back to article LG quietly launches KT610 Symbian smartphone

Seoul-based phone maker LG has quietly shown the latest addition to its smartphone range - the LG-KT610, a clamshell handset with a 2.4in, 640 x 480 flip screen and Qwerty keypad. Details on this handset have been sketchy, but we can say it runs on Symbian 9.2 and the S60 user interface. According to LG, the KT610's users can …


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  1. Kebabster
    Thumb Down

    Really beautiful

    Argh! My Eyes! My Eyes! Make it go away!!!

    Seriously, what happened to ANY form of styling? No wonder it was launched so quietly, perhaps they're embarassed...

  2. David Gosnell

    Re: Really beautiful

    It's like they've decided the 7" EeePC's bezel is iconic design rather than a compromise, and made it... well, even worse.

  3. ChrB


    I like my Nokia Communicator. This LG thingy looks like crap. The keyboard looks just simply awful.

  4. Snert Lee


    Looks like a dumbed down version of the eNV.

  5. Richard Kilpatrick


    It's interesting how similar this looks to the many Chinese knockoff E90s littering the internet, like the ZTC 8898 which also sports a Symbian-looking display (but also Windows Mobile keys). Orlowski (with comments disabled as ever) covered the LG, and if you search for the ZTC you will find a lot of "commentary" but very little information.

    Perhaps a purchase and some research is in order!

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