back to article El Reg collectible pops up on eBay

Those of you who can remember when it was all fields round here and kids respected their elders and you could leave your front door open without getting burgled by crack-fuelled hoodies may have a vague recollection of a paper version of El Reg - the first and last issue of Vulture Central's foray into the print media market …


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  1. IanKRolfe


    I heard rumours that this bloke found 5950 of these tied together in a stack behind a hall somewhere in the Midlands. He's hoping to sell them one at a time by claiming they're rare or something.

    Anyway, that's just what I heard....

  2. Andy Worth

    Or alternatively......

    ....useful if you run out of toilet paper ;)

    Only kidding, love the reg :)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Interesting exchange rate...

    Quote: "£1 (900 euros)"

    Was that using a beta version of an Adobe/Microsoft/Sony currency converter?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Am I reading it correctly

    We moan about the $1 = £1, but bloody hell. £1 = 900 euros !!!!!

  5. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Up

    900 Euros

    Free to those who can afford it; very expensive to those who can't.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Remarkably modern looking logo

    Has El Reg really had the same logo for the past 8 years? No re-branding madness around there then!

    But I recall that there was a printed version much earlier than 2000 - it also had a vulture logo, but nothing like the modern one.

    Paris, because she's also been around.

  7. John Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: Remarkably modern looking logo

    Well spotted, that man. There was in fact an A4 version with one of our earlier logos (which existed, oh yes) handed out to about 12 people in the press bar at CeBIT in, I think, 1998. Do you recall buying me a beer in exchange? AIR that was the price...

  8. Steve Sutton

    £1 = 900 euro

    To all those who don't understand this exchange rate, please refer to your dictionary or Internet encyclopedia, and look up the word "satire"

  9. Pete James

    The good old days of Linda Harrison pestering me for a quote!

    Takes me back that does. Funny but the logo does still look pretty fresh. Bit of a style classic. Okay, maybe not classic but still different and quite timeless.

    Wonder how Linda's doing?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    old logo

    Was it this logo?

  11. John Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

    Re: old logo

    I think that one's logo number two. The first one was more of a gothic confection, and a first vulture a piece of Corel clip art. I'm fairly sure the issue is in a backup somewhere in, er, Describe format. So in principle I could find it and rebuild it. (-:

  12. PaddyR
    Paris Hilton

    Can you reprint the headline story

    UK Network staff worst in Europe - That is class, i'm sure my european colleagues would agree with it. yep that exchange rate looks fine to me.

    Paris, for the french IT angle

  13. Kaal Alexander Rosser

    @John Lettice

    "So in principle I could find it and rebuild it. (-:"

    Well, get to it, man! An eager public awaits!

    The, er, full length leather, thank you so much...

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Let's see some more of that...

    I for one would welcome a paper based version with exclusive content for IT trade shows.

    Gives me something to read in the pub while I am supposed to be at Infosec

  15. edwoodjnr

    Lazy UK Network Staff

    Well what I want to know is have we progressed in the last 8 years?

    Are UK network staff still lazy, inefficient and a bit simple?

    Are they "Useless" and do they "Know Nothing" as the article implied?

  16. PaddyR
    Paris Hilton


    Ask a frenchman

    Paris cos you would

  17. Nermal

    Errr Lost in Reg.

    If you read whats on the front page...

    Every Newspaper should have an agenda...

    Helicopter Crashes.... Check

    Goverment Computer Projects... Check

    Mainframes.... Check

    Tax.... I'm sure you did a thing about IR35...

    Well done Just like every paper, you have broken your promises...

    Twopence added. and I will get my coat.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @Chris re: Old logo

    Thanks for that history lesson! Am currently familiarising myself with 1998 and reading all about compact flash cards reaching heady heights of 20Mb (for $111 OEM) and the successful roll-out of Windows 98. Ah, nostalgia!

  19. Jim Adams

    Wonder what his eBay Charges will be

    I just wonder how much he will have to pay to ebay and if he had to list using the Paypal Payment method as his only payment option


  20. Dave


    Hehe. If you follow Chris' link to the 1998 edition of El Reg in the Wayback machine, do read Roy's article "When the blip comes". Go all the way to the last paragraph where he's talking about the Unreal engine, and try not to spew coffee through your nose when he talks about the "all time winner"... too funny that.

  21. Tawakalna

    it's to my eternal regret..

    ..that when I got lost at CeBiT and ended up walking past the Reg stand, I didn't take one of these now priceless pieces of printed media, but was more interested in finding a loo because I was bursting for a pee and CeBiT's fookin massive! Now, if I'd wanted Number 2s, then naturally I'd have taken advantage of the Reg's thoughtfulness in this regard :)

    Incidentally that was my first and last time at CeBiT and I'll never go again. Not enough toilets (old fookers like me can never have enough toilets)

  22. Colin Sharples

    Wikipedia is right after all...

    ... El Reg is in fact an unreliable red-top tabloid.

    That's really the nail in the coffin for El Reg ever being accepted as a source for a Wikipedia.

  23. Jim Adams
    Thumb Up


    Dude whats wrong with you.

    Your on here trying to bring down the info that's on here ????

    Now i really dont get you

    why do people like you come on here to knock down the level of info on here unless you actually are just a sad bloke with nothing better to do in his day

    The Register is actually a great source for info and i for one dont think folks like you Colin should be knocking the plcae down.

    You always get one guy that clearly loves to knock things down big time

  24. Colin Sharples

    Chill out Jim

    Okay, obviously I used the wrong icon. Take a deep breath and read the following very carefully: IT WAS A JOKE, DUDE.

    The wikifiddlers have been running a campaign to get El Reg recognised as an unreliable source because they have run a couple of articles that say nasty things about them (diddums). Several editors have called it a "tabloid" - which is apparently a much worse insult in the US than in the UK. I was just pointing out that those dickheads would be delighted to see El Reg looking like a real tabloid.

    Of course, they wouldn't be able to use this article to cite the fact that El Reg is a tabloid, because of course El Reg is a tabloid and therefore an unreliable source to be used to verify the fact that El Reg is a tabloid and an unrelia... AAARGH, I'm being swallowed up by a recursive argument...

    See what I did there? It's called humour. Now fuck off.

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Page 3 Girl

    I'd buy the Reg paper if Paris featured as the page 3 girl.

    Mine's the crusty old mac.

  26. Shakje

    Omg Colin!

    You'r just trying to knock everything down, you're like the domino man, can't resist knocking the place down.


    You clearly are some sad bloke in a sad little office somewhere, maybe in a Domino's. I just don't get you. Prcik.

  27. Waldo
    Black Helicopters

    Stop Press!! El Reg in paper form lights fires.... at a cost

    Jes goes to show we all have a price on our heads boys... maybe not as much as we deserve tho'


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