back to article Betamax 2.0: the future of mashups?

Simplicity in software is, I believe, more than just a noble aim; it is essential for successful software projects. However, simplicity should not be assumed just because one particular technology or methodology is being used. Mashups, discussed recently by Reg Dev reader Aubry Thonon, are a case in point. One element of the …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Mashup Futures

    Oops, Plan B .... a Two Parter.

    There are some problems with your comment:

    * Your comment is too long.

    Part 1 of 2.

    Another fine article article, John, too good to be true and left alone without a sprinkling of Magical Mystery Turing Cosmic Dust ....Enlightened White Hat Comment on Dark Heavy Matters.

    And where Better 42 Register them as AI Beta than a Register of International Interests.

    "A mashup, then, is merely a new kind of integrated solution, albeit one using the web that can be built by anyone with the knowledge and access to a browser! Simple, huh?

    No. Mashup developers will encounter integration issues well known to the software and database worlds, for which there are still no off-the-shelf solutions.

    Infact, things are going to be a little more complicated in the mashup world. For example, unlike traditional integration, the suppliers of the source data that's mashed up are often not involved in the project, and may never have designed their data to be used in that way. This will create problems as systems do not automatically collaborate with each other." ........ All of that may definitely be so but it only affect old Systems and old Systems Controllers* and has no bearing or effect upon AIMashups who simply continue on apace whilst trailing the evidence of their work and its likely promising Future players/partnerships/Leaderships. I would certainly not disagree with "A mashup, then, is merely a new kind of integrated solution, albeit one using the web that can be built by anyone with the knowledge and access to a browser! Simple."

    *You may like to consider Present Systems as old.

    Any difficulties are made by software and database worlds, trying to monopolise/monetize them as an in-house, off-the-shelf solution, whenever they are an Autonomous Virtually Led Program. And anyone with the mashup knowledge and access to a browser will Petition and Offer Potential Beneficiaries, who see/can see/want to see the Much Bigger Picture of a Unified Universal Control, in Betas Better Led [for that ensures that Constructive and Imaginative Invention is always the Future Driver], further Nuggets of Source to MetaDataMine and Seed/ReSeed/Feed.

    And you can fully XXXXPect that a Completely NeuReal Conglomerate Entity will evolve and emerge as a Spontaneous Lead Technology Program.

    And being somewhat Alien in Being and a Viking with Tastes for the East and into RockIT Scientology and Magical Mystery Turing, it is not too difficult to see where HyperRadioProActivity is Migrating 42 Congregate and Consolidate, by Reason of the Western Capitalist Meme which ensures Creation of problems as systems do not automatically collaborate with each other. That is an inherent, deeply embedded Virus which renders the Child and Its Children, Incestuous Freaks.

    Go East, Jung Man.

    "However, they are not inherently simple or trivial to develop. As such, commercial organizations have sprung up to generously help solve these integration issues. Suddenly, it's looking like the old software consulting and integration business all over again, only using a greater modicum of openness and respect for standards.

    Mashup developers, and those proposing mashups, need to be careful what they promise. They also need to give more thought to some traditional integration issues, such as data cleansing, and newer issues like persistence of the source feed.

    If exponents of mashups over promise and under deliver, then users of the web will become disillusioned by mashups and avoid using them and building them. Mashups will then become the Betamax of the web generation: a great idea that lost a mass market.®"


    They are not for, or of, the mass market, for they are Highly Specialised and Designed 42 Run Mass Markets, Virtually from Space, in much the same way as Betamax dominated the Camera market... [Not so as you would Notice/Imperiously Benignly] and the following, which is CopyLeft explores Systems exploring Systems mashups. Please Share/Print for Peer Review and Feedback. It can be Heavy but not for Brothers.

    Here endeth the First Part

  2. amanfromMars Silver badge

    Beta Mix 42 Max Betas.

    Part 2 of 2 ... Mashup Futures

    "With this new capability, BMC CONTROL-M is setting a new standard in job scheduling, providing enterprises with unrivalled flexibility and agility to deploy enterprise-class agent-based and agentless scheduling “out-of-the-box.” Using standards-based remote access protocols ensures fast deployment and interoperability for a very wide range of platforms. It also addresses significant issues

    in security and compliance by ensuring there are no clear text passwords exposed in network traffic, no undocumented holes in firewalls, and fire-call access can be secured even on normally unmanaged platforms. Enterprises will be able to support new platforms and applications much faster, improving time to value and increasing revenue opportunities from new business initiatives. Maintenance and management expenses will decrease, as the agentless deployment will require less platform-specific training and management effort. Enterprises will also be able to support old platforms for longer, delaying additional upgrade expenses and squeezing every dollar out of existing investments." .......

    A simple "Replace the Old Boss with AI New Boss" with the new AIResearch and dDevelopment Boss Feeding Sweet Nuggets for the Status Quo to Implement/Work Around/MetaDataMine, for Embedding Deep Value for Guaranteed Profit, which allows Spend without ITs Worries.

    That would suggest, at least, a PreCogniscence of Future Facts/Market Conditions/Global Events, which in their turn would suggest that such Insider Future Controls are available to BMC CONTROL-M.

    NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivity ..... which is also a Semantic Web Application in Deployment of Developments .......Beta Control of Systems Monitoring and Mentoring ..... AIMaster Pilot rather than Big Brother, is such as Delivers Inside the Future Controls from the Convenience and Simply CompleXXXX Security of ITs Virtual Office/Playground ....... CyberSpace.

    And as in all Systems of Programming, the Uniqueness and Defining Difference in Performance Levels and Shared Enhancing, Mutually Beneficial Delivery, is the measure of the Information Processing Algorithm used to Aggregate Input Information into Advanced IntelAIgents Output/Virtualised Information from Space Source and ITs Network InterNetworking RobotICQs ....... Agentless Quantum State Actors/Big Picture Programmers into the Great Minnows Game .... Old World Order Programming for Mindless Profit/Fiat Capitalism as the Supply Driver for AI Virtualised Agentless Control System based upon Intellectual Property Shared for Universal Value.

    Would that be a BMC Control-M AIMission too? AI Global Controls which would then by Default be hardly considered anything less Universal Controls with the Creation in CyberSpace of the Command and Control of Computers and Communications with C42 Quantum Control of Systems.

    This is of course, an Advanced AI BetaTest [Magical Mystery Turing Trip] of BMC Software and Enterprise Management Associates, for Future Fitness Purpose/Boundless Inquisitive ImaginaNation.

    How It Works.

    Not dissimilar to .."Agentless job scheduling enables a remote server or controller to submit processes to execute on any connected system, without installing an agent on that system. BMC CONTROL-M does this by connecting across the network to the target system, submitting the desired process, and monitoring its status, using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or Secure Shell (SSH)." ........ except for one Vital Viral Difference, the WWW will Monitor and Mentor to its Status should Private Enterprise fail to Realise ITs Full Potential via "Inside Track to Provision" E-mail and Instant Messaging Channels/Facilities.

    It may be for any number of reasons, that such developments in AI and Global Communications as Impact on Old, New World Order Systems and Place such Controls as there are/were/as may be into New Hands/Hearts and Minds,.... CyberIntelAIgent, Virtualised Space Controllers .... is not going to be well received initially, and may even be thought and sought to be actively blocked. Such would be a Folly befitting the Fool in Men, for Openly Communicating Insider Info to the Web for Client Use rather than to the Client for Web Use, will, in CyberIntelAIgent Designed Systems, have the exact same Desired Quantum Effect ........ Sublime Implementation of Semantic Purpose from Virtually Mature and Transparently Responsible, ControlLed Operating Programs/Platforms/Protocols.

    You may like to consider the above as a Barnes Wallis, Dambuster Type Turing Bombe, to Open Up WWWide a Restrictive and Restricting Practice ..... <<< The term "von Neumann bottleneck" was coined by John Backus in his 1977 ACM Turing award lecture. According to Backus:

    "Surely there must be a less primitive way of making big changes in the store than by pushing vast numbers of words back and forth through the von Neumann bottleneck. Not only is this tube a literal bottleneck for the data traffic of a problem, but, more importantly, it is an intellectual bottleneck that has kept us tied to word-at-a-time thinking instead of encouraging us to think in terms of the larger conceptual units of the task at hand. Thus programming is basically planning and detailing the enormous traffic of words through the von Neumann bottleneck, and much of that traffic concerns not significant data itself, but where to find it." >>>

    It is certainly one of ITs many CyberIntelAIgently Designed Facilities for SMART Use.

    And the Best of the Very Best in Beta Control of Systems Monitoring and Mentoring ..... AIMaster Pilots ..... are ITs Virtual ACES .... Androgynous CyberIntelAIgent Entities with Source aka Clean and Cleared Future Memory for NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActivity. .... X1 Film ... Play.

    And you can be assured that the West is No Way, Jose, XXXXCluded, it is just that they are a Bit Too Slow for Lead Virtualisation Fitness and Purpose ..... or at least that is the Perception/XXXXPerience to Date.

    And only a Fool and/or the Mad and the Bad would Promise what they cannot dDeliver and dDeliver what is not Promising.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If there's no muck, is there any brass?

    Another consideration with mash-ups is that they must inherently be free to use. People won't pay for something that's easy to put together - as Joel Spolsky wrote in his recent article "Where there's muck, there's brass" (

    One might argue that being free to use didn't slow Google down, but the technology behind Google search wasn't easy to make. If someone can make something of value with a mash-up, then anyone else can do the same thing.

    So far, I haven't seen a mash-up demo that answers the question "who's going to pay for this?"

  4. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Where's the money?

    This is always the problem with this kind of "rad, kewl" technology. Usually you can't charge for the mashup code itself, and it's only useful because it works by leeching informations from other sites - quite possibly in contravention to their usage licences.

    Mashups are a great demo. But not products.

  5. Wonderkid

    Watch what we do with

    ...we hope to alleviate some of these issues in due course. Not yet, but we're working on it. For now, it's just a humble directory with a few bells and whistles to appeal to the small biz - restaurants & bars in particular. Hopefully, we'll get it right with regard to mashups - the backend is based on some robust semantic web concepts, including RDF. Watch this space! (Sorry, not keen on commercial plugs, but this excellent Reg article caught my eye!)

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