back to article iPhone-friendly mobile digital telly tuner demo'd

Digital video playback software specialist PacketVideo this week introduced a matchbox-sized gadget capable of picking up DVB-H digital TV broadcasts and streaming them to any Wi-Fi enabled player - including the iPod Touch and iPhone. DVB-H is a version of the DVB-T digital broadcast standard re-engineered to make it easier …


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  1. Neil Hoskins

    "...any Wi-Fi enabled player - including the iPod Touch and iPhone..."

    "...any Wi-Fi enabled player..."? So that would include Nokias, Sony-Ericssons, HTC, and Wi-Fi enabled dogs and cats and duck-billed platypuses, presumably? So why are iBling products worthy of special mention? In every, single, sodding, tech article?

    I really don't understand it. Just imagine if we started getting a stream of articles like,

    "This petrol can be used in any car, including the Renault BlahDiBlah."

    "Blauplunkt have developed a new car stereo. It fits any car, including the Renault BlahDiBlah."

    "And now the traffic information, which applies to everybody, including drivers of the Renault BlahDiBlah."


  2. James

    How successful were dedicated mini-TV's?

    It's difficult enough for me to get a descent signal in my bedroom on my portable TV. What's this going to be like on the move?

    If it's any better I wonder if there would be a market for the technology to be bulit into portable TV's (if the image quality would hold up to a 14" screen too I suppose).

  3. Stu

    DVB UK?

    Sure we have digital television, but are there any plans to get DVB-H rolled out across the UK? Ever?

    The only thing that'll drive it is if sales of these DVB-H receivers, along with over-inflated Mobile TV subscriptions, are forced down already stuffed consumers throats.

    ...not going to happen from me.

    I dont see much of a requirement for it in the UK, especially considering the level of investment required to get the transmitters upgraded to support what is essentially a niche thing.

    I dont think I'm being too cynical, I'm just recalling the On-Digital -> ITV Digital -> market collapse -> Freeview fiasco?!

  4. jubtastic1

    Nothing to see here.

    The places you are most likely to ever watch mobile TV: bored antisocial passenger in car, train or tube are exactly the places it's clearly not going to bloody work because well, you're moving for a start and in the case of the tube, like underground.

    Just another thing to run your battery down and frustrate those punters naive enough to think it might actually work.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If someone came up with an easy way to export video from your PVR to your phone, however...

  6. Paul Rhodes
    Black Helicopters

    @Neil Hoskins

    Ah, but you're missing the point.

    Next it will be an iPhone HSPA add-on.

    - an iPhone 5MP digital Camera Add-on

    - an iPhone GPS Add-on

    - an iPhone MMS Add-on

    - an iPhone SMS for Groups Add-on

    Then some bright spark will re-package it as an N96........

  7. sleepy

    the easy way

    Elgato Eyetv PVR converts to iPhone format, and iTunes puts it on you iPhone next time you sync.

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