back to article Moto and Nortel talk wireless merger

Nortel and Motorola are reportedly in talks to merge their wireless infrastructure businesses in a bid to cut costs. A joint venture has been under discussion for about a month, the Wall Street Journal said today, citing its standard boardroom-via-PR whispers. A deal would not be much of a shocker for the wireless industry. …


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  1. Lance

    Goodbye Moto

    What wil the new company be called, No-Mo or No-Moto. Both are fine with me.

    Oh, and good riddance of Motorola, they haven’t made a good digital phone since they started.

  2. b166er

    Who reads the titles anyway?

    Surely, the end's in sight for the cellco's?

    I mean, once WiMAX is ubiquitous, why won't we all have free Skype phones?

    No landline or broadband required either.

    Can't see a future for BT, TMO, Voda etc.

    Nortel is a good bet to cosy up to, no?

  3. Lance

    Ummm, no

    Nortel is probably the last person you want to cozy up to. Having used their equipment, it is just pieced together and not very well done to boot. They don't understand IP at all. Look no further than the VoIP products. Companies used their PBX's but Nortel could get a hybrid or full VoIP system in place until longer after their competitors both new and old had theirs.

    Why do you think carriers will go away? Someone needs to support the infrastructure. You tend to think WiMAX will be free. Wouldn't WiMAX just be another form of broadband?

  4. Shabble


    I own a Motorola mobile, and it reminds me of a Rover car - there's something about it that I can't quite put my finger on that makes me dislike it. It works OK, but I can't wait to get rid of it.

    As for WiMAX; NEC and O2 are currently trialling a system that turns your 3G enabled mobile phone and normal broadband into VoIP. I imagine Orange, Virgin and BT will soon incorporate something similar into their own routers. Voila - no need for WiFi enabled phones. It makes me smile to think that in a few years I'll be using my sub £100 mobile as VoIP whilst the iPhone user struggles to get a decent WiFi connection because their partner's laptop and the kid's games console are hogging all the bandwidth.

  5. c


    WImax wont be ubiquitous.

    It is better described as the "BetaMax" of wireless broadband technologies.

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