back to article Sun will have data centers after all

Sun Microsystems has returned to its senses and re-committed to having data centers. Brian Cinque, a Sun internal IT leader, made a name for himself last month by declaring that his company would cut its data centers in half by 2013 and then do away with internal IT systems altogether – like magic – by 2015. Would Sun buy …


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  1. Fazal Majid

    "No SunIT data center" vs. "No Sun data center"

    Most likely what he meant was that Sun's IT department would no longer manage its own data centers but do an internal outsourcing arrangement with Sun's managed services arm like those who run HP has a similar arrangement where it eats its own professional services dogfood.

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    What, no penguin suit involved?

    Hilarious that a comment on an employee blog can lead to the CEO having to take time out to make a statement! I bet Schwartz is regretting the "cuddle-up-with-the-bloggers" push now, I expect some limitations on those Sun blogs soon. Seriously, did they really think letting all and sundry post what they liked to the world was a good idea? Top-rate information management there, was there even a marketing droid involved at all in approving any of these blogs?

  3. Stephen Calhoon

    Schwartz is dancing.

    Schwartz is playing with words. Execs @ Sun have backed up Mr. Cinque claims that Sun plans on getting rid of their datacenters.

    This plan is not a well kept secret at Sun.

    Maybe SunIT may not operate the datacenter, but possibly serve different parts of their applications from a combination of and providers such as Oracle. is not SunIT managed, and as long as it exists, JS is not quite lying.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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