back to article Hyper-V in Server 2008 RTM doesn't like non-US locales

Hyper-V is Microsoft's whizzy new virtual server manager, which uses new virtualization features in recent Intel and AMD processors so support more efficient virtual machines. Intel's extensions are called Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel-VT), formerly code-named Vanderpool, while AMD's extensions are called AMD …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Virtual Madness

    With support built into the Linux Kernel since version 2.6.20 just what is the point of even thinking of paying for using virtualization on a platform shipped with a known bugs and who know what other issues?

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  3. Marc McAllister

    Re: Virtual Madness

    Okay, I'm not sticking up for anyone here - I am a Linux man myself but there's no way the company I work for would switch lock, stock and barrel to Linux over their MS contract.. there's no-one to officially support Linux and most of our stuff is built in .Net.

    It's not as simple as "Xen/KVM are cheaper", the rest of the package needs looking at - TBH I'd LOVE to swap to RHEL/CentOS 100% but it isn't going to happen :( Till then, we'll be on MS for most of our servers..

  4. Steven Hewittt

    RE: Virtual Madness

    "platform shipped with a known bugs"

    And which alternative platform should be using that is bug free?

    Also, you can virtualise on Windows fine at the moment. Granted it's pretty shit if you use the MS offerings, but VMWare server works and it's free.

  5. John

    Sure but -

    MSFT overlooked one huge thing with this Hyper-V - if you are joining the market as a second place competitor you better make dam sure you can migrate the leading solutions into your own product.

    Hyper-V has given me all sorts of problems and has not once migrated in a Workstation 6 or ESX3 image.

  6. Paoloni Achille
    IT Angle

    Virtualization and Hyper-V

    I've tried virtualization features into my Phenom, but with unsuccess.

    Into W2008x86/64, i set to enable Hyper-V and restart my pc; i0ve see message that tell that virtualization may be enabled also into bios and this is next operatione that i do. After enabled into bios, when i try to open Hyper-V features my pc go to freeze.

    I'm Microsoft subscriber, now Technet and previous MSDN, and if this happen newly and not appear any notice about it, i think that will contact my Microsoft services.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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