back to article Downed Salesforce systems slow Europe and US systems are calling in sick this Monday. The company's service status page has been winking red X's as the software-as-a-service poster child struggles to wrangle its machinery. European customers were left high-and-dry Monday afternoon, while the company's EMEA system took an unplanned two-hour …


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  1. Michael Hoffmann
    Thumb Up

    And yet...

    ... their performance history shows nothing but green checkmarks all the way down the page.

    How fortunate that the list doesn't have enough granularity to show a closer breakdown, eh?

    Still, great fodder for me, when the time comes around for "SOA - outsourced or inhouse?"

  2. Michael Willems

    SaaS can be bette rthan this!

    AND frequent "planned downtime". If you want to run your business next Saturday noon to 5pm EST, for instance, well, forget it.

    This is not good coming from the world's SaaS standard bearer. They could do much better if they tried. With market dominance comes complacency?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Am I missing something

    Am I misreading the Salesforce status page? It's a sea of little green ticks, no red service disruptions to be seen... Or are they fiddling it?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Yup, you're missing something...

    Not expecting to see anything, I was a touch surprised to see NA5 wasn't down. Because NA2 was...

    Serves them right for hosting their service on 8 servers. Probably Pentium II's as well.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    "no software" - no sh*t!

    Salesforce's marketing message has been on their pages boldly proclaiming "no software"...

    Yesterday they proved it right; our sales department here was picking its toenails for two hours at one of the busiest times of the day and my back end systems threw errors left right and centre (because we absolutely *have* to send data real-time to salesforce so that it can be reported from *in* salesforce using the second worst reporting tool known to mankind -stand up Sage, you're #1 at something!)

    It is *so pleasant* to be sat in the IS Operations Department when helpdesk request by helpdesk request the entire sales department tell you to make Salesforce work again. For some reason they don't seem to understand "sorry there's nothing we can do".

    Any software professional who has had the pleasure of interfacing other systems to Salesforce will cringe with me as they think of the Customisations that their sales staff have made to the application which give you such a tingle when you are told "just send the numbers over"

    The software has no concept of locking - having two people update the same "record" is _entirely_ possible without protection- may I strongly suggest to people that you don't hold monetary data in salesforce but put that safe in your back-end systems and report from there?

    I will admit that its a clever piece of engineering - anything that can keep Sales Marketeers quiet whilst IT get on with the accounts systems is useful; but it has its limitations - one of which is that you rely upon this third party to keep their systems running; i don't care about an SLA when you can lose what is now a critical system and by its very nature, lose sales for a random amount of time,

    Anyway - this is a "No Software" Sales Solution - where's the IT angle?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brilliant Average Speed

    Amazing performance Salesforce. An average speed of only a fraction of a second - consistantly, day after day.

    Does anyone know what that figure means since the average page takes up to 10 seconds to display?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    They have no idea about sales people!

    All they had to do was load a few flash games onto the home page, send out some joke emails (ideally with some malware attached). This would of kept the sales people occupied for hours, giving time to fix the problem, before they had to do some work...

    I would use the Joke icon, but unfortunatley, it's no joke....

  8. Michael

    I think

    this is the first time it has gone down in the year I have been working with it.

    I think thats shows how good their product is. Tho myself i think an in house system would always be better :)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Ok so monday Salesforce was down

    and Blackberry was taking a breather I heard that a POS at work was doing random new sales with the credit cards it had dealt with earlier in the day WTF got into all this software on monday it's spooky.

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