back to article HTC Advantage gets a facelift

Handset manufacturer HTC has redesigned its existing Advantage device, upping the storage capacity to 16GB, overhauling the keyboard’s responsiveness - it claimed - and updating the UMPC's software. The Advantage’s detachable keyboard now offers haptic feedback that, much like a similar feature on the recently updated U600, …


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  1. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Not an UMPC

    This is a large PDA, it's not an UMPC.

    It isn't a PC compatible and can't run desktop Windows.

  2. Chris Hembrow

    Re: Not an UMPC

    And the resolution (640x480) sucks, but that's a limitation of windows mobile, not the hardware. More proof that it's not a UMPC. Although you don't have to run windows to be a UMPC.

  3. Richard Stephens

    don't pre-judge this gadget.

    You're missing the point - it doesn't have to run Windows, it just lets you do work on the move. Whether you would want to use it as a phone is a different matter. For me, it always was a great PDA, not a very useful phone unless you used it as a landline substitute.

    I have had problems with reliability though - a lot of rebooting was always necessary.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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