back to article Optical media shrunk for mobile phones

Optical media manufacturer Vmedia Research has launched a UMD-esque miniature disc that’s designed to allow everyone to watch films from a single source, whether its on their mobile phone or their home entertainment system. Vmedia_disc_phone Vmedia's discs already work on a Spice Corp handset The single layer optical discs …


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  1. James Summerson


    And this is better than putting stuff on a SDHC card in what ways?

    Hmm, seems like another way of trying to get people to buy stuff they already own...

  2. MattW

    Solution looking for a problem...

    This has to be the daftest mobile idea ever - what's wrong with solid state storage (SD for example)?

  3. Ian K
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    Can't see that working

    You can get a 1 gig SD card for 4 quid retail (microSD for the same), probably a lot less if you buy in bulk, and/or wait a few months.

    Using one of these will use less power than an optical drive, won't need you to invest in or license a new format of reader, and be compatible with no end of existing hardware.

    So why not stick the movie on a (if you insist, hack, spit) DRM protected memory card and have done with pre-obsolescented spinny disks?

  4. Joe K
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    *checks calendar*

    Is it April 1st??!

    This is a joke, surely? Has no-one told them that 1gb flash chips are now cheap as chips, or that downloads are the way now?

    Good god, i hope no-one has *really* invested in this pile of pointless arse.

  5. The Mole


    This is just stupid when memory cards will use less power, will be more reliable and are already available in larger capacities and smaller physical sizes. It would be far better just to come up with a read only standard for a memory card formatted (for instance) in the same way as existing dvds.

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