back to article Spanish police cuff 76 net fraud suspects

Spanish police arrested 76 people nationwide on Sunday in what is being touted as the country's biggest ever investigation into internet fraud. Investigators reckon some of the suspects made more than €3m through auction fraud. They would apparently offer expensive goods such as plasma TVs and cars for sale online, scarpering …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hardly surprising

    Conning people is a national pasttime in Spain, this applies as much to those offering goods as it does to those buying. So put together one party offering something for nothing and another party who thinks the seller doesn't know the value of what they have and can get one over on them and you have the ideal location for fraud.

  2. gogo2000

    €3 bn ebay fraud is worth the risk

    If 76 people really made three billion Euro, I am going to give up moonlighting as a taxi driver. Ebay here I come - heck I´d probably only get a suspended sentence.

  3. carlos

    that's a typo there

    they managed to nick 3 million euros, not 3 billion.

    did some bank phishing and posed as "hacienda" (spanish inland revenue), not just ebay stuff.

    by the looks of it they also mimicked ebay's pages too.

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