back to article Microsoft ready to play with PlayReady

Microsoft is proudly showing off its PlayReady technology at MWC, but woe betide anyone who describes it as a DRM platform. PlayRead was announced at last year's conference, but this time it's demonstrable. It comes with a slew of deployment announcements from Zimbabwe to Spain and includes Omnifone's MusicStation, used by …


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  1. Jon Hanford

    Won't be long before it's cracked

    If the files will play back without external reference after it's registered, thenstored on the device there must be a domain key that will fully decrypt the content .

    Somebody will find it.

  2. Tim


    DRM is not so bad, so long as it's not restrictive. If I can play my music anywhere, any time and on any device, without having to pay for it many times over, and at a minimum of CD quality, then that's fine. Anything else makes it evil spawn of the devil.

    Oh, and no rootkits (looking at you Sony!).

    So does PlayReady also include movies? I wonder how Microsoft feel about Blu-Ray "winning" at present, considering Sony's additional DRM features (namely the ability to disable Mandatory Managed Copy) basically knacker the concept of PlayReady and similar MS concepts. It's no wonder MS back HD DVD ;)

  3. BitTwister


    > DRM is not so bad, so long as it's not restrictive.

    Hmm - but the "rights" being managed are always 'theirs' and never 'yours'.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Around version 3...

    So Windows 3.x was getting it right was it? Jesus wept.

  5. Jose Hales-Garcia
    Gates Horns

    So three strikes and Microsoft is out?

    Let's see. That's Janus, PlaysForSure and now PlayReady. That means that if PlayReady fails, you'll quit apologizing and shilling for Microsoft?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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