Sophisticated, Virtually IntelAIgent Programming [Quman Instructions and Guidance]

  24. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Arc welders?

    This ship doesn't doesn't just cruise around a lake, does it? I was expecting something more rugged than what's being built in the teaser. Space hardware stores may be a major component of the plot.

  25. E

    @ Jean Stone

    Certainly Voyager was good.

    Janeway was without question the most realistic and hard-assed captain of the lot. The only Star Trek captain who would have a hope of intimidating Janeway is the fellow from DS9. You may think Picard was heavy, but who blew up the Borg nexus, eh? Eh? Hah!

    And, while I do prefer slim asian girls, I would serve under Janeway any time! I would not kick her out of my bed for eating crackers.

  26. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    What it really means

    "the pic's gross potential is greater as a summer tentpole"

    actually means :

    "it doesn't stand a chance at Xmas, so we're releasing it when the heat waves have totally dulled everyone's brains and they won't notice how bad it is until it's too late"

    Really, the total disregard of logic, plot and canon whenever Paramount has produced a Trek film has me quite skeptical that this one will be any better than the previous heaps of doo that litter the franchise' landscape.

    A shame, really. I prefer TOS.

  27. Ian Thomson
    Thumb Up

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

    I'm with Steven Kraft here. Really you lot should remember your roots - ST really has got a bit too serious for its own good. Dontcha think it would be fun again to have silicone aliens, sets by Blue Peter, Spock mind-melding with a bowl of porridge, Scotty getting down and dirty under the Enterprise's engine, McCoy, Sulu, Uhuru and Chekhov doing what we all love them for and Kirk building a fusion weapon from locally available raw materials, vapourising the communist metaphor/baddie alien, educating the surprisingly naive and childish alien life form in The American Way (TM) and generally having a rip-roaring time.

    I like camp! I like gaping great holes in the plot! I like technical goofs an anally retentive geek could drive his Toyota Prius through at warp factor 11! I like Kirk getting the girl! Bring it on!!!

  28. Jeff Dickey
    Black Helicopters

    The only canon dealt with in ST XI

    will be the cannon aimed at the suckers^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hfans. The good news: they got rid of Braga and Berman. The bad news: they hired P.T. Barnum and a greedy accountant.

    They let on like they didn't learn their lesson from Enterprise. Since that lesson would have required a maximum of five brain cells working together, and since you don't get to spend large amounts of OPM twice if you've demonstrated yourself to be pathologically unintelligent on the first round, the motive here has to be something other than continuing "the voyages of the Enterprise" and cashing the checks.

    Methinks Paramount want to "move on"; if the movie bombs at least as badly as current information and expressed attitudes indicate that it should, then the beancounters will be able to put Star Trek (and, more generally, any non-fantasy, 'human' SF) into cold storage for a generation. We'll get more sword-and-sorcery epics, more 'cute robots' doing what 50 years ago were called 'cute baby' films, and so on. Look at it this way: most of the people making the real business decisions (and that's really what we're talking about here) are under 55, and the American educational system has been systematically dismantled over the last 35. The *LAST* thing these people - or the ones writing the checks - want is a new generation of young people inspired by possibilities and challenging the status quo. Star Trek, especially the TOS variety, did that much more than the PTB these days are comfortable with.

  29. Nick

    Reimagined, not prequel

    I blame Ronald D Moore for this.

    Since he "reimagined" Battlestar Gallactica they've been trawling the archives for things to resurrect: Bionic Woman, Flash Gordon, Sarah Connor Chronicles, etc

    Initially I had my doubts about the new BSG but was won over because it was well made and had an edge and grittiness that the original didn't have.

    Watching the teaser I can see some similar "less polished" look.

    However I think less fans of the original aren't going to excuse any major rewriting of the canon, but the producers are probably aiming to try and bring new younger fans in the right demographic who haven't seen the original.

  30. Waldo

    Spock on Spock

    Quote: "Leonard Nimoy will also appear as Spock senior"


    "Er...this is how I played me all those years ago - Son?"

    Now I AM confused.

    OKAY I gotta say it, "Its life Jim, but not as we know it...."

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    <insert random four letter word>

    Not another one. When sequels start getting into double digits you know you've milked it for all its worth. If it weren't for the potential of seeing Winona Ryder in a skimpy costume I'd be praying for them to postpone this indefinitely.

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