back to article Alcatel unveils stack of sexy-but-budget phones

That purveyor of cheap but stylish handsets Alcatel today took the wraps off its 2008 line-up. While none of the new phone will challenge the heavyweights when it comes to features, they do the basics - and they're smart lookers too. Alcatel's flagship phone is the OT-V770, and if you're not impressed by its 220 x 176 display …


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  1. Pete

    This is how they make em cheap...

    "...has 10MB of user memory and can accept 1MB Micro SD cards."

    Hmmm, so I need to carry a selection of cards with me, depending on whether I want to access my phone book or my messages.

    Mine's the one with lots and lots and lots of little memory-card sized inside pockets, ta...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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