back to article Nokia unveils the N96 and N78

The eagerly-awaited successor to the the popular N95 was at last unveiled in Barcelona this morning. Details of the N96 - the latest addition to Nokia's smartphone range - were leaked before the weekend, and they weren't far wrong. The dual-slide handset sports a 2.8in display, 16GB of internal memory that can be further …


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  1. Jon Green

    "or the new Nokia 8GB microSDHC card that can add an additional 8GB"

    Brings back memories. Thirty years ago, I had a Sharp MZ-80K computer. I could only add another 48k of RAM, but it did increase the available RAM by 48k. Sounds like Nokia stole Sharp's idea!

    Mine's the yellow sou'wester. Oh, and the galoshes too. Ta.

  2. /\/\j17

    How Novel...

    "According to Nokia, the 'novelty' features of the N78 include the geographical tagging of photos...".

    So...that would be Nokia Location Tagger released 2 weeks ago to run on the N95, N95 8Gb, N82, E90 and N73.

    Doesn't really make it THAT novel a feature on the N78!

  3. Lloyd
    Thumb Down

    Free Nokia maps you say?

    Is that as in the free Nokia maps that were available on the N95 until they decided to make people pay for them?

    Quite annoying that the N96 isn't coming out until Q3 2008 (read that as Christmas, they're never on time with their delivery estimates) as my contract finishes in June.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Re: How Novel...

    "Doesn't really make it THAT novel a feature on the N78!"

    Well, Nokia Location Tagger was only just released two weeks ago, and it is only for beta testing, so that's novel in my book. I expect the finished feature will be built into ROM and work a bit smoother by the time the N78 comes out.

  5. shane fitzgerald


    so its the 95 with more memory (+ a pointless tv standard that will be about as useful as 'visual radio')..... still I guess each generation of the ipod classic was nothing more than the last one with more memory.. I'll probably upgrade my N95 8gb just for the extra memory.

  6. oliver Stieber

    what they really need to do

    is port mplayer so they it gets some decent media support.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    tv license?

    Just a thought, but will the addition of a TV Tuner require the owner to also shell out for a TV License?

  8. Marcus Bointon
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    Phones for small fingers

    So yet again, Nokia produce big fat phones with microscopic buttons you need a biro to press. Click, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  9. Emo
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    re: tv license

    <Just a thought, but will the addition of a TV Tuner require the owner to also shell out for a TV License?>

    No, Portable ie battry powered tv's are excempt from tv licensing :)

  10. Chris O'Shea

    TV Licensing

    Actually battery powered TVs are not exempt, they are just covered by your home TV licence. If you don't have a home TV licence, then (IMHO and IANAL) you will have to pay. Also (as I read it) if you watch TV on your phone at some other location *and* have it plugged into the charger, it's no longer "battery powered" and so would have to have a licence at that location (except there are exceptions for caravans and various other things)

    To quote

    "It makes no difference how you watch TV - whether it's on your laptop, PC or mobile phone or through a digital box, DVD recorder or TV set - if you use any device to receive television programmes as they're being shown on TV, the law requires you to be covered by a TV Licence."

    The link is too long, but it's on the TV Licensing website under the FAQ "Do I need a TV Licence if I only watch programmes online?"

  11. John

    the soft-buttons

    What is it with Nokia putting the soft-buttons so far away from their label on the screen? Why can't they put them on either side of the 'Nokia' brand or put the brand on top of the screen?

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